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Filipino Women Dating — 10 Important And Useful Facts

What does a foreign man need to know when dating a Filipina woman to avoid misunderstanding, and what should not be afraid of? These questions should be answered to have a proper and successful online dating experience! Having studied a few useful facts, you can understand how to behave correctly when dating a Filipina girl.

How many Filipino women use online dating sites?

There are dozens of major Filipina dating sites that provide search and dating Filipino women. Each of these sites has a database of 25,000-35,000 Filipino women accounts. Even if we assume that many Filipinos post their profiles on 2-3 dating sites at once, it is easy to calculate that up to 300,000 profiles are constantly in rotation. If we include here the profiles of Filipino brides posted on international dating sites, then the total number of Filipino brides presented on dating sites reaches half a million. Undoubtedly, this is a very impressive figure that testifies to the variety and possibilities of choice for foreign men.

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How many Filipino women married Americans in 2019?

In fairness, it should be noted that the desire of Filipino women to marry a foreigner is rather high. Filipino wives are very popular among men from Germany, Switzerland, and England. Dating a Filipina woman on an online dating site often develops into a conversation with the bride in her homeland. The excellent climate and convenient infrastructure of the Philippines are conducive to a pleasant pastime. Plus, low housing and food prices justify the cost of flying to the Philippines. As a result, 7,134 Filipino women married Americans in 2019.

How many women looking for relationships with Americans already have children?

An interesting fact is that a certain percentage of women seeking to meet Americans already have children. Because Filipinas get married quite early, by the age of 20-22, they may already have 1-2 children. Due to various circumstances, some of the Filipino women are left alone with their children. Therefore, when dating a Filipina girl, you need to inquire if she has children from a previous marriage. Statistics show that more than 20% of Filipino women seeking dating with American men have at least one child. But the presence of children does not make Filipinas less attractive, which is confirmed by the statistics of marriages.

Why do American men like Filipino ladies?

Filipino ladies are born for ideal family relationships. Traditional upbringing always places the man as the undisputed leader of the family. Filipino women know how to enjoy sex and love to give pleasure to their partners. Besides, they know how to look great in any circumstances and maintain an excellent body at any age. Filipino dates are not afraid of household chores and child care. Filipinos are completely dedicated to their family and never seek male society outside the family. Therefore, American men are happy with Filipino women dating, finding in them what they lack in American women.

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What do American men expect from a Filipino relationship?

Dating Filipino women, Americans primarily expect to see exotic Asian beauty. And their expectations come true completely. Filipino girls are so generously endowed with natural beauty that they hardly use makeup. Americans prefer fun and outgoing girlfriends, and Filipinos are second to none. Sociable and open-minded Filipino girls conquer foreigners with their love of life and optimism. It should be noted that Filipino ladies are happy to give leadership to men. American men hope to be with a family-oriented, beautiful, and loyal woman who simply wants to be happy.

How long does a relationship with Filipinas last before marriage?

The duration of the relationship is purely individual. Nevertheless, in the case of relationships with Filipino ladies, you can count on a fairly quick transition from flirting to intimate relationships. The fact is that Filipino girls are focused on marriage with a foreigner from the very beginning. Of course, they will be happy to flirt with you and chat for as long as you need. But if you offer a more serious relationship with the prospect of marriage, you will surely get a positive answer. After all, the family is the main goal for every Filipino beauty. In this case, the duration of a relationship before the transition to a more serious phase depends on you.

Does the age of a man matter to Filipino women?

A typical portrait of mixed couples, which can be found everywhere, for example in Davao, looks like this: a Filipino girl not older than 30 years old, with a great appearance with a European man aged 50 and older. This suggests that the age of a man is not important for Filipinos. First of all, the status of a foreigner is important, followed by financial solvency. If we turn to statistics, we can see the following picture: the average age difference between Americans and their Filipino wives ranges from 6 years to 11 years. As a rule, Americans are wealthy divorced men who have invested in real estate in the Philippines.

At what age do Filipinas get married?

Filipino girls usually try to get married immediately upon reaching the age of 18. Only a few can continue their education after school, as the cost of higher education is beyond the means of most Filipinos. Therefore, for girls, marriage is the only way to arrange their lives. According to statistics, the average age of marriage for girls is only 20.5 years, which, of course, is very different from similar indicators in Europe, America, China, and Japan. This is why so many young and beautiful Filipino brides post their profiles on numerous dating sites.

A few facts about dating culture

All of the above objectively explains the popularity and development of the dating culture in the Philippines. Online dating portals allow thousands of Filipino ladies to show their beauty and attitude to life to the whole world, thereby allowing them to arrange their destiny. Dating sites, in turn, allow thousands of single American men to find the perfect wife and life partner by Filipino dating. The best way to choose from tens of thousands of profiles of various Filipino girls in the shortest possible time is on the Internet. The proven, secure online dating technology has rightly earned a reputation as a reliable tool for connecting single hearts.

A few major taboos in relationships

Filipino women represent ideal wives who can come to terms with your many shortcomings. But some things can ruin your relationship even with the most patient wives. Above all, be honest with your woman, because lying destroys even the strongest alliances. Show respect for all of your wife's many relatives, because disrespect and indifference to the problems of relatives will negatively affect your relationship. Show a sincere concern for your family, do not let irritation out in the circle of your loved ones.


Build your relationship with common sense and the information above. Use the achievements of modern information technologies to find happiness and meaning in life. The world is constantly changing — change with it on the way to your dream, and you will certainly achieve your goal.

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