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Korean Girls Dating — How To Be Successful And Great

Korean women dating is wonderful for many reasons, but one of the most important is the fact that dates from Korea are numerous. Online communication is heavily popular in this country, which is why our tips will help you a lot — you will learn a lot of useful information in the sections below!

How many Korean girls use online dating sites?

Online dating is incredibly popular in Korea — over 6 million users have been active over the last couple of years. And these numbers increase exponentially. More than half of all users of online dating, or 3.1 million individuals, are girls. A lot of dates are looking for international and intercultural communication. Foreign men are viewed as exotic and appealing to Asian women — both young and mature ladies eager to date Americans. There are a lot of platforms and applications that can help you date and meet with a woman from South Korea.

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How many Korean women married Americans in 2019?

With the high popularity of serious relationships and communication between Americans and Koreans, the number of women who moved to the United States to marry a man has increased. In 2019 alone, more than 480 girls successfully married an American and got a K-1 visa. It is important to note that this number only shows the amount of girls who received the K-1 visa — there are thousands of Korean girls who married in Korea or who simply have serious relationships and didn’t get married.

How many Korean females looking for relationships with Americans have children?

Korean girls dating is rather easy — most of them are young and not very experienced. In fact, only 11 women had children when they were married. Most of the time, if a woman from Korea has a child, she does everything possible to stay with her husband. Although divorce is not something illegal or socially stigmatized, couples prefer to stay together if they have a child. Moreover, girls from Korea are rarely looking for a foreign husband online — it is easier for them to seek a local man and marry him.

Why do American men like Korean women dating?

Dating a Korean woman is like dating a goddess — she is cute, hot, loyal, and usually has serious intentions. The simplicity of communication makes dating with Korean girls enjoyable and not complicated. Most cuties know English well enough to have proper conversations with native speakers. Moreover, among all Asian countries, Korea is one of the most English-oriented — a lot of young people are nearly fluent in English. Korean women know how to take care of themselves — Korea is one of the most progressive countries in terms of beauty products and procedures.

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What do American men expect from dating with Korean ladies?

Guys from the United States usually use online dating with Korean women to seek serious, long-term, and committed romantic relationships. Therefore, they expect monogamous, continuous, and enjoyable communication with a cute, passionate, and Westernized woman. Of course, it is impossible to say what every American man expects from Korean women dating. However, one can assume that most guys seek a kind, respectable, and loyal woman for serious relationships.

Average time of dating between American men and Korean women

Women from Korea take relationships very seriously. Especially when it comes to online communication with foreigners. Most of the time, such relationships are not casual — a girl looks for a foreign man who would become her husband. Therefore, the development of relationships can be rather lengthy. Usually, it takes 1-3 months to get to know each other. Up to 6 months can take the development of trust and romantic relationships. Therefore, you should expect up to half a year of courting and flirting with your Korean date! However, every case is unique — it is possible that you could find and marry a woman from Korea in less than a month!

Average age difference between American guys and Korean girls

The average age difference between American men and Korean girls is not that huge. According to statistics, on average, the husband is 3 years older than the wife. Korean females have nothing against dating older men. However, it is possible to say that it is rather rare when a woman is older than her partner.

Average age of marriage of beauties from Korea

Several centuries ago, women from Korea used to get married at a rather early age. If a woman didn’t have a husband when she was 25, she could have been viewed as a spinster. Nevertheless, those times have changed, and nowadays, girls are not eager to get married right after the 18th birthday. The average age of marriage in Korea is 28.7. However, girls who use online dating can be young — there are plenty of 18-20 years-old girls who are looking for a foreign relationship.

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Dating culture of Korea

Here are a few things that can tell you more about dating culture in Korea:

  • Korean women dating means always staying in touch with her. Expect to communicate with your date at least every hour!
  • Texting is incredibly popular even among local Koreans. Online dating with Korean girls is excellent because texting is a part of dating culture in Korea!
  • Relationships develop slowly, but you should always show tokens of interest. The 3-day rule won’t work with a Korean date — she might think that you have lost interest in her. Be patient but active!
  • Korean beauties love cute nicknames. You can be sure that once your date learns more about you, she will give you some cute nickname. It can be a sign that you are doing just great!

What you should avoid doing on a date with a Korean woman

Here are a few things that you should never do on a date with a Korean girl:

  1. Don’t make fun of her accent. Asian people usually have difficulties speaking English, and although Korea is one of the most English-speaking countries, you’ll notice some accents.
  2. Don’t try to rush into anything. Relationships are taken seriously and slowly. Let your date grow accustomed to you. Once she can trust you, you can take your relationships to the next level!
  3. Don’t make fun of Korea. Koreans are very proud, so you could easily offend them.


Korean girls dating is easier than it looks — once you try it, you will understand that it is comfortable, easy, and enjoyable. We hope that this article has been useful to you. Your Korean date awaits you — go get her!

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