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Indian Women Dating — How Easy Is It And How To Succeed In It?

Indian girls dating is not difficult as some may think — thanks to the wide popularity of online communication, you can now interact and date with millions of beautiful and pretty Indian women who look for serious relationships online. And we can prove the simplicity of online dating in this article!

How many Indian girls use online dating sites?

Out of 38 million people in India who use online dating, over 40%, or 15.2 million, are girls. Moreover, more than half of these ladies are eager to communicate with foreigners, and over 75% of them are not afraid of marrying a man from another country. Online dating is very popular in this country, which allows a lot of women who want to seek something different to find what they deserve! Therefore, you will have a wide diversity of girls on any online dating platform.

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How many Indian women married Americans in 2019?

Indian women dating is rather popular in the United States. In 2019, there were 789 ladies who married American men and received the K-1 visa. It should be noted that this number doesn’t include American-Indian couples who married in India or brides who didn’t apply for the K-1 visa. Moreover, a lot of people take time when using online dating or even try to live with a woman from India for some time before actually marrying her.

How many Indian beauties looking for relationships with Americans have children?

In 2019, there were 32 girls with a child who moved to the United States and married an American man. Marrying a foreign man after a divorce in India has become a rather common option — with the development of women’s right organizations and movements, a divorced woman is no longer an outsider or black sheep — she can seek a chance of a new romantic life abroad!

Why do American men like Indian women dating?

Indian girls dating is associated with a number of pleasant and enjoyable experiences. First, Indian women usually look for serious and committed relationships. Although it doesn’t mean a family-oriented attitude, the majority of girls are eager to have monogamous and long-term romantic relationships. Indian women usually have excellent English, so no language barriers can prevent you from proper communication. Lastly, Indian women are not afraid of moving to another country and starting a new life with a foreigner. These are the main reasons why American guys enjoy dating an Indian girl!

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What do American men expect from relationships with ladies from India?

Everyone has his own expectations when it comes to dating Indian girls. Nevertheless, most men from the United States see Indian women as family-oriented, loyal, beautiful, and fun. Relationships between an American man and an Indian woman are usually diverse, informative, and respectful. Calm, interesting, and mutually enjoyable communication is what most men who seek Indian girls expect to find, and most of them are not disappointed with what they find!

Average time of dating between American men and Indian females

On average, relationships between American men and Indian women are rather lengthy. To find a perfect date, you will have to spend at least 1 month, but you can be lucky and find true love and happiness in just a week or less! Expect to browse through Indian women dating and find numerous beautiful and hot potential partners. When it comes to serious relationships, most girls look for a man who can become their husband. The time of dating to marriage can be different — some may fall in love in a couple of months, while others can take up to a year to make an important decision.

Average age difference between American guys and Indian girls

When it comes to age differences, it is important to note that it is rather common for older men to marry younger women. However, the majority of couples are roughly the same age. On average, men are 5-6 years older than women, and even then, the differences are not that visible.

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Average age of marriage of women from India

The mean age of marriage of women in India is 22.3 — for a very long time, it was less than 21. However, the age of women getting married is being pushed further upwards for several reasons. First, there are more women who live in urban areas than in rural areas, which makes all the differences. Second, women realize that there are much more to experience before getting married!

Dating culture in India

There are a few things that can describe dating culture in India:

  • You either have serious intentions or just hang out for sex. There is no middle ground — either look for a serious partner to start a family with or meet with many girls for one-night stands.
  • A lot of girls are brought up with Bollywood romantic films. They expect the same level of romance!
  • Women tend to be very careful about choosing partners.

What you should avoid doing during Indian girls dating

If you want to be successful with a woman from India, you need to remember these simple rules:

  1. Don’t rely on stereotypes. Your date may not be into Bollywood, Kama Sutra, or Buddhism.
  2. Don’t make your date do things she doesn’t want. You will just look like a jerk.
  3. Don’t offend your date’s culture or religion. Religion is sacred for Indians, and even if your date is not that religious, your remarks could be just rude.


Dating Indian girls is fun. It is a great way to communicate with a smart, interesting, and loyal woman who is looking for something unique and serious. Most girls who use online dating have serious intentions. Indian women dating is very popular nowadays as the new culture of dating is emerging. You will definitely have a blast chatting and dating Indian girls!

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