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Nepalese brides

Nepalese mail order brides: all the useful facts about them

Nepalese Mail Order Brides: How To Date These Women?

Asia is a very popular mail bride region — there are millions or even tens of millions of women who want to find a husband or a boyfriend from a foreign country. Traditionally, it’s such countries as China, Japan, and Thailand that are extremely popular among American, Australian, European, and Australian men — but there is one more country you just can’t miss if you want to find a South Asian girl.

This is a country with millions of women, and this is also the country thousands of beautiful and young girls want to flee from. It’s called Nepal — and here, we will talk about how to date Nepalese girls for marriage and about the reasons why they are definitely worth dating. But first, we’ll talk about another popular question: why do they actually want to leave Nepal?

nepalese girl

What makes Nepalese brides attractive in the eyes of Western men?

Nepalese women are a great mixture of different ethnicities, having inherited the features of Mongolian and Aryan people. Each lady is unique, and the appearances of females differ based on the area they live in. They charm men not only with their beauty, but also because they can be described as:

  • trustworthy;
  • generous, sharing things they have with the closest ones;
  • versatile, being interested both in raising children and building careers;
  • convivial and spreading good energy;
  • benevolent, considering the interests of others and her own ones.

Looking both for serious relationships or dating, American gentlemen would benefit from having Nepalese women as their partners.

How do Nepalese girls treat their appearances? Local beauty standards

As in many other countries, the understanding of beauty in Nepal is highly influenced by Western cultures. Light brown skin tone is preferred over pale and too fair skin. Eyes of blue or other similar colors are scarce. Nepalese girls usually have small height and petite bodies, being fit, and having attractive curves. The environment, weather, and local climate help women to stay young and charming for a long time. Nepalese women are the winners of many beauty pageants. In this way, they present their country in a positive light, empower local females, and receive recognition from other contestants.

Nepalese brides: who are they? Why are they worth dating?

It’s usually quite hard to understand why all these ladies want to leave their countries. Like, they are hot and smart and family-oriented and all that, so why can’t they just achieve all their goals in their own country? Why do they want to flee from Nepal instead of having a good life in their motherland?

It’s very simple, and we believe that there are at least three reasons why Nepalese girls become Nepalese mail order brides. The first one is the poor status of women in this country, the second one is the Nepalese men themselves, and the third one is the economic situation in this country. Let’s be more detailed.

  • First, it’s all about the poor status of women in Nepal. In terms of health, education, and income, everything is awful in this country. Often, it's girls who are the last to eat (!), and unfortunately, there is a serious problem with the maternal deaths there. Not to mention such "slight" problems, such as a gender pay gap and very poor access to policy-making. And of course, the level of discrimination is also extremely high here. It’s logical that young and ambitious Nepalese women for marriage don’t want to suffer like their mothers and grandmothers did, and it’s also logical that they can’t get what they want in their own country. So, this is the very first reason why these girls want to flee from Nepal.
  • The second problem is Nepalese men. What flows logically from the preceding paragraph, men are also not perfect in this country. Thus, it’s not just about the discrimination — unfortunately, gender-based violence is a severe problem in Nepal (the proportion of women who have been subjected to domestic violence is 60%-70%, which is extremely high). And it's not just about physical violence, of course. Slut-shaming their ex-girlfriends? It’s a common thing here. Banishing women from their homes when they get their periods? Yes, they do it, too (not in the biggest cities, though).
  • And the last reason is that Nepal is actually a very poor country. To help you figure out how actually poor it is, here's a fact for you: Nepal is ranked as the 166th poorest country out of 183 with GDP per capita as high as $849 according to the United Nations. It's only $18 higher than Syria which has been practically destroyed by the civil war! Of course, there are tens of thousands of young and beautiful girls who don’t want to live in such a poor country.
nepalese beautiful woman

Now, when you know why they want to leave, it’s time to answer another very common question: what are these women like and why do they make great wives and girlfriends? Continue reading, the answers are already here.

  1. Nepalese mail order brides are extremely beautiful. As with many other South Asian countries, it's all about the mix of genes. Nepali girls for marriage are part Caucasian and part Asian, and they are also quite similar to Indian women (as well as Pakistani and Sri Lankan ladies, it's about Haplogroup H (Y-DNA)). Thanks to this factor, these women look extremely beautiful — but it's not only about their genes, of course. It's also about their hard work, fitness, diets, and makeup skills — and the combination of all these factors makes Nepal one of the countries with the most beautiful women in Asia.
  2. They are traditional and a little submissive. You may like or hate it, but here’s the thing: Nepalese society is very conservative, which means a regular Nepalese woman for marriage was raised in traditional and conservative Hindu families. If you are looking for a woman who will trust you to be the leader of the family; if you need to find a wife who will focus on being your helper, lover, and supporter; if you want your partner to make you feel important — in all these cases, a Nepalese wife will not disappoint you.
  3. They are really romantic. They have a romantic mindset, and they love it when their men are romantic, too. It's quite logical, taking into account the fact they are a little submissive and traditional.
  4. They are oftentimes very chill and easy-going. It’s hard to imagine a submissive and traditional woman who is at the same time open-minded and easy-going, but that’s all about the balance — and Nepalese girls for marriage are perfectly balanced in this regard. You will not have any problems with breaking the ice during the first date because almost 100% of these girls are calm, relaxed, and easy-going.
  5. They are loyal. Again, it’s quite logical — Nepalese women for marriage were raised to be perfect wives, and perfect wives are usually 100% loyal to their husbands.
pretty nepalese lady

Dating Nepali girls: top tips

Here’s what you have to know: Nepali mail order brides are not like women from your country. They are different — and it means that you’ll have to learn some rules to have a successful date with a girl from Nepal. These rules are right here!

  1. Listen to her and ask questions — but don’t turn your first date into an interview. The point is these women are quite talkative, and they love it when a man wants to learn more about them. However, it’s important to keep the balance because asking too many questions can turn your date into something awkward.
  2. Be more direct and don't wait for a Nepalese girl for marriage to approach you. Nepalese brides are not very straightforward and a girl from this country will probably never make the first step even if she likes you. So, it’s you who makes the first step in Nepal.
  3. You’ll have to go slowly. You will have to gain the trust of your Nepalese bride slowly: these girls can get offended if a man goes too fast. It's also about sex — you shouldn't expect to have sex the same day you meet her, because it's impossible with Nepali mail order brides. They are religious and traditional, and there are no religious and traditional girls who see sex on the first date as something normal. What’s more, sex before marriage is not common in Nepal — we can’t safely say that you will have to wait for marriage to have sex with her, but you can’t discount this possibility, too.
  4. Buy her a surprise gift. This advice is working the best so far with all the South Asian and Southeast Asian girls — they all love it when their partners give them something cool (not too expensive, of course).
  5. Be loyal and don’t cheat, even if it’s not considered cheating in your country.
  6. Learn at least a few phrases in the Nepali language — this is another piece of advice that works well for all South Asian girls because they all love it when a man shows some respect to their cultures and to their countries.

Where to find a Nepali mail order bride?

It’s quite simple: just find a good Nepalese mail order bride platform, that’s all. Such platforms are the best option because no other methods will work in Nepal. We mean, Tinder and similar apps are not that common there which makes sense because it’s an extremely traditional and patriarchal country. Approaching girls on the streets will not work either: it’s not common in this country, too. So, we highly recommend you mail bride agencies and platforms — they are usually not that expensive, and they usually have only real women.

Final thoughts

Are you tired of women who prefer a career to marriage and motherhood? Do you want to find a woman who will always support you and do her best to help you in any way? Do you love Asian beauties? If there is at least one “yes”, you should date Nepalese girls. We believe that they are definitely worth it!

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