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Indonesian brides and singles

Best rated profiles from popular mail order bride and international dating websites in July 2024

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Indonesian Mail Order Brides – What is so Perfect about them?

After dating Indonesian women, you'll never go back to local dating. These ladies like a delicacy, which makes other Asian women fade in comparison. If you wondered how to find Indonesian brides, you are in the right place. 

We are going to share all the truth about real Indonesian ladies, the peculiarities of a serious relationship with them, and why they are so perfect for Western men.

indonesian mail order bride at home

Why choose Indonesian brides?

Getting Indonesian wives became really popular among foreign men. Only in 2019, 285 beautiful Indonesian women came to the US to get married. But sexy Indonesian beauties are also popular in other western countries. But what makes them so desirable?

  • Charming beauty. The natural appearance, perfect facial features, and sexy body of Indonesian girls are what make foreigners go crazy about these ladies.
  • Family is a top priority. Marrying an Indonesian mail order bride you can be sure that you'll always be supported and understood.
  • Easy-going character. A light attitude to life and bubbly character make Indonesian beauties easy to be around and talk to.

And the least can go on and on, as modern Indonesian women have so much to offer to their future partners. If you wonder if Indonesian brides online are into foreigners and want to learn more about their cultural peculiarities, keep on reading!

How do hot Indonesian women feel about foreign men?

As dating Indonesian women are popular, it's a clear sign that Indonesian girls are also attracted to foreign men. When you visit site with Indonesian brides, you'll be amazed at how many gorgeous ladies use online dating services to find a husband from abroad. But why do so many girls choose foreign guys and not Indonesian men? Let's see how Indonesian beauties feel about Western men.

  • Westerns are believed to treat their wives better.
  • The majority of women are attracted to Westerns, who usually pay more attention to their appearance.
  • Indonesian women think that foreign guys can show their love better.
  • Most girls from Indonesia adore the Western lifestyle.
  • Western husbands are believed to provide for their families better than Indonesian guys.

But, of course, that's just generalizations that are common among Indonesian women for marriage. Not all women from the country are open to international relationships or moving abroad, and prefer to date and build a family locally.

meeting indonesian bride

How to meet an Indonesian wife who will become a soulmate?

With modern technologies and the Internet, your options are limitless if you are interested in finding a wife in this country. Generally, all options can be divided into 2 big options: you can either visit Indonesia or join a dating website with Indonesian girls.

Offline dating

Visiting the country for Indonesian dating is usually the first thing that pops into mind. But traveling to the country to meet mail order brides is not that easy. There are a few downsides to it:

  1. You need to put off work for at least two weeks
  2. It tends to be more expensive
  3. You strongly rely on luck

But it is still possible to meet Indonesian mail order wives IRL and it can be an adventure that you never forget. Exploring culture, traditions, and the country in real life and a unique experience.

Online dating

Dating sites are the most popular way to find mail order brides from Indonesia. It's fast, easy and you don't even need to go out of the comfort of your home. You can go for:

International dating websites

Such dating websites offer to connect to mail order brides from all over the world. So, visit site of your choice if you want to choose not only from Indonesian mail order wives but also brides from Colombia or Russian brides.

Specialized mail order brides dating sites

It can be Asian dating sites like Eastern Honeys that specialize in brides from the whole Asian region, or you can visit site and become a member of a more country-specific specialization. Also, such Indonesian mail order sites are also known as mono-national.

Finding the best site that serves your interest may seem a bit challenging. Using expert reviews and our research, we have listed the best websites from our point of view where you can get Indonesian brides online.

indonesian girl for marriage on beach

How much is an Indonesian woman for marriage?

The cost of the Indonesian mail order wife will highly depend on what dating platform you decide to join and what services you are going to use. Also, if you choose to meet local singles in real life, your expenses will differ. Let's see the estimates for both main dating ways.

Dating website expenses

The current cost of credits can run from $2.99 for 20 credits to $149.99 for 750 credits. The average cost of services on credit-based dating sites are:

  • Chat—2 credits per minute of live chat with a hot Indonesian woman
  • Chat stickers—5 credits
  • Chat photos—10 credits to send a photo
  • Sending letters—10 credits for the first letter and 30 for all next
  • Mail photos—free in letters
  • Watching videos—opening video attachments 50 credits
  • Indonesian women profile videos—25 credits
  • Make a request for a meeting—625 credits
  • Make a request for personal contact details—free of charge after 3000 credits

Note there is no pressure to use particular services and you can usually pick a service that you like and stick with it. But variety makes communication with your hot Indonesian girlfriend more exciting.

Travel costs

Here is the estimate of what you can expect to spend on traveling to Indonesia:

  • Roundtrip tickets (New York, USA-Daegu, South Korea)—around $1,139
  • Accommodation—around $54 per day
  • Food—around $13 per day
  • Transportation—around $6.52 per day
  • Entertainment—around $8.52 per day

So, on average you need around $2,287 for a two-week trip. Also, it should be mentioned that even if you choose online dating, you won't just visit site and communicate, sooner or later you'll want to come and meet your woman IRL.

What are Indonesian girls like?

Learning about national character and how Indonesian girls differ from other Asian girls and Western women will help you be ready for getting an Indonesian mail-order wife. Let's explore some core traits of these beauties.

Indonesian brides are widely known not only for their natural beauty but also for their calm nature. These beauties are very laid-back and not demanding. They are not a nagging type and prefer not to take life too seriously, which makes them positive and charming. However, you'll never get bored with an Indonesian beauty, as even if she can be calm, she is also quite passionate and sexy, like Brazil brides.

indonesian women dating

Also, mail order brides from Indonesia are kind and respectful. They have a fantastic sense of good and bad. Indonesian mail order wives have traditional values and love to have stability in life. Most ladies are family-oriented, as traditional culture is based around family units and girls from early childhood are taught to be perfect wives.

Things you should know before dating single Indonesian women

When you find Indonesian brides it's very important to know how to behave to impress the girl you like and not appear rude. In international relationships, miscommunications happen a lot, especially if there is a language barrier. Some girls might know the basic English language, but it might just not be enough to avoid misunderstandings.

This is why it's extremely important to explore the culture, as some of it might be quite confusing to a typical Western man. 

For example, the Indonesian ‘Three No’ rule. To be polite people refuse to take something at least two times, which makes your girls 'no', not actually a no. Let's see what else you should know before going for an Indonesian woman.

Try not to impress Indonesian beauties with money

For sure, Indonesian brides want to find an ambitious, established husband who brings a sense of stability. And the majority of Indonesian singles love receiving presents and flowers. But everything is good in moderation.

You can't approach such an international relationship as buying a bride. Thinking that you can just visit a site, meet Indonesian women, shower them with money and get the girl is a huge misconception. Trying to impress with money and wealth can be a turn-off for many, as more Indonesian brides value soul connection, attitude, and real feelings.

Be careful around the family of your Indonesian girlfriend

Traditional beliefs make family the most treasurable thing for Indonesian girls, which is rare in the modern world. The majority of women won't go against their parent's opinion and if they don't approve of their potential foreign husband, the relationship is likely won't work. This is why meeting your girl's family you need to be on your best behavior and show your serious intentions.

Do not be hasty with Indonesian mail order bride

Beautiful girls from Indonesia care a lot about their reputation as it can be ruined even over a PDA. Muslim tradition is strict with pre-marriage relationships and is very family-oriented. If your Asian woman comes from a rural area you need to understand what is acceptable for her not to be hasty.

But not all ladies are Muslim and you can meet Indonesian brides who are Christians and share norms of the western world. Also, there are Indonesian girls, who don't practice religion. However, being pushy is not a good strategy in any case.

Western feminism vs. traditional values of Indonesian brides

Indonesian culture is quite traditional as it is a predominantly Muslim country, and it influences how women are behaving and see a perfect dynamic in a relationship and own family. Many Western girls strive for independence, especially in the division of family roles. But most Indonesian girls don't mind caring about home. Oh, and their home-cooked meals are worth all the Michelin stars.

But also these Asian women have an interesting balance of traditional beliefs and modern views. In some ways, they are similar to western women. Modern Indonesian brides want to contribute to the family budget and most of them are employed. Dating Indonesian ladies, you'll see how driven they are and ambitious. However, they can perfectly combine family and work which makes them so popular in first-world countries.

Mail order brides from Indonesia see marriage as a sacred union and religious weddings are a must. As divorces are shamed by society, women take creating a family very seriously. But the importance of marriage fades for Western brides, who tend to see it only as a phase of their life, and divorce is far more common.

What kind of men do Indonesian ladies want?

There is no specific list of traits that can be applied to all Indonesian girlfriends who are looking for foreign men. However, if you visit site with mail order brides from Indonesia, you'll see a lot of similar patterns. We gathered the main ones for you:

  • Indonesian singles are looking for a loving and caring man.
  • They want to feel secure and protected.
  • Indonesian girls are usually attracted to guys who care about their style and grooming.
  • Local women are into ambitious guys.
  • Indonesian women for marriage love the western lifestyle, which makes guys from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany very popular among them.

And there are many other qualities that these dark hair beauties adore in foreign men, which makes them take their love life into their own hands and register on dating sites or apps.


Gorgeous Indonesian ladies are kind, lady-like, intelligent, and are into Western men. Their traditional upbringing keeps them grounded, but they also know how to combine work with creating a cozy atmosphere at home and make a delicious meal to share with her husband in the evening.


Are Indonesian brides legal?

Yes, Indonesian brides are 100% legal. You can date and marry a woman both in the US and in her hometown.

How to marry an Indonesian bride?

To marry local women in the US, you'll need to obtain a K1 visa. Or you can marry in Indonesia and then apply for a K-3 visa. But note that you must be of the same religion to get married.

What is the bride price in Indonesia?

Everything depends on the way of dating you choose, but on average the cost of a mail order bride runs from $2,300 to $4,000.

What is the success rate of finding an Indonesian bride?

Tracking the success rate for Indonesian dating and marriage is not easy as you can visit site to see the exact number. But generally, 80% of such relationships last.

Why does Indonesia make the best wives?

Ladies from this country are the most popular in Southeast Asia for their incredible natural beauty, laid-back character, passion, and charming personality, which is very alluring.

Why are Indonesian ladies so beautiful?

Genes and a healthy lifestyle are to blame for the incredible natural beauty of females in this country. They have won the gene lottery, but also never take it for granted.

What are the rules for dating an Indonesian woman?

Becoming intimate on the first date is out of cards for Indonesian ladies, as they tend to be quite traditional and don't want to appear as easy-to-get. Also, these girls like traditional chivalry.

What is the average age of marriage in Indonesia?

Indonesian people tend to get married quite early, the average age is 19.7 for urban and 18.9 for rural areas, which is among the lowest among Asian countries.

What are the requirements for my Indonesian wife to receive a US green card?

Your relationship must be real, your partner shouldn't have any bad legal history or criminal background and she must pass a medical examination to apply for a Marriage Green Card.

Do Indonesian women like American men?

Yes! Many local ladies are into guys from the US, as they are usually seen as more stable, ambitious, and established.

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