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Dating Chinese Women – What Is That?

Dating a Chinese girl has become exceptionally popular over the last couple of years. Brides from this country are vastly requested by thousands, if not millions, of men from the United States. Dating Chinese women online is simple and easy as most of the work is done for you! You just need to find a site, sign up, and enjoy great communication!

How many Chinese women use online dating sites?

China is one of the countries where online dating is vastly popular and widespread. Among 70 million online dating Chinese users, more than 37% are women, which means that you can find more than 25 million singles. A lot of girls from these sites are interested and active in finding a man from the United States and other Western countries as international marriage and relationships are highly popular in China. So, you will be able to find plenty of dates which will meet your demands and preferences!

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How many girls from China have married American men in 2019?

In 2019, over 1,135 women came to the United States and got married. Although some may say that these numbers are not exactly impressive, you need to understand that not all girls from China are willing to get married as quickly as possible. Some ladies need to spend a lot of time with a guy before building serious relationships. Some couples decide to marry in China, which is also quite popular on dating services.

Chinese women with children who use online dating sites

Ladies who use online dating platforms can be rather different and with different backgrounds. Sometimes, these women may have children from previous marriages. In 2019, less than 10% of brides who came to the United States and married an American man had children. However, if you think that a date with such a woman is going to be a surprise for you, most dating sites provide information about the date’s marital status and whether she has children or not.

Why do American men like Chinese women?

The reasons for enjoying Asian girls can be rather diverse. First of all, let’s emphasize the fact that most Chinese girls are quite family-oriented. They are eager to start a family at a younger age compared to American women. Secondly, exotic Asian beauty has driven millions of Western men crazy. These guys simply cannot resist the petite and pure beauty of China women dating. Lastly, dating a Chinese woman is quite simple – these ladies are not demanding, capricious, or difficult to communicate with! Still, you may find your own reason why you should try dating Chinese girl!

What do American men expect from dating Chinese women?

While it is reasonable to say that everyone has his own expectations, guys who dream of dating Chinese ladies expect to find a loving, friendly, and shy partner. Indeed, women from China can be quite shy, especially on first dates. Still, they can make sure that you will become the happiest man in the world after a couple of dates. Expect to have interesting communication with a person who lives in a completely different culture. Expect loyalty, respect, and obedience.

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How long do relationships between American men and Chinese women last?

Relationships for Chinese ladies are quite important. First dates are not considered as relationships but as an opportunity to learn about a potential partner. However, if a woman likes a man, she will be interested in strong, serious, and lifelong relationships. When speaking about marriage, it can take at least 1-2 months before your date can trust you enough to leave her country and move to the United States to live with you. Just try not to force your woman too much – Asian women may take more time before making an important decision.

Average age difference between American men and Chinese women

Marriages between an older man and younger women are quite common in China. The average age difference between an American man and a Chinese date is 8.59 years. Nevertheless, online dating sites will allow you to find plenty of younger girls, ladies of your age, or more mature women.

Average age for a Chinese woman to get married

For many years, women were forced to get married as early as possible. Fortunately, nowadays, girls can easily decide when they want to look for a husband. The average age of women at first marriage in China is 27. Still, girls can easily seek a husband at a younger or older age.

Facts about dating culture in China

The ultimate goal of most relationships in China is marriage. Girls in this country are under extreme pressure from their parents, which is why they usually seek a good husband who is financially successful and can be a good head of the family. Dating is viewed from a more pragmatic perspective rather than romantic. Love is not the foundation of dating in China. However, not all relationships are built without some sort of connection. Lastly, it is quite common for couples in China to have their own separate social lives and friend circles.

What you should never do on a date

Here is a list of the most common things that you should never do while dating a Chinese woman:

  • You should never make fun of her country or culture
  • You should not be disrespectful just to make an impression
  • You should not force your date in doing something she does not want
  • Do not look at your date stereotypically
  • Do not make fun of her English level
  • Do not ask about her previous relationships
  • Do not tell her about your previous relationships


Chinese women dating is something that can help you find real companionship. These 10 facts about online dating in China will definitely make your online experience more profound and enjoyable. We hope that you will find a great Chinese girl!

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