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Singaporean brides

Singaporean mail order brides: dating advice you just can’t ignore

Find Out Beautiful Singaporean Brides Here

Asian women are fantastically popular. There are literally tens of thousands of men who marry Asian girls every single year. The thing is, these ladies are almost perfect — some men love their submissiveness and their traditional values, the others just love Asian beauty, etc. There are lots of reasons to fall for a traditional Asian girl — but when it comes to Singapore mail order brides, it’s something else. Women who live in Singapore are much more progressive than traditional Asian ladies. They are very smart and educated, and they are very similar to women from Western countries in a sense.

We will tell you everything you need to know about Singaporean girls for marriage and about their best features. Want to know how to date them? We’ll talk about it, too. Want to know where to meet thousands of Singapore brides? We’ll cover this topic as well. Let’s start!

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Are Singaporean women for marriage worth dating?

We could only say “yes, they are worth it”, but in case this isn’t enough for you, we’ve collected some of the most interesting facts about beautiful Singaporean women for marriage. You’ve probably already heard at least something about their beauty, but this is certainly not the only reason (and not the greatest reason) to be impressed by them. They are also open-minded, independent, calm, and hard-working — here, we’ll talk about all these character traits and features of Singaporean mail order brides.

Girls from Singapore are open-minded, and they love foreign men

If you need to find a tolerant, broad-minded, and approachable girl, the ladies from Singapore are exactly what you are looking for. They want to explore and try new things, they are always honest, and they see nothing wrong in changing their views when presented with new facts. Logically, they really love foreign guys, and they, as well as their parents (it's important), don't have any taboos about interracial dating and marriage.

Alright, not all of them are fond of foreigners, but we can safely say that the majority of Singapore brides think that foreign men are more physically attractive than their local guys. It doesn't in any way mean that Singaporean wives are "easy" or that you can easily seduce any girl in this country. It just means that you have higher chances than a Singaporean man. But you'll still have to do your best!

They are not just fond of foreigners. According to the statistics, it’s usually older men who want to date Singapore girls for marriage. The good news is that these women love it when a man is a little older! According to the surveys, 58% of Singapore brides are fond of men 2-5 years older than themselves.

Sigapoear girls are independent and take the leading role

Want to have an obedient wife? Then try a South Asian or an Arab country because a Singaporean girl for marriage should definitely not be called submissive. They are ambitious, confident, and independent — so don't expect your Singaporean wife to be shy and too conservative. What’s even more important, you don’t have to take the leading role in the relationship with a Singapore bride — they can do it by themselves. There is a saying that goes like this: "In relationships, as in dancing, someone's got to take the lead" — but with Singaporean women, it's possible for both of you to be the leaders. It's totally ok in this country and you don't have to do everything by yourself.

They are extremely beautiful

There are two types of Singapore women: Malay and Chinese. They are somewhat different (like, Malaysian Singaporean women are a little more reserved while Chinese Singaporeans are a little more liberal and Westernized), but they all have one common feature: they are very beautiful.

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These girls have very beautiful faces and amazing bodies, but this is not even about beauty given by nature — they also know everything about makeup, diets, fitness, and all the other things that make them better every single day. Another cool thing about them is that they always look stylish — but don’t worry, they don’t need thousands of dollars to dress nice. And of course, they age slowly, like almost all Asian women!

Singaporean ladies are calm and relaxed

Have you heard that Asian women can easily start a scandal in public? Singaporean girls for marriage are not like that. They are very calm and peaceful, and they never act up in public. The problem with their calmness is that sometimes, they can look a little cold and some people think that they hide their real feelings. But don’t worry — even if your first date is a little cold, it does not mean that you are indifferent to her.

Girls from Singapore are educated and hard-working

They have high-paid jobs, they all (almost all) are highly educated, and as we've already said, they are very similar to Western women in this regard. There is no gender discrimination in education in this country, and the Singaporean education system is usually ranked as one of the best education systems in the world.

They are also very hard-working. The point is, it's almost impossible now for a Singaporean woman to be a stay-at-home wife — this country is very expensive, so only a few men can provide for the whole family on a single income. Singaporean mail order brides work as hard as Singaporean men, and they see nothing wrong with it, so if you want your future wife to be a stay-at-home wife, Singapore might not be the best country for you.

What languages do Singapore ladies speak?

Due to the concentration of different ethnicities on Singapore's territory, local authorities have decided to establish four official languages: English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. Children are taught English at schools, and it's spoken everywhere, uniting all the citizens. Also, they learn their native languages to stay close to their own cultures. Bilingualism became a necessary tool for the country's development, allowing it to raise specialists who could conduct negotiations and adapt to foreign states' cultural contexts. Locals learn English to communicate in the international area and within the country, and Chinese is a must for people in the business.

Dating Singaporean girls for marriage and where to find them?

Women from Singapore are just great, and they are 100% worth dating and even marriage. But you shouldn’t forget that this is another country, another world (if you are not from Asia, of course) and that the dating culture is a little different here. What does it mean? How to have a perfect date with a Singaporean woman for marriage? And where to find thousands of these ladies? Continue reading to know!

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  • On the first date, you will have to talk — Singapore mail order brides are confident and all that, but they might be a bit cold at the beginning of the relationship. So, you’ll have to keep asking questions and you should definitely be a good communicator. Just break the ice and you’ll love what’s going on.
  • Pay the bill. It’s not about gold-digging — Singaporean women often have quite high salaries. It's actually about winning the heart of your date during the initial phase of your relationship.
  • Try and do your best to look good. Lots of Singaporean men are absolutely clueless about how they appear to women. That's why you'll stand out from the crowd from the very beginning if you look neat and clean!
  • Show that you are serious about her. Of course, one-night stands are quite common in Singapore, but you’re looking for something more serious, right? This is why you will have to make your intentions clear from the start of your relationship.
  • Be funny! According to the surveys, most Singaporean brides want their men to be funny (67%). If you say funny things (and she laughs), your date will be great, that's how it works.
  • Kindness, honesty, and love for children are extremely important for these girls, too (according to the same survey). It would be nice to show that you have these personality traits.
  • Let her know you are financially stable. It’s not about being materialistic — that's how it works in any other country, it's not a Singaporean thing.
  • Being a gentleman still works in Singapore, so don’t be afraid to date like a real gentleman. Be punctual: open the doors, let her go first when making the order, etc, etc. Everyone knows these rules.
  • Don’t rush. It’s not a conservative country, and having sex on the second or third date is quite common here, but still, don’t rush. Patience is extremely important if you want to make your Singaporean mail order bride fall for you.

Where can you find Singaporean girls?

You can try approaching them on the streets of Singapore, and it may even work — but the efficiency of such a method is very low (however, it’s not low if you speak Malay and Chinese). You can also try online dating apps and mail order bride platforms — they are very popular in this country, and according to our experience and to the experience of thousands of foreign men, they really work. Just read some reviews to find the best and the safest platform.


Singaporean girls are perfect — they are extremely beautiful, strong, highly-educated, and in general, they are similar to Western women but with that Asian charm. It’s also very easy to find them — you only need to choose a dating site and sign up for this service, that’s all. So, why waste time?

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