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Israeli Women Dating — What It’s Like And Is It Worth It?

A date with a woman from Israel is a date filled with laughter, communication, and enjoyment. Girls from this country are informal, casual, and fun — they know how to have a great time. Your experience with Israeli women dating is going to be unforgettable and wonderful!

How many Israeli girls use online dating sites?

Only over 400,000 people in Israeli are seeking a loving partner online. Fortunately, over 70% of all active users are female. The majority of girls usually look for casual relationships with locals or serious communication with foreigners — so if you have serious intentions, you can consider yourself lucky! Israeli girls dating online is not very popular in Israel, but we can assure you that it is possible to find plenty of suitable dates from this country!

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How many Israeli females married Americans in 2019?

There were only 54 girls in 2019 who moved to the United States, married an American citizen, and received the K-1 visa. Although it is possible to say that these numbers are not very impressive, it is still important to understand that a lot of couples don’t rush into marrying. Also, a lot of people can take time and live together in the United States before getting married and receiving the K-1 visa. Lastly, some brides decide to marry in Israel, which is why the statistics don’t include them!

How many Israeli women looking for relationships with Americans have children upon marriage?

There were only 2 girls in 2019 who married and American men and had children from previous marriages. To be honest, it is not customary among Israeli girls to marry a foreigner while having children from a previous marriage. However, in other religious countries, this trend is already on the decline, so we have no doubt that Israel will join them soon.

Why do American men like Israeli girls dating?

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why guys from the United States are so in love with women from Israel!

  • Israeli women dating is convenient and enjoyable. Girls from this country are smart, fun, broad-minded, and have excellent English.
  • Women from Israel are very beautiful.
  • Many women who seek relationships with foreigners are ready for serious and family-oriented communication.
  • Israeli females are heavily Westernized.
  • Girls from Israel can be independent and strong but still seek an equally strong and independent partner.
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What do American men expect from relationships with ladies from Israel?

Men have different expectations from communication with Israeli girls. While you may have a completely different idea of what it is like dating an Israeli woman, here is what most men expect from such relationships:

  1. They seek interesting, diverse, and informative conversations. Men who seek Israeli girls dating expect their dates to be educated, smart, and broad-minded.
  2. They seek respect for family values. Most guys see Israeli girls as women who know what family values are.
  3. They want to find a woman who knows English. One of the problems with online dating is the language barrier. Fortunately, most Israeli girls are fluent in English.
  4. They seek beautiful and sexy ladies. Searching for Israeli beauties, a lot of men expect their dates to look like supermodels. Well, many of them do!

Average time of dating between American men and Israeli women?

Usually, a girl from Israel has many casual relationships and a few serious before settling down and marrying her soulmate. Of course, everything depends on a woman — some girls can look for years before finding the right person, while others can fall in love and marry the first boyfriend. Usually, serious relationships last at least 1 year — after that, it is possible to ask a girl to marry you.

Average age difference between American guys and Israeli girls

Age difference among Israeli couples is almost non-existent. Men are usually 4-5 years older than women. Nevertheless, dating a much younger woman is not frowned upon in Israeli society. What's more, Israeli women like older guys because they see them as more mature, experienced, and responsible.

Average age of marriage of beauties from Israel

Nowadays, Israeli girls are in no hurry to get married. In general, a girl is ready to settle down and marry a guy at 25. But, it doesn’t mean that your 23-years-old date will be forced to wait for 2 years before accepting your proposal. All this is purely individual.

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Dating culture in Israel

Dating a woman from a different country means knowing at least a few facts about the dating culture of that country. If you want to be successful, this section is going to help you a lot!

A lot of similarities with Western dating culture

Dating is very common and usually begins in the mid to late teenage years. Young boys and girls take relationships casually and don’t seek serious communication until their early 20s. A lot of similarities can be found in the way people find each other in the United States.

Importance of religion

A lot of Israeli families are very religious, which impacts the way people date. If a person is from a rather orthodox and conservative family, then a service of a matchmaker is probably required. Relationships for people from such families are rather complicated as dates can be supervised and controlled. Usually, such people don’t use online dating openly.

Gender roles

Even though man is considered the head of the family, both women and men are equal and have access to the same opportunities. If a woman wants, she can stay at home and take care of the house and children. But if she wants to pursue a career, she can do it without any oppression.

What you should avoid doing during Israeli women dating

As you may see, dating girls from Israel is not that complicated. Here are a few things that you should never do on a date, though! Don’t talk about politics — it is a high chance that your lady will know a lot about the subject, and your date will turn from a pleasant romantic time to hot debates. Don’t discuss religion — most Israeli people are very religious and can be easily offended. Don’t try too much — be yourself and try to impress your girl with who you are!

The bottom line

Israeli women dating can open exceptional opportunities for you — you just need to take a look and enjoy the wide diversity of beautiful and smart girls. There are many women who are eager to date and marry a guy from the United States. We can guarantee you that your dating experience with Israeli girls is going to be unforgettable!

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