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Indonesian brides and singles

Best rated profiles from popular mail order bride and international dating websites in January 2022

indonesian woman
indonesian bride
indonesian girl
indonesian woman
Allunare, 24
Indonesia, Jakarta
About me:

I try to live my life as if every day would be my last day. I tend to live to the fullest and enjoy every single moment of my life. I am creative and entertaining.

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Indonesian Mail Order Brides – What Is So Perfect About Them?

If you find Indonesian brides to be undeniably attractive but want to know more about them before making the most important choice in your life, here are 5 essential facts about them:

  • Indonesian brides are indifferent towards luxury and excessive buying.
  • They are more educated than people give them credit for.
  • They are incredibly accepting and will never make you feel insecure.
  • An Indonesian woman does not want to date casually and is only looking for a serious relationship.
  • They will love and respect your side of the family as if they grew up with these people.

Millions and thousands of mail order brides from Indonesia are dreaming of finding a handsome and gentle man from abroad. So why don’t you take a look at Indonesian women and learn for yourself that they are excellent for you!

Indonesian bride

Why choose Indonesian brides?

Single men want to find something special in their ladies, there is no doubt about that. Some look for beauty and charm, while others want to find intellect and friendliness, and the third may pursue loyalty and support. Many of you may ask yourself why you should choose Indonesian mail order brides instead of women from other countries. And in this section, we will explain what makes these magnificent girls so popular and appealing:

  1. They know what it is like to live is a family. If you want to find a woman who will be a perfect wife and mother, then you should not look anywhere else than in Indonesia. Most of the time, Indonesian girls have quite large families with many siblings. Thus, women of that country know how to take care of children and support the family. Moreover, Indonesian women respect and value traditions of family order.
  2. They are easy-going and fun to communicate with. Relationships between a man and a woman require constant communication. Without such an element, any relationship would be doomed to end. You will find that Indonesian girls are very communicative and friendly. They can chat with you on various topics so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Being quite intelligent, Indonesian brides will be excellent interlocutors.
  3. They are charmingly attractive. It is worth mentioning that dating an Indonesian woman is like dating a Goddess – men around you would be highly jealous of you. Indeed, Indonesian mail order brides are known to be incredibly beautiful. Their figures are tender and slim. They know how beautiful they look when they smile, which is why you will see your date smiling very often!

How do Indonesian women feel about men?

Even though Indonesian girls rarely date around while waiting for their ideal man, their attitude to men is clear even before they get any dating experience at all. Young Indonesian women are prepared to make sacrifices for the man they love and even move to a completely different country to live with him, but if you expect your Indonesian bride to be quiet and submissive, she will quickly remind you that she has dignity, self-respect, and her own desires.

The national character or what are Indonesian girls like?

It is also a good idea to understand how girls from certain countries differ from Western ladies. Let’s discuss the national character of Indonesian mail order brides. First of all, as it has been stated above, Indonesian women are incredibly fun and easy-going. They would support your decisions to spend a day in a park, on a beach, or simply walking down the streets and eating street food. They are up to everything that brings joy and entertainment.

Nevertheless, such easy-going and relaxed attitude is combined with the sense of responsibilities and duty as a mother and wife. You will never see your Indonesian bride wasting her time on anything leisure-related when she needs to make supper or clean the house. Undoubtedly, Indonesian women love to have fun times but only when everything else is done.

Another aspect that perfectly characterizes stunning Indonesian women is their romantic nature. Indonesian women for marriage love getting presents and anything related to romantic gestures. Flowers, chocolate, horse-riding – you name it.

Western feminism vs. traditional family values of Indonesian women

Even though one can agree that Indonesia is not a part of the Western world, women there are not entirely different from girls from the United States, Canada, or Europe. Definitely, there are some differences that we are going to discuss in this section. Well, first of all, Indonesian mail order brides are happy to find a man who would be the sole breadwinner in the family. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be a housewife, which is why so many American guys who want to have a wife who stays at home and takes care of it are looking in Indonesia.

Secondly, Indonesian girls have a traditional family upbringing in which a woman is responsible for the house and comfort while the man is the one who makes money. But still, you should not think of Indonesian women as ladies who will obey any order made by their husbands. Instead, they are incredibly confident and require respectful attitude toward them.

Things you should know before dating an Indonesian woman

Now, before you rush to Indonesia or start looking for a bride online, it is high time for you to discover some facts about these ladies that will be useful for you. Carefully read this information because it will contain useful tips that will definitely help you have a wonderful date with an Indonesian girl.

Indonesian woman

Try not to impress your date with money

Indonesian mail order brides want to find a man who will be able to provide for the family, there is no point in denying that. However, financial prosperity is not everything for these ladies. Moreover, if your approach to win over a woman is through showing her how wealthy you are, you will find such a method highly ineffective. Indonesian women for marriage respect honorable, kind, respectful, and caring men who know how to treat a woman with passion and respect

Be incredibly careful around your date’s family.

Family plays a paramount role in Indonesian girls’ lives. They can tell her not to date you, and you will never see your date again. Therefore, you should be honorable toward your date’s family and try to do everything possible so that they like you. Also, showing that you care about her family will help your date build a good first impression about you.

Do not be hasty

There is nothing wrong in wanting to show affection and become closer with your date. However, it might not be quite smart to do so, especially on first dates. Indonesian girls are quite strict when it comes to the beginning of one’s relationships. They would never sleep with a man on the first date. If you are looking for serious relationships with an Indonesian woman, you have to be ready to take things slowly.

What kind of men Indonesian mail order brides are looking for?

In the review above, some of you may see some traits that Indonesian women want their husbands to have. Indeed, a perfect man for a lady from Indonesia would be a nice and handsome guy, who knows how to be around a woman. He should be responsible, caring, fun, intelligent, strong, and honest. Basically, if you are a good and virtuous man, you will be perfect for an Indonesian mail order bride.

How to meet an Indonesian wife who will turn your life into a fairytale?

There are several methods that can help you find your Indonesian soulmate. The first option is to fly to Indonesia and start looking there. While at first, such an approach may be quite tempting, it is important for you to know that you may find many girls who would want only money from you. Indeed, they would be friendly and smiling, but it does not mean that they would not steal your wallet.

Indonesian girl

The next option is to look for a local Indonesian bride in your country. There are many women who left Indonesia and migrated to the United States. Such an option is not quite effective because you would spend too much time wandering around and seeking your Indonesian girl.

The last option is the best choice. You can use online dating websites that can provide you with an exceptional choice of Indonesian mail order brides. Thousands of hot and passionate brides will await you. The benefit of online dating is obvious – you can spend a small sum of money and actually get to know a person on the other side of the screen.

How much does it cost to marry an Indonesian woman?

Most of the time, marrying an Indonesian girl requires substantial expenditures. One can agree that flying to her home town or encouraging her to fly to your place would be quite expensive. However, what one would do for love? Still, it would be incredibly expensive to fly to Indonesia whenever you want to have a date with your future bride. In that case, online dating comes extremely handy.

Usually, online dating platforms with Indonesian mail order brides are not too expensive. You may find sites that offer you free services and communication! But most reputable and popular places with brides from Indonesia cost between $150-300 per year. You will be provided with everything needed to have a proper date – instant chats, video communication, gift delivery, and even the organization of a real-life meeting. Thus, you may understand that everything depends on your needs, demands, and financial capabilities.

Indonesian girl


Well, for those men who want to have a comfortable and enjoyable family life, there are no better partners than Indonesian brides. These ladies are truly perfect for a man with serious intentions. Indonesian women are ready to spend the rest of their lives living with you in peace and harmony. There are dozens of dating websites that can help you achieve what you want! Do not hesitate and start seeking your perfect Indonesian wife today!


How To Marry An Indonesian Girl?

First, you’ll have to find a girl you will marry — choose a dating website and chat with the ladies to find her. After that, you’ll have to meet her, and then, you can marry an Indonesian woman. You can even hold your marriage in Indonesia, it’s totally legal.

What Is A Bride Price In Indonesia?

There’s no such thing as “bride price” because there’s no such thing as “purchasing a wife”. However, you’ll still have to spend some money — be prepared to spend about $9,000-$12,000 ($400 for one ticket, $300-$500 for a week in Indonesia, and the marriage costs up to $8,000-$10,000).

What Is The Success Rate Of Finding An Indonesian Bride?

According to the administration of the mail order bride websites, they don't track the marital status of their users because of the members' privacy. But we can safely say that 80% of the relationships of the couples that have met on international dating sites last at least 3 years.

Why Indonesian Make The Best Wives?

Women from Indonesia are extremely pretty — you’ve probably heard of Asian beauty. And the beauty of these girls is the Asian beauty at its best. They are also conservative, family-oriented, and marriage-minded. And they respect traditional gender roles.

What is the Average Age Of Marriage In Indonesia?

On average, women get married in their early 20s in Indonesia (22.3 years old). There is still such thing as child marriage in this country (especially in the rural areas), but the legal age to get married is 18 for women.

Are Indonesian Mail Order Brides Legal?

You can legally date Indonesian women and marry them without any legal problems. It’s totally legal to marry a girl in Indonesia and to take her to the United States — she’ll be able to get a green card and to become a citizen of the US later.

What Are The Requirements For My Indonesian Wife To Receive A US Green Card?

Your marriage must be real, and your wife must not have any legal problems in her country. She'll also have to complete a medical examination. She must not have any serious health problems and any prior immigration violations to get a green card.

Do Indonesian Women Like American Men?

Yes. There are literally tens of thousands of Indonesian women who go crazy over American men. They often believe that foreigners, especially Westerners, are more romantic and empathetic than Indonesian men.

Why Are Indonesian Women So Beautiful?

Indonesian women have exotic golden brown skin, very beautiful faces, and really hot bodies. They are also well-educated, religious, and well-mannered, which makes them even more attractive. And, of course, Indonesian girls are also very stylish and know how to dress well.

What Are The Rules For Dating A Indonesian Girl?

Don't expect much on the first date. They are quite conservative and aren’t used to getting intimate too fast. Show respect to her family — Indonesian girls are usually very close to their parents. Buy her a gift and a bouquet — they do really love it.

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