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Vietnam Girls Dating – How Difficult Is It?

Finding a date from Vietnam is easier than you may think, and this article is going to prove that Vietnam women dating is simple, effective, and great. By reading these 10 simple tips about Vietnamese dating, you will become fully aware of the possibilities that you can enjoy with these magnificent women!

How many women are registered on online dating sites in Vietnam?

There are approximately 1 million girls who use online dating platforms and applications regularly. This number has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years. Vietnam is a rather prospective market that will develop in the future, which means that you can enjoy a great diversity of women who use online dating. It should be noted that the majority of girls on dating sites are looking for foreign husbands – about 80% of female members are signed up on international dating websites.

pretty vietnamese woman

How many Vietnamese women married American men in 2019?

In 2019, over 1,782 Vietnamese brides came to the United States, received the K-1 visa, and successfully married an American man. This number does not represent the number of couples who met because of online dating, as it just reflects how many women actually married American men. However, you can be sure that the number of Vietnamese-American couples is much bigger since Vietnam is one of the most popular places with international brides for online dating. Each year, the number of women marrying American men is increasing, which is great news.

How many Vietnamese girls with children married American men?

If you have used a dating site, you probably know that among vast profile information about a date, you can find information about previous marriages and if a date has children or not. Indeed, 386 Vietnamese girls had children when they married American men in 2019, which is a rather big number. Since this is essential information, you can be sure that all dating sites will notify you whether a date has children or not.

Why do American men prefer Vietnamese women?

What makes these women so popular and appealing among Western men? First of all, Vietnamese women are more active and open-minded than other Asian girls. Vietnamese women are not as shy as Chinese or Japanese ladies. It is easier for a Vietnamese girl to move to another country and marry a foreign man. Women from this country have better English, and it is easier for them to adapt to a new culture. Furthermore, Vietnamese singles are beautiful, family-oriented, and active, which makes them perfect wives and partners for life.

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What do American men expect from relationships with Vietnamese singles?

Every man desires and expects different things from Vietnamese dating. Nevertheless, it is possible to say that a relationship with a Vietnamese woman is a relationship full of love, happiness, and mutual respect. A man who wants to date a woman from Vietnam wants to find a family-oriented, honest, and loyal lady who knows what she wants. A relationship between an American man and a Vietnamese woman is a union between mature people who use communication to achieve common goals.

How long does it take to build a serious relationship?

Vietnamese dating presupposes building a family-oriented relationship. Vietnamese women who use dating sites are not into casual relationships, as such types of relationships can be found with numerous foreign tourists who come to Vietnam. If you have serious intentions, you can expect to build a proper connection with your date from Vietnam in at least two weeks. Of course, everything depends on your date and communication skills. However, it is not difficult or long to build a family-oriented relationship with singles from this country.

Average age difference between American men and Vietnamese women

When it comes to online dating, it is important to emphasize that a lot of men seek younger dates. It is rather common, which is why the average age difference between Vietnamese dates and American guys is about 9.25 years. Nevertheless, if you need to find a woman of your age or a lady who is older than you, you can be sure that you will be able to do that!

Average age of marriage among Vietnamese women

It is rather common in Vietnam for women to marry early. The average age of marriage among Vietnamese women is just 22 years, which is one of the lowest in the Asian region.

A few facts about Vietnamese dating culture

Before you start dating a woman from this country, it is quite useful for you to learn a few things about dating traditions and customs in Vietnam:

  • Women in Vietnam are less shy and embarrassed about dating a foreigner than other Asian ladies
  • Vietnamese women are very active and progressive – it is not uncommon for them to ask a man out first
  • Public display of affection is a subject of embarrassment, although it does not apply to online communication
  • Some Vietnamese girls get ready to marry a foreigner from early ages

What you should avoid doing while dating

Lastly, there are a few things that you should not do while being on a date with a Vietnamese girl. First of all, you should never ask her about her past relationships – if she is comfortable enough with you, she will tell you on her own. Do not try to make fun of her culture – you will just look like a jerk. Do not push too hard – if a date says no, it means no. Lastly, do not show any disrespect toward your date’s culture or family – you will lose your date immediately even if you joked.


Vietnam singles dating is a perfect opportunity to look for a great and suitable date. There are many women who use platforms to seek foreign husband. And with the help of this article, you now know a lot about Vietnamese dating online!

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