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Georgian Girls Dating — What Is The Point And Benefits?

Have you ever heard about Georgian women dating? Do you know how proud, beautiful, strong, and fun they are? Well, we will tell you why you should learn more about these magnificent ladies, as anyone who finds a date from this country can consider himself a lucky man!

How many Georgian girls use online dating sites?

Georgia is a relatively small country — about 4 million people live there. Less than 10% of the whole population uses online dating sites. But there are at least 150,000 girls who are actively using online dating platforms and apps. While most of them seek casual relationships and short-term communication, about 50,000 ladies are using online dating to find a soulmate. Serious relationships and romantic communication are very popular among Georgian women, which is why using a dating site is a very effective approach to find a perfect date!

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How many Georgian women married Americans in 2019?

Only 38 girls were lucky enough to marry Americans in 2019. Sure, the numbers may not be that impressive, but you need to understand that not all online relationships end up in marriage. Some couples are more than happy to continue online communication with rare in-person dates, while others may simply move in together but not get married. Nevertheless, while Georgian girls dating may not be the most popular activity, it is definitely one of the most enjoyable and interesting!

How many Georgian females looking for relationships with Americans have children?

Just 3 ladies from Georgia had children upon marrying a man from the United States. Usually, if a woman with children decides to marry again, she looks for a local man because it is simpler and more convenient.

Why do American men like Georgian women dating?

Here are a few facts about girls from Georgia that can help make your mind about women from this country:

  • Georgian women are not passive. They tend to take everything under control. Some of them view relationships rather competitively, which is why they are very comfortable with men who are confident, strong, and rather authoritarian but not aggressive, unjust, or abusive.
  • Georgian women are extremely pretty. Dark hair, full lips, brown eyes, and the grace of princesses make these ladies perfect partners.
  • Georgian girls are very positive. Fun and laughter go side by side with Georgian women. They know how to have a good time and are not afraid of making jokes. If you know how to make a woman smile, you will be successful with a Georgian date!
  • Georgian singles are wonderful housewives. If you seek a woman who will stay at home and take care of children and the house, finding a Georgian date is a wise move!
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What do American men expect from Georgian girls dating?

Men who seek Georgian dates want to have strong, happy, and harmonious relationships with a woman who is kind, responsible, and confident. Dating a Georgian woman is not like dating a woman from the United States. Georgian girls are raised under the constant protection of the father and numerous brothers, which is why they tend to know what a real man looks like. Guys who want Georgian women dating should expect a rather stubborn, fun, and active date!

Average time of dating between American men and Georgian ladies

Casual dating is popular among Georgian youth — it is not frowned upon by society. Serious relationships are carefully treated — if a girl has a boyfriend, her family will want to know the boy better. Therefore, a typical Georgian girl doesn’t look for serious relationships too early. On average, a serious relationship between an American man and a Georgian woman begins after at least 6 months of communication.

Average age difference between American guys and Georgian beauties

Men are usually older in couples — about 3-4 years older than women. Dating an older woman is viewed as strange among Georgians, while a woman who dates an older man is rather common. However, if a young girl dates an old man, and the age difference is more than 30 years, people will talk behind the backs.

Average age of marriage of women from Georgia

Nowadays, more and more girls tend to wait before marrying. Moreover, the dynamics in the families have shifted, and girls are not forced to marry as soon as possible. The average age of marriage of women from Georgia is 26.6 years.

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Dating culture in Georgia

It is always a great idea to know a few facts about your date’s country and its dating culture. Check out these facts, and you will have a clearer picture of what to expect from Georgian girls dating!

  1. It is very common for young Georgians to live with parents. Although you won’t see your date’s relatives right away, if your relationships develop, she may be eager to show you to them!
  2. Georgians love compliments. And it doesn’t mean that you will be the only one giving them! Girls who like you will actively complement everything they enjoy about you!
  3. Dating someone means complete monogamy. Even if it is online dating, you can be sure that your Georgian date is not seeing someone else. However, she will demand the same from you!
  4. Dating Georgian women is usually very casual and informal. It is very common for girls to treat online dating as a simple opportunity to chat — nothing fancy.

What you should avoid doing on a date with a Georgian girl

If you want to avoid troubles, don’t discuss politics or religion — these topics are off the chart when dating a Georgian woman. Also, avoid joking about Georgia being the U.S. state — most Georgian girls have heard this joke at least a hundred times. Lastly, don’t be aggressive and macho-like — most girls from this country want to date foreigners to meet someone not macho-like!


Reading this article can help you learn a lot about Georgian women dating. However, if you really want to understand who these girls are — sign up on a dating site and enjoy a wide diversity of magnificent and beautiful ladies who are eager to marry a foreigner!

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