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Syrian brides and singles

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syrian woman
syrian girl
syrian woman
syrian lady
Celmira, 26
Syria, Damascus
About me:

I am a person with different interests and hobbies. I have tried a lot of things in my life – I was a painter, a singer, a dancer. I try to gain as many new and fascinating experiences as possible, and I want to do this with someone special and dear to me.

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Syrian Mail Order Brides – What is so Perfect about Them?

So, you have decided to date a girl from Syria. That is good because according to numerous studies, Syrian brides are incredible for single men who desire to locate and date a lady with serious intentions and who want to create a family with a foreign husband. In case you wonder what you need to know about dating a Syrian lady, you will find everything necessary in this review. With the help of this guide, you will understand how marvelous and majestic Syrian singles are and what you have to do to find one. So stick around if you want to discover the best and most detailed information on dating a Syrian woman!

Syrian girl

How to get a Syrian girl for marriage? The only thing we can tell you is “it’s very hard”. It’s quite easy to meet Syrian singles online — there are lots of websites with thousands of Syrian mail order brides looking for men. But when it comes to upgrading from "brides" to "Syrian wives", there will be problems. You can't go to Syria so it's only possible to meet your partner in a third-party country which is quite expensive. She just can't get a K-1 Visa because of the Travel Ban 3.0, so you'll have to find other ways. It's hard, very time-consuming, and difficult. But is it worth it? Yes.

Why choose Syrian brides?

One can agree that defining the main reasons for dating a girl from a certain country is paramount for international online dating. There are millions of single guys on the Internet who want to seek, communicate with, and marry beautiful Syrian women, but why they want to date them is the main question. In this section, we will help you find out what are the main reasons behind Syrian brides being so incredibly popular and dreamed about among American and European men.

  1. Well, first of all, it is essential to inform you that Syrian brides online are supportive and loyal women who know how to be good wives. In case you have a stressful job or simply need a person who would be able to help you relax and find good mood after a long and exhausting workday, you would never find a better candidate for a wife than a Syrian woman. She will keep your house cozy and comfortable so that you can just come home and relax. Beautiful Syrian women are also exceptionally supportive. You will find it incredibly reassuring and helpful when your bride will help you morally and emotionally deal with any problem.
  2. It is also worth mentioning that Syrian girls are usually ready for family life. They are ready to settle down and start a strong and harmonious family with a decent and trustworthy man. In case you are looking for serious relationships with commitment then we would especially recommend you to take a look at Syrian brides online as they represent the best option for your needs.
  3. Lastly, it would be useful to know that Syrian girls for marriage are incredibly friendly and communicative. One can agree that relationships require communication as without communication, it is almost impossible to stay in touch with your significant other. Syrian women know how to keep the conversation going. They are also quite eager to learn new things together with their new boyfriend or husbands, which is why you will have plenty of activities that will bond you even stronger.

When thinking both about establishing a family or dating with someone who’ll surround you with care – Syrian women are the perfect choice. They are open for relationships with Western guys and are ready for commitments. Their views and values usually meet the ones of American men. Take a look at their qualities:

  • Easily forgiving and don’t seek vengeance;
  • Humble and warm-hearted, making everyone feel welcomed;
  • Romantic and love spending quality time together;
  • Observant and know what brings you joy;
  • Capable and decisive, applying their skills.

Syrian brides combine the best of both worlds, being beautiful both inside and out.

The national character or what are Syrian girls like?

Speaking about the national character of Syrian girls for marriage, it is vital to mention that they are quite shy, especially on first dates. You might think that a lady does not want to chat or talk to you because you are not compatible, but in reality, it only concerns the way these gorgeous ladies behave. But do not worry as it only happens on first dates when your lady does not know a lot about you. Online dating is highly effective for such girls because it allows them to take the first date slow and get to know their dates.

Syrian woman

One more peculiarity of Syrian national character that is worth mentioning is adherence to the family. It might be quite a problem for a man who wants to marry a Syrian woman and take her to the Western world because of family relations. Very often, parents do not want daughters to leave with a foreign man right away. Although such behavior becomes more and more obsolete and rare, it is still essential for you to know about that. To avoid such issues, we would recommend spending more time with your date’s family and assure them that you are worthy of their daughter.

Western feminism vs. traditional family values of Syrian women

Due to such strict family connections in Syrian culture, it is possible to say that the Syrian perspective on the very concept of family is slightly different compared to the Western world. First of all, it is almost a tradition in Syrian culture for a woman to stay at home and be responsible solely for household chores. Although modern society has significantly influenced the development of the Arab world, it is not rare to see when men forbid their wives to have a job or pursue education.

Guys who are looking for Syrian brides online who would be mothers and wives should consider themselves lucky. Nevertheless, one should not consider Syrian culture retrograding compared to the Western paradigms. Indeed, traditional values and roles of a Syrian family differ from the Western world. Still, you will be able to find plenty of Syrian singles who are dreaming of finding a foreign husband and pursue education or career. To be honest, online dating will help you find whatever you want – the only thing you have to do is to look closely!

Syrian girl

Things you should know before dating a Syrian woman

Now, it is high time to discuss facts about Syrian mail order brides that any man should know before starting dating a woman from such country!


Beautiful Syrian women are incredibly loyal. According to the statistics, the divorce rates are incredibly small when it comes about a Syrian girl marrying a foreign man. Dating or marrying Syrian singles, you would never find her cheating or embarrassing yourself. Loyalty is a concept that defines the family. It is the foundation of any relationships because, without loyalty and commitment, there would be no relationships.


Similarly, it is paramount to state that Syrian brides for marriage are sincere. When it comes to communication between a husband and a wife, honest discussion will always lead to fruitful results. Even if the truth will be hurtful, Syrian mail order bride would choose to tell the truth than lying.

Energetic and passionate

Another fact about beautiful Syrian women that you need to know is the fact that they are passionate about anything that they start doing. If you want to find a person who will devote all her energy and time into what that person loves and enjoys, then you need to learn more about Syrian girls.

What do gorgeous Syrian girls look like?

Syrian singles are indeed incredibly beautiful. They have brown dark eyes that can mesmerize any person. Their faces are round and incredibly symmetrical. Most of the time, Syrian women have dark or brown hair. Moreover, girls from Syria decorate their hands with Mehendi – a special ornament made with henna.

Why are Syrian women looking for foreign men?

Like any other women, Syrian females want to have stable and peaceful lives with their children and husbands. However, never-ending conflicts and general unstable situations in the country prevent them from obtaining the desired comfort and calmness. Moreover, women's position in the state is often underestimated due to the patriarchal system of society. Men take them for granted, and families demand to meet the potential partner to approve or forbid the marriage. Therefore, women want to be with Western men. They can show ladies what true love is, surround them with care and development opportunities, and make them feel valued.

What kind of men Syrian mail order brides are looking for?

Some of you may already realize that Syrian mail order brides are usually want to meet a guy who would not escape in the face of responsibilities and commitments. In fact, everything depends on the online dating website that you choose. Indeed, the majority of Syrian singles want to find a man who would marry them. However, there are also thousands of beautiful Syrian women who want serious relationships but are not ready to build a family.

Syrian girl

Therefore, single guys who are responsible, loyal, honest, caring, loving, passionate, and interesting are usually looking forward to date Syrian girls. Still, most of these men are up for long-term and serious romances that can lead to starting a new family.

How to meet a Syrian wife who will turn your life into a fairytale?

Well, everything depends on you. We can offer you the following methods of finding and dating a Syrian woman, and it would be up to you to choose the most appropriate way for you. First of all, there is the most obvious approach – you can go to Syria and find yourself a wife. But, you probably know about the unstable social and economic situation in that country, which is why it is not quite reasonable to fly there.

The next option is to look for Syrian girls that migrated to your country. If you want to date a woman from Syria, there is no need for her to live there. While such a method can be quite appealing, it is too time-consuming and is not efficient enough as the next approach.

Lastly, the easier way to meet a Syrian wife is to use online dating. We live in an era of international communication and global technologies that allow us to do whatever we want. There are dozens of reputable and trustworthy online dating platforms with thousands of hot and beautiful Syrian women. The only thing you have to do is to choose one website and start looking for your soulmate! Online dating is simple, affordable, and effective.

What’s even more important when it comes to online Syrian dating is that all these single Syrian ladies are searching for Western men — they have no prejudices, they love American men, and they even speak English so you will have no problems with the language barrier. The main rules for Syrian women dating are simple: be strong and confident because these women are strong and confident and that's what they want to see in a man; be a good listener — it's probably one of the most important abilities when it comes to Syrian women dating; treat them with respect. Follow these rules, choose decent dating platforms, and you’ll get what you want!

How much does it cost to marry a Syrian woman?

As it has been just mentioned, your needs and goals define the results of your search. For those of you who want to communicate and date Syrian women for marriage, you can refrain from real-life meetings. It would cost you about $300 per year. Note that such a price can be different depending on the website you choose.

However, if you are willing to meet your potential wife in real life, then you have considered paying for plane tickets, visas, hotels, restaurants, and other things needed to have a perfect real-life date. But it probably will be worth every single dollar spent!


So, as you can see finding and dating Syrian brides is incredibly advantageous and beneficial. You can find your perfect mail order bride by using online dating – it is fast, simple, cost-efficient, and incredibly popular. Thousands of Syrian singles are signed up on various online dating platforms, which makes the very process of finding your soulmate easier and faster.

Beautiful Syrian women will charm you with their loyalty, energy, beauty, and elegance. If you are seeking serious relationships with commitment, you would not find a better lady to date and marry than a Syrian woman!


How To Marry A Syrian Girl?

Just find her and marry, that’s all. We highly recommend you to use a mail order bride website to find a Syrian girl — thousands of them are looking for a foreign man. Respect her and her family, don’t rush into sex, and do "chivalrous" gestures to marry her.

What Is A Bride Price In Syria?

You probably won’t go to Syria and most likely won’t have to spend money on dating her in her country. That's why you'll probably only have to pay for the dating website ($20-$50 per month) and for the marriage itself (the average wedding cost in the US is $15,000-$35,000).

What Is The Success Rate Of Finding A Syrian Bride?

The first thing for you to know is: mail order bride platforms don’t collect the detailed statistics on successful relationships that have begun on these sites. What we definitely know is that only 20% of the marriages between American men and Syrian women don’t last for more than 3 years.

Why Syrian Make The Best Wives?

They are often called the most beautiful Arab women, but it’s not why they make the best wives. It’s about their religiousness and traditions — they are proud to be submissive housewives. They take care of family and home, and they can do everything to make their men feel happy.

What is the Average Age Of Marriage In Syria?

The average age of marriage in Syria is 27.4, but women usually get married at 25 years old. Unfortunately, child marriage is a growing problem both in Syria and in Syrian refugee communities. But that's not the case when it comes to Syrian girls who live in the United States.

Are Syrian Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, but only if your bride has already legally entered the United States. If she has already gotten a US visa or a green card, you will have no problems with marrying her. All the other Syrian citizens are banned from obtaining a US visa and traveling to the US.

What Are The Requirements For My Syrian Wife To Receive A US Green Card?

Syria is impacted by the Travel Ban. All immigrant and nonimmigrant visas are suspended for Syrian women. If your bride was outside the US on the effective date of the proclamation (September 24, 2017), she will neither be able to enter the US nor get a green card.

Do Syrian Women Like American Men?

They don’t go crazy over Americans — the relations between Syria and the US are on the lowest possible level, and, of course, this whole situation isn't conducive to romantic development. But they love men who treat them with respect. So if you are a real gentleman, your chances are high.

Why Are Syrian Women So Beautiful?

Syrian girls are probably the most beautiful women in the Arab world — they have clear light skin, wide brown or colored eyes, full lips, very dark hair, and beautiful faces. They are also very sensual. They have deep emotions and passion, and that's why they are really gorgeous.

What Are The Rules For Dating A Syrian Girl?

They are very traditional, so forget about the public display of affection and sex on the first dates. Treat your Syrian girlfriend with respect and forget about sarcastic jokes — she will most likely get offended by them. Buy her a cool gift — they just love it.

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