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Armenian brides and singles

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armenian girl
armenian girl
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armenian bride
Ankine, 22
Armenia, Yerevan
About me:

Although I am quite young, I want to meet a wonderful and interesting man. I am very sociable, which is why I have so many friends. I have a lot of hobbies and things that I like to do when I have free time. I enjoy cooking and watching exciting movies.

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Armenian Girls for Marriage: The Perfect Life Partners

Armenia, a small country located in the confluence of Asia and Europe continents. You would be deceived to think it doesn’t have much to offer until you meet their ladies. These gorgeous beings will sweep you off your feet and have you start contemplating marriage on first sighting. It’s a wonder why they haven’t been declared a national treasure yet.

Armenian ladies are a perfect blend of Asian and caucasian genes giving rise to superior women of impeccable character and physical attributes. Armenian mail-order brides are top of the list when it comes to wives. Their culture predisposes them to good behavioral teachings right from a young age on how to handle their family; husband and kids.

Ladies from Armenia are open-minded and have little to no restriction when it comes to interracial or intercultural marriages giving every man an opportunity to lifelong happiness. However, they usually like to be pampered and treated with respect for who they are. This article further explores the characteristics and likes of Armenian mail-order brides for marriage, Raed on.

armenian lovely one

Attributes of Armenian Women for Marriage

There have been many false stereotypes circulating concerning Armenian women. In this section, this write-up seeks to burst the myths, state the truth and set the record straight concerning the attributes and behavior of women from Armenia.

To paint the correct picture, both positive and negative attributes will be addressed. You will decide to which side the scale tips after which, we believe you will make the right decision of reaching out to an Armenian girl for marriage.

Armenian Women are Curvy, Gorgeous and of Delightful Appearance

Beauty is a possession one cannot be falsely accused of having, and in this, all the Armenia ladies are guilty. With or without makeup and/or enhancements, these women are naturally beautiful. They have long black/brown hair, eyes and eyelashes that add a special flair to their high cheek boned faces. Their smiles are priceless and absolutely bright and stunning.

Single Armenian ladies are not deficient in height and are well endowed with flesh in the right place hence they have well feminine-curved hourglass mimicking bodies. Staring is rude, but it is something you will do a lot while in Armenia. One just can’t get enough of these beauties. Armenian women’s beauty goes beyond their faces extending to their kind hearts. Talk of both exterior and inner beauty, they have them both.

Armenian Wives Are Loyal and Devoted to Their Marriage

Ever heard of loyalty cannot be bought? Yes, that statement is true. It is something that is nurtured in the heart from the onset of life. Loyalty is an attribute Armenian women are famously known for. They become your ride or die the moment she says “I do”. Nothing makes her look or turn back, she will have your back through all the ups and downs of life faithfully.

Armenian culture perceives divorce as a social disgrace and inability of the wife to keep her home together and tame her man. For this reason, Armenian girls are usually devoted to their marriages making sure everything runs smoothly. She will stop at no ends to ensure her husband and kids are well fended for and taken care of. Their devotion to the family is second to none.

Armenian Mail Order Brides Are Hard-Working Ladies

Armenia itself is a working nation and so are their ladies. It is an attribute they pick while growing up. They comprehend perfectly well that nothing comes for free and therefore they will work tirelessly hard towards achieving any goal they set their mind to. This hard work is also reflected in the house in terms of doing house chores and taking care of stuff around the house.

Laziness is non-existent in their vocabulary, after all, who wants a lazy wife who is over complaining of being overwhelmed with menial tasks around the house? Well, speaking for myself I don’t, I don’t know what about you. If you share my sentiments then an Armenian girl is the perfect pick for you as a wife.

armenian woman

Armenian Ladies Are Intelligent and Sharp

A large percentage of Armenian women are very intelligent and smart. And in this, we are not only talking book smart but also street smart. Having the ability to critically analyze situations and make relevant and sound decisions. As a man, you will need someone to help you make critical decisions in life that will spearhead your family into brighter times ahead. Luckily, Armenian ladies will always have your back in this.

Biologically, the Intelligence quotient of a child is solely dependent on the mother. Men, sorry about this. Give your child a chance to be intellectually superior to his peers courtesy of their high IQ inherited from their Armenian mother. Its a safe gamble isn’t it? If by any chance this doesn’t come out to be true blame the scientists, not me though the chances are slim and next to impossible.

An Armenian Wife Take Good Care Of Her Family

Ask any Armenian man, they will affirm this statement without a doubt. Ladies from Armenia hold their families very dear and as such will always strive to ensure they have a comfortable stay both at and out of the home. She will ensure every single need of every member of the family is taking care of even if it means breaking her back while at it.

As her husband, you will always have a reliable partner to take care of your needs and your kids’. These women make good shepherds of only the family were a flock. Marrying an Armenian woman is an assurance of organization and emotional as well as endless physical care in your home.

Armenian Women Make Great Chefs in the Kitchen

If home-cooked meals are your thing, prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled culinary skills possessed by these women. In addition to their skills, they have a wide array of finger-linking native cuisines that will keep you on a round menu all year long. There is no monotony in the Armenian menu, just make sure you don’t lose your fitness edge. That, she won’t like.

They take pride and fulfillment in keeping their family in an endless supply of food. Should you not like their cuisines fear not as she will learn your native ones and match if not surpass your mother’s skills - no offense, they are just that good. These gorgeous ladies will keep your stomach satisfied alongside all your other needs.

Armenian Girls Are Humble, Submissive and Obedient

An Armenian woman for marriage always understands the right attributes for a perfect wife. They always portray humility and have great respect for their husbands. These ladies are never victims of toxic femininity y trying to stand superior or equal to their partners in any way. Their respect is inspired by the Christian doctrine which a majority believe in.

Lastly, they are very submissive. Single armenian women respectfully submit to their better half by being cognizant of the fact that they are the head of the home. These great attributes have made these women be highly sought after by men from all over the world, especially those from the western part of it.

armenian pretty lady

Examples of Armenian Women on the Global Stage

To prove that Armenian women are a hot cake in the dating scene here are some of them who have received global recognition courtesy of their dazzling beauty and admirable character. First on the list

  1. Kim Kardashian. She needs no introduction, her looks speak for her and the fact that she is Armenian makes her even more spectacular. She has made a career off her beauty by being a television personality and socialite.
  2. Cher. She is quite a fossil but you know what they say ‘old is gold. The millennials may not recognize her but her voice graced the airwaves while soothing our ears back in the 1960s. Through her excellent singing and acting career, she earned the name the Goddess of Pop.
  3. Carolyn Rafaelian.This business mogul has built an empire for herself showing the world that Armenian women have the potential running successful business ventures.


Armenia is a very productive country. She has given rise to some of the greatest women the world celebrates to date. Oftentimes, this country has been underrated because of its staggering economy but, that is not all it can offer the world. We should learn to look beyond the GDP.

Armenia has a great treasure hidden in Armenian single women, treasure which should be hunted and explored by men. If you are ever looking for a woman to marry, An Armenian girl for marriage would just make the perfect fit for you.


How To Marry An Armenian Girl?

Find a dating website first. When you finally find that woman, arrange a date, meet her, and if everything is ok, marry her. Buy her a cool gift, act like a gentleman, try to look great, respect her family — and she’ll say “yes”.

What Is A Bride Price In Armenia?

You can’t just pay and get a wife, that’s not how it works. You will pay for the dating website (about $30-$60 per month), for the trip to Armenia (about $400-$500 for one ticket and $400-$600 for a week), and for the wedding ($10,000-$20,000).

What Is The Success Rate Of Finding An Armenian Bride?

According to our information, most mail order bride websites don’t track the relationship status of their users because of privacy reasons. As for the marriages, the success rate is about 80% (80 out of 100 marriages last for more than 3 years).

Why Armenian Make The Best Wives?

Because they are just gorgeous! Armenian women are not just beautiful and really hot, they are also family-oriented and a little traditional. So if you are looking for a submissive woman who will at the same time be modern and progressive, an Armenian lady is the best choice.

What is the Average Age Of Marriage In Armenia?

On average, Armenian women marry by the time they are 24.5 years old. Most women (73%) get married in their 20s. 16% of Armenian girls are married by age 18.

Are Armenian Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes. It’s legal to marry an Armenian woman both in Armenia and in the United States. And if you marry her in her country, it’s 100% legal to take her to the US later. She’ll be able to get a green card and a US citizenship after that.

What Are The Requirements For My Armenian Wife To Receive a US Green Card?

Past immigration or criminal fraud might lead to future visa denial. So if your Armenian wife has entered the US using fake papers, she will probably not be able to get a green card. The same goes for certain medical issues and criminal records.

Do Armenian Women Like American Men?

Yes. They usually think that men from the United States are more loyal and kinder than men from Armenia. They (not all of them but most of them) do also believe that Americans make better husbands than Armenians.

Why Are Armenian Women So Beautiful?

It's all about their genetics and the history of Armenia — Armenian beauty is the mix of Middle Eastern beauty and West Asian one. These women have very hot bodies. They are very sensual, have golden olive skin, very beautiful faces, and dark healthy hair.

What Are The Rules For Dating An Armenian Girl?

You will most likely have to talk to her parents and show them that you are a decent man. You'll have to be romantic, to say a lot of compliments, to buy her gifts, and to show that you have serious intentions. And don't try to show off!

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