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Uzbekistani brides

Discover Uzbekistani mail order brides

Uzbekistani Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know

It's usually East Asian and Southeast Asian countries that remain a focus of attention for foreign men. However, it doesn’t mean that other countries of this region are not worth your attention. There is another large region with more than 74,000,000 people — it's called Central Asia, and it (quite undeservedly) receives less attention than such countries as China, Japan, or Thailand. Here, we will talk about women who live in the biggest Central Asian country, Uzbekistan. This country is often called the gem of Central Asia when it comes to mail order brides, because it's not as popular as, say, Kazakhstan in this regard.

It's a Muslim country (more than 85% of the population is Muslim), but it's not like other Muslim countries: it is not as conservative and not as traditional as you might have thought. When we are talking about the biggest cities, like Tashkent and Samarkand, it's a modern country with a modern approach to dating — a lot of girls live in these cities, know English, and see nothing wrong in dating foreign men.

So, are Uzbekistani wives really that good for marriage? How to date them? And where can you find an Uzbekistan mail order bride? Continue reading — in this expert guide, you’ll find the answers.

uzbekistan woman in red dress

6 facts why you just can't ignore beautiful Uzbekistani brides

Central Asian women are different. They are somewhat alike to East and Southeast Asian girls, they have something in common with Russian ladies, and if you take a look at Persian women, you'll notice something common, too. Uzbek population is actually very diverse because of the history of this region — it was influenced by Asian (Mongol) invasions, Iranian tribes, Russian colonization, etc. This is why these people are unique and, even if they are similar to some other ethnic groups, they are actually very different from all the other Asian and even Central Asian people.

The same goes for Uzbek women — as we've said, they have something in common with Iranian, Asian, and Russian girls, but they are still very different. Here, we'll tell you the most important facts you must know about them.

  1. They are social and very hospitable, and most of them are fond of foreigners. If you want to find friendly and socially confident women, you probably think that Muslim countries are not the best place to find such ladies. But Uzbekistan is not a typical Muslim country and Uzbek brides are not typical Muslim brides: they are not reserved and shy, and they are definitely not too submissive. They can make friends, they are easy-going, sociable, and communicative — and what's even more important, they really love foreigners! It's a part of their culture — so you will never have problems with approaching girls in this country.
  2. They are beautiful. They look a little like Turkish women but with some differences — once you see a beautiful Uzbek mail order bride, you will understand why we say that they are very beautiful. Big dark eyes, healthy black hair, hot bodies, great sense of style — these women stand out from the crowd.
  3. Central Asian guys see Western girls "only for fun", but Central Asian women are different. It's very hard to have a serious relationship in Uzbekistan if you are a Western woman because most men in this country only see foreign women as a short-term fling. However, when you are a man, it's much easier to have something more serious than a casual relationship. There are many Uzbek girls for marriage who are fond of American, Asian, and European men!
  4. They are marriage-minded and family-oriented. That's how the family works in all the Muslim countries, and Uzbekistan is not an exception — in this country, girls are raised with knowledge that they must be perfect wives and mothers and that their husbands must protect them. These women are usually not the best choice for those who are searching for casual dating (however, it's still possible to find a hookup in the biggest cities of Uzbekistan).
  5. They are confident, and they have great communication skills. It might be a little surprising, but that's a fact — Uzbek women for marriage are extremely confident, and they are also very social! They love to talk, they are very interesting, and they can make even small talk way more interesting. It's great because with Uzbek brides, you can forget about awkward silence on the first date!
  6. They are not as conservative as you might think. Yes, they live in a Muslim country, and they are raised in traditional Muslim families, but they are not as conservative as, say, women from some Arab countries. Small villages still live as they have lived for thousands of years (arranged marriages, etc), but it's nowadays possible to meet girls in the clubs or on the streets in the biggest cities of Uzbekistan.
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How do Uzbekistan women treat their careers?

Above all, girls are raised following established behavioral norms and taught to become mothers and wives. Careers are in second place according to societal views. However, local women oppose imposed views and aim to follow their interests and career paths. They professionally manage their time, equally dividing it between work and family, achieving excellent results in both spheres. Local women aim to break the stereotypes accepted in the patriarchal country and prove that females also make great leaders and chiefs. Their communicative skills, flexibility, and reliability help in building the reputations of trustworthy business partners in the eyes of men.

Do Uzbekistan brides make good partners?

Although living in a Muslim country, Uzbekistan women aren’t as conservative as it might be believed. A modern local lady is not only a loving mother and wife. She’s also an active participant in public life and a representative of the authorities. The qualities that distinguish her from others are:

  • Non-judgemental – she won’t make others feel bad if they did something wrong;
  • Inspiring – she knows how to encourage others;
  • Independent, but knows when to ask for help;
  • Laid-back yet ambitious, ready for new undertakings;
  • Family-inclined, but values opportunities for self-development.

Therefore, they make great girlfriends and later wives.

Dating a girl from Uzbekistan: some useful tips

If you are not from Uzbekistan, you probably have lots of questions about dating Uzbek brides. After all, they are different from Western girls and from Asian women — so of course, the dating culture in Uzbekistan differs from the dating culture you get used to in your country. Here, we’ll tell you 4 tips that will help you to have a perfect first date with any Uzbek girl for marriage.

  • A gift will help on the first date. Some women love it when their partners bring the gifts on the first date, the others don't like it. However, when it comes to Uzbek girls for marriage, it's very simple: bringing a gift is never a bad thing here. It's not about buying something too expensive, like a new iPhone or a 99 long-stemmed red roses bouquet. It's about buying something that can impress your date and show your feelings — a small bouquet will work great. Or, for instance, her favorite perfume. It's up to you to choose, but it's not about the amount of money.
  • Don’t rush and don’t expect to get laid. These women are not like some Western girls: they are not focused on hookups (they are looking for something serious even when they use Tinder!). This is why you will never have sex on the first date with an Uzbek woman for marriage: they are only looking for serious men with serious intentions.
  • Do your best to look great. It’s necessary if you want to find an Uzbekistani wife — because these women think that a man must always look great on the date (don’t worry, looking great is not the same as buying the most expensive clothes).
  • Pay for the date and for her taxi. Leave "going Dutch" to the Dutch — in Uzbekistan, women always expect their partners to pay for the date and for the taxi. It has nothing to do with gold-digging, it's more about the traditional gender roles in this country. You are the man, so it's you who pay — it's very simple.
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How and where to meet an Uzbek girl for marriage?

Dating scene in Uzbekistan differs from the dating scene in Western and even in some Asian countries. Thus, in small villages and towns, there is still such a thing as "arranged marriage" (it's when the bride and groom are chosen by their parents, not by the couple themselves). However, in the biggest cities, such as Tashkent and Samarkand, dating is a little more similar to what you can see in any Western country. But still, the culture of casual dating is still not very common in Uzbekistan and most of these women don't have that casual Western attitude towards dating. It means that approaching women on the streets may not work as you expect in this country — but online dating is a thing in Uzbekistan.

You can try international dating agencies or Uzbekistan mail order brides websites — they are usually not that expensive, and thousands of girls use these platforms. You can also try the apps like Tinder, but as we’ve said, these women don’t use such apps for casual dating, only for something more serious than that.


If you’ve never thought of dating an Uzbek lady, we highly recommend you do it now, before this gem will become popular among thousands of Western and Asian men. These girls are exotic, beautiful, family-oriented, and they are fond of foreign men — so we see no reason why you should not date them!

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