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Date Asian Women – How Real And Possible Is It?

Online communication with women from Asian countries is real and highly popular. With the help of 10 interesting facts about women from Asia, you are going to realize the simplicity and effectiveness of dating girls from Asian countries. These facts contain the most important information, so be attentive if you want to succeed!

How many girls use online dating sites?

Asia is one of the most popular and common regions when speaking about online dating. For example, over 52% of single women in China use online communication on a daily basis!

Of course, the numbers vary depending on the country – girls from certain countries are less likely to sign up for a dating account. It is estimated that in 2020, there have been over 50 million women in Asian countries who actively use dating platforms and applications. It should be noted that the majority of these brides are looking for foreign relationships, which means that you will have plenty of opportunities to find true love!

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Top Asian countries with singles

Asia is a large region with many countries, which is why it may look quite challenging to find a girl there. Here are the top countries with the largest number of Asian girlfriends who seek international relationships:

You can be sure that these countries will offer you an exceptional diversity of women who seek online relationships with foreign guys! Thousands of beautiful ladies use dating sites in these countries, making your dating experience simple and convenient.

How many Asian women married American men in 2019?

To understand the effectiveness of online communication, please, take a look at the statistics from the top 5 countries in the Asian region. Kindly consider the fact that these are women who actually moved from Asian countries to the United States and received a K-1 visa to marry an American man!

  • The Philippines – 7,134 women married American men in 2019
  • Vietnam – 1,782 women married American men in 2019
  • China – 1,135 women married American men in 2019
  • Thailand – 855 women married American men in 2019
  • Japan – 541 women married American men in 2019

Why do men from the United States love dating Asian girls?

Dating Asian women is great for many reasons. First of all, a lot of men from the United States wish to find a woman who is family-oriented, and since this quality is highly valued in Asian culture, it is easier to meet a woman who wishes to start a family. Secondly, it is possible to say that Asian women possess unique beauty and elegance that make thousands of American men go crazy! Lastly, one may say that using a dating Asian site is rather simple and effective. A man does not need to spend too much time or money on communication – most of the time, an online relationship can develop after a couple of hours of interaction.

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What do American men expect from relationships with Asian girls?

Everything depends on men, honestly. Nevertheless, most guys who use dating sites and seek Asian brides expect to have loyal and serious relationships. They do not seek something casual, meaningless, and short-term. Instead, men from the United States expect their dates to be friendly, smart, and interesting. A lot of men expect relationships with Asian dates to develop rather quickly, although it usually takes some time for a date to gain trust and become more communicative. Fortunately, most of the guys who seek online dates are satisfied with the results.

Average span of relationships and how long does it take to marry an Asian girl?

Usually, relationships in Asian culture are rather slow. A couple can take several months before considering their relationships real and rather serious. Nevertheless, when speaking about Asian girls dating, it is essential to say that these rules are not that strict. You can expect to have a serious relationship with your date in several weeks. Marriage, on the other hand, is a different story. You will need to prove to your date that you are worthy of being her husband by showing that you are a responsible and loyal man. It can take from one to several months of communication before discussing marriage.

Average age difference between American men and Asian women

According to statistics, men are usually older than girls that they found online. Although everything depends on your preferences, usually men are 10 years older than girls from the Asian countries.

Average age when Asian women get married

Although traditionally, women from Asian countries got married rather early, nowadays, the mean age for first marriage among single girls in the Asia Pacific region is 25-27 years. Still, you can easily find girls who are 18 and older as well as more mature women.

A few facts about dating culture in Asia

Asia is a country with a rather unique dating culture. A lot of elements that are common for real-life communication have been applied to online relationships. First of all, men are expected to be rather respectful, kind, and romantic. Asian women are quite shy and submissive, which is why they take more time to start trusting a person online. You just need to be patient and let your date get to know you more.

What to avoid while dating a woman from Asia?

There are a few things that you should never do on a date with an Asian woman. First of all, do not be too aggressive. Machismo is not appreciated and common in Asian dating culture. Do not try to impress your date by offending or joking too much. Moreover, do not believe in stereotypes – try to forget everything that you knew about Asian women and have a fresh new start. Lastly, do not be too demanding – let your date open up for you on her own terms. Be respectful and patient, if your date does not want to tell you something, there must be a decent reason.


Dating Asian women is fun and easy. Plenty of platforms can guarantee you the best time of your life. And with the help of this article, you can now date Asian women and be highly successful. Over 50 million women from Asia are eager to date and marry an American man, which allows you to understand that your opportunities are almost endless!

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