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Pakistani Women Dating — What Do You Have To Know?

Women from Pakistan have discovered online dating rather recently, which makes them suitable and wonderful for serious communication. Pakistani women usually look for romantic and long-term relationships with foreigners, so you will have plenty of options to choose from!

How many Pakistani girls use online dating sites?

Pakistani girls dating online has been developing over the last couple of years. Nevertheless, due to the conservative nature of the country, there are not as many online dates as in other Arab countries. It is estimated that at least 10,000 girls are registered on numerous online dating platforms. Moreover, a few apps are rather popular, even though the government blocked 5 dating apps over immoral content. All in all, despite some obstacles, online Pakistani women dating exists.

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How many Pakistani women married Americans in 2019?

It is estimated that in 2019 there were 137 ladies who married Americans, moved to the United States, and received the K-1 visa. While some may think that this number is not that impressive, it is important to understand that online dating is only in the developing phase in Pakistan. Also, the number of girls who are eager to date foreigners is not that high compared with other Arab countries. Still, it is expected that Pakistan will become a very popular destination for American guys to look for online dates.

How many Pakistani beauties looking for relationships with Americans have children?

First, divorce in Pakistan is legal — women can request a divorce. Nevertheless, this process is rather socially frowned upon, which is why the rates are rather low. Thus, there is a very small number of women with children from previous marriages. It is believed that only 4 girls from Pakistan who had children married American men and received the K-1 visa.

Why do American men like Pakistani girls dating?

The reasons to choose dating a Pakistani girl can be different and individual. However, any man who seeks a date with an Arabian woman usually seeks the following qualities in his potential wife:

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  • Girls from Pakistan are loyal and faithful. Women from this country are taught to respect and honor their husbands. Disloyalty is a severe sin according to Pakistani culture.
  • Most Pakistani girls are eager to be mothers. Family values are essential for girls from this country, so if you are looking for a family-oriented woman, then Pakistani women dating is a great option for you!
  • Pakistani women are known as beautiful and passionate. Most girls have slightly tanned skin, full lips, mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful hair.

What do American men expect from relationships with women from Pakistan?

Dating a Pakistani woman is an unknown experience for many American men. However, most guys expect to have serious, long-term, and committed relationships with a woman from a different country. Honestly, there is nothing unique to expect from dating a Pakistani girl. Expect to find a respectful, honest, loyal, and passionate woman who just wants to be happy with the right man!

Average time of dating between American men and Pakistani women

Since Pakistan is a conservative Arab country, casual dating is almost non-existent. Indeed, it is strongly disapproved among the older generation of Pakistanis. Women are protected and even concealed by fathers and brothers. Even though younger Pakistanis find ways to have casual dating, such a sight could create a conflict. Therefore, it is difficult to say the average time of dating between Pakistanis before they decide to settle down. Online dating, on the other hand, is different. Usually, to settle down with a Pakistani date, you will have to spend at least 4-7 weeks with her.

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Average age difference between American guys and Pakistani girls

Age differences between Americans and Pakistani girls are almost non-existent. On average, men are 2-3 years older than women. It can be explained by the fact that families usually seek young husbands for their daughters. It is very common for 18-years-old Pakistani women to be married to an 18-years-old Pakistani man.

Average age of marriage of females from Pakistan

Girls from Pakistan are getting married very early. The average age of marriage of women from Pakistan is only 18.4 years. In the urban areas, the number is slightly higher — 19.1 years, but you can see that it is very common among Pakistani people to marry their daughters as soon as possible. The average age at marriage of men is 23.7!

Dating culture of Pakistan

As we have stated above, it almost doesn’t exist! Casual dating or serious dating is not something that you can find in everyday life of Pakistani people. If a woman wants to marry a man, her family finds suitable candidates, and the heads of the family discuss everything. Usually, a bride may not even see her future husband until the wedding. This is one of the reasons why Pakistani girls dating can be an enjoyable process — these women dream of escaping the societal pressure in Pakistan and become free from the burden of being a woman in this country.

What you should avoid doing on a date with a Pakistani lady?

If you want to be successful with a girl from Pakistan, you should be yourself. Don’t try to impress your lady too much. Don’t say that Pakistani culture is stupid and regressive — even though women suffer a lot, they still love their country. Don’t try being aggressive to make an impression on your date — you will just scare her away.


Pakistani women dating may be in its early development, but even today, you can find many beautiful and wonderful dates from this country. Check out online communication with Pakistani women — you won’t find girls more passionate and suitable for serious and long-term relationships than Pakistani ladies online!

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