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Dating Thai Women – How Difficult Is It?

Thai dating is a rather popular activity among Western men. There are many girls from this country who seek a chance to date and marry a man from the United States. It is not difficult to find a lady from Thailand. And this article will help you master dating Thai ladies!

How many Thai women use dating sites?

There are over 3 million people in Thailand who use online dating platforms on a daily basis. Over 1.2 million are women who use sites and apps. Half of these ladies use international online dating websites, which means that around 600,000 ladies are going to be available for you. Since online dating is a rather developing industry, every month, the number of female members increases, allowing you to enjoy a great diversity of potential dates from different cities and with different goals.

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How many Thai women married American men in 2019?

In 2019, 855 ladies came to the United States and married an American citizen. While some may say that these are not impressive numbers, it is important to understand that not all couples who meet online decide to marry instantly. Some of them maintain online communication, while others prefer not marrying at all. Some couples may even decide to get married in Thailand instead of the United States! The numbers of ladies traveling to the United States and receiving the K-1 visa increase every year, which is great news!

How many brides from Thailand have children?

Sometimes, a girl who seeks a chance to marry an American man can have a child from a previous marriage. In 2019, among 855 Thai girls who received the K-1 visa, 124 had children. If you do not want to look for a woman with a child, you can be sure that your dating site will offer you that information. Most platforms require dates to provide information about their previous marriages and whether they have children or not. Still, as you see, 124 women were able to find a husband even though they had children.

Why do American men prefer dating Thai women?

You can enjoy a lot of benefits from dating Thai ladies. First of all, they are rather hard-working and dedicated. Whether your date is going to be a housewife or pursue career goals, you can be sure that she will devote herself to achieving her aims. Secondly, dating Thai girl is rather simple and enjoyable – these women are friendly, very fun, and active. Lastly, Thai women possess unique beauty even among Asian ladies. You can be sure that you will find dozens of mesmerizingly gorgeous dates online.

What do American men expect from relationships with a Thai date?

Men from the United States desire simplicity from relationships with Thai women. They do not want to have drama in communication, which is perfect as ladies from this country are rather calm. Men expect Thai women to be loyal, somehow obedient, and respectful. However, women from this country expect the same from American men, which means that they would never tolerate irresponsible and disrespectful behavior! Lastly, a lot of guys from the United States know that Thai girls are very fun and energetic, which is why they expect their relationships to be fun and enjoyable.

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How long does it take to build a serious relationship with a Thai date?

Relationships in Thailand can be casual and serious. Most girls do not seek casual relationships online as they do not satisfy their needs. If a woman uses a Thai dating site, it means that she seeks something serious and special. Girls from this country do not take relationships slowly – it can take a few weeks to build a committed and lifelong relationship. Usually, the first serious boyfriend ends up being the husband of a Thai girl.

Average age differences between American men and Thai women

Women in Thailand get married rather early, which is why the average age difference between American men and Thai women is rather stark – 11 years. Nevertheless, it does not mean that all brides from this country are exceptionally young. It is quite easy to find a girl of your age or a woman who is more mature than you!

Average age of getting married among Thai ladies

About 75% of married women from Thailand got engaged when they were 25. This number has been slowly increasing over the past decade. For example, in 2010, the average age was only 22. Quite an impressive progress for this country.

Dating culture in Thailand – what do you need to know?

If you want to be successful in finding an online date, you should know a few things about the dating culture of this country. First of all, showing aggression in Thai culture is counterproductive and will not be appreciated. Second, girls from Thailand are not comfortable with bold, suggestive comments, which is why you need to play it smoothly. Third, dating in Thailand is, first of all, a fun and enjoyable activity – you need to enjoy everything that you do to be successful.

Major taboos in relationships

To succeed in Thailand women dating, you also need to know about major things that can ruin your date. Here is a short list of things that you need to avoid while dating Thai girl!

  1. Avoid unintended insults – cultural differences may ruin your joke or comment and simply offend your date
  2. Avoid sexual topics – do not bring erotic or sexual topics with your lady. Wait for at least 5-6 dates
  3. Do not share your past relationships – it is not accepted in Thai culture to discuss your relationships with a date
  4. Do not make promises you cannot fulfill


Women from Thailand are not special – they are just human beings who seek love, happiness, and pleasure in relationships. Dating Thai ladies is not complicated, especially if you have read these 10 facts. There are many girls who use online dating platforms, which is why you will be able to find a perfect woman for you!

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