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Cost Of Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

A Ukrainian mail order bride is a dream come true for many Western men, but is this dream actually affordable considering current circumstances? Because of the Russian war on Ukraine, pretty much all the prices have drastically changed. Moreover, dating Ukrainian women became more challenging and, in some regions, even impossible. So let’s talk about Ukrainian bride cost and whether online dating sites and dating Ukrainian beauties are affordable for Western men. 

ukrainian mail order bride cost

How much is a Ukrainian bride?

Many people think that online dating is way more expensive than meeting someone in real life. However, is it actually true? Well, yes and no simply because a lot of things depend on your lifestyle and dating preferences. This is why we cannot tell you the exact amount of money you're going to spend on Ukrainian brides. At the same time, we can provide you with the estimated Ukrainian brides price. So let's take a look at those.

Communication charges

First things first, in order to meet Ukrainian women, you will have to use mail order bride websites and these services are not free. Of course, the prices vary from one platform to another, but, on average, you will spend about $300 per each month you use these services. Note that, regarding the current situation in Ukraine, online dating is perhaps the only opportunity to meet Ukrainian women.

Travel costs

In case you would like to meet a Ukrainian girl in real life, you'll have to travel to Ukraine. Thus, the cheapest flight tickets from New York to Kyiv will cost you $585. Depending on the hotel or room you choose, one night will be $50-$500. Transportation and food for a week is going to be about $300, but if you prefer fancy restaurants and luxury cars, the price can be way higher.

Real-life date: the expenses

In order to make a Ukrainian woman like you, you have to woo her, and sometimes it can be pretty expensive. The exact amount of money you'll spend on wooing a Ukrainian bride online and offline depends on your dating style, your girlfriend's demands, as well as the duration of wooing. In general, romantic dates, presents, and flowers cost at least $500.

Bureaucratic expenses

To bring your beloved to the United States, you'll have to pay $265 for her visa as well as cover all the further documentation expenses that can be over $10,000. At the same time, it's actually not that much for a gorgeous Ukrainian wife, so don't be greedy.

Dating Ukraine women infographics

expenses of ukrainian women dating
Service Cost
Transportation At least $100 for a week
Flight tickets Start from $585
Hotel $50-$500 per night
Food At least $200 for a week
Entertainment About $500
Total: $1,735-$4,885 for a week in Kyiv

Ukrainian mail order marriage statistics

So are Ukrainian girls worth your attention and is a marriage with a mail order bride going to be a good decision for you? Well, let's take a brief look at the statistics because it says way more than simply talking about Ukrainian ladies.

  • The average first marriage age in Ukraine is 26
  • At least 860 Ukrainian girls married Americans in 2019
  • 80% of marriages with Ukrainian wives are successful
  • The average age of a Ukrainian mail order wife is 25
  • Ukraine mail order wives are among the most popular ladies on most dating platforms
  • Ukrainian girlfriends for sale are affordable

As you can see, the statistics prove that these ladies are worth your attention, so why don't you meet Ukrainian brides now?

Ukrainian mail order wives costs

Certainly, Ukrainian mail order brides cost is slightly different in different countries, and the main reason for that is geography and some documentation prices. Note that due to the war in Ukraine certain options like flights and arranging documentation are not available now. So let's see how much does it cost to get a Ukrainian wife in different countries.

ukrainian mail order wife prices

For the USA

A one-way flight ticket from Ukraine to the U.S. cost you about $330-$600 depending on the season, airline, and class. The K-1 visa was about $265, but note that you would most likely have to spend some money on a lawyer, which can cost you up to $3,000.  Finally, weddings in the United States can cost about $30,000.

For Canada

A one-way ticket to Canada cost around $300-$600. Plus, grooms had to pay $850 for the sponsorship program for their spouse. Moving, documentation, and wedding will cost you about $22,000-$30,000.

For the UK

Prices for flight tickets from Kyiv to London started at $15, but the visa and documentation for your partner can cost up to $3,000. In case you want to celebrate your wedding in the UK, you'll have to spend at least $32,000.

For Australia

A one-way ticket from Kyiv to Sydney cost about $620-$1400. Plus, the visa for your beloved was about $7,715, which is insanely expensive. At the same time, the average wedding price in Australia is $36,000. So as you can see, Ukrainian mail order bride cost in Australia is the highest.

Pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian woman

Finally, let's take a quick look at the cons and pros of dating a Ukraine woman.


  • It's affordable for most people
  • Ukrainian ladies are gorgeous
  • These women know how to make their man happy
  • They genuinely appreciate everything you do for them
  • These ladies are ready to move to another county just to be with the person they love
  • Online dating allows to find the most compatible partner for you
  • Legitimate Ukrainian dating sites show great results in meeting Ukrainian wives online and for now it is perhaps the only opportunity to date these women


  • Due to the war in Ukraine, many Ukrainian ladies have no access or desire to use dating services 
  • In some countries getting a mail order wife is extremely expensive
  • You are not 100% protected from Ukraine dating scammers
  • Some mail order marriages end pretty soon
  • Meeting a partner through a dating site is not as romantic as in real life

Fibnal thoughts

As you can see, bride prices in Ukraine are rather affordable for most Western men. Therefore, we hope that the war will end soon, beautiful Ukrainian singles will start using dating services again, and you will be able to find your true love among these strong and bright women.

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