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Georgian brides

Georgian mail order brides: useful dating tips and top facts

Georgian Brides: Why Do They Make Perfect Wives?

If you are fascinated by the beauty of Georgian brides but don’t know much about their other qualities, these facts will help you make up your mind:

  • Georgian brides value family connections, which will eventually include your own family.
  • They are fluent in English and well-versed in Western culture.
  • They know their self-worth and will never settle for a man they don’t love.
  • Marriage is very important to Georgian brides, and they won’t go for a casual relationship.
  • Georgian women are very sociable and will easily find friends no matter where they are.

Top reasons why Georgian girls are worth marriage

There are dozens of reasons why they’re worth it. Unfortunately, we just can’t list them all here — it would have taken a lot of time to explain in detail why Georgian girls are often called the best wives. However, we’ll still try to explain — so we highly recommend you check out these 8 most important facts about Georgian brides. We believe that you must know these facts before you start dating these women.

Disclaimer: these are generalizations. Generalizations are not always good, and generalizations are not always true for an individual member of the group we make the generalization about. So we don't deny that it's possible to find a Georgian woman who isn't too traditional, religious, or, say, open-minded. But still, the following facts describe Georgian girls for marriage almost perfectly — so if you want to understand what kind of women they are, continue reading!

beautiful Georgian bride

Georgian beauty is something no one will deny

We want to start with something else — like, with their most prominent character trait or with the fact that they cook tasty Georgian meals. But the thing is, when you first see a woman, you see her beauty, not her cooking skills or character traits. And trust us, Georgian brides will not disappoint you in this regard.

Half-Russian, half-Middle-Eastern, that's how we can describe them. You can find a Georgian girl with blue eyes and blonde hair or a redhead girl with green eyes, but it's not likely — most of them have dark hair, dark eyes, seductive bodies, soft light-colored skin, and very beautiful faces. Often, these women look like someone has mixed Russian, Middle-Eastern, and Persian beauty. The result is impressive, as you might imagine. You don’t have to imagine, actually — you can take a look at any Georgian mail order bride website to make sure we’re telling the truth.

But that’s not all, and they also do everything to look even more beautiful! From fitness to diets, from the sense of style to makeup skills — Georgian women for marriage, especially the young ones, know how to look attractive. And they are extremely good at it.

Girls from Georgia are a bit religious and traditional

Georgia is a religious country, which means these women are still a little traditional, even despite this country exposed to Western influence 30 years ago. It's not that there is no such thing as sex before marriage in Georgia, but still, Georgian girls are a little more conservative than modern Western women.

And they have very serious intentions, of course. Not always by choice (their families often control their relationship), but even without that control, Georgian girls are usually not into one-night stands.

A Georgian wife is very open-minded and very hospitable

You probably don't expect it because of the previous fact, but here's the thing: the young generation of Georgian women is open about dating and these women are often very liberal. This is especially important because they are also very open about dating men from other countries — there is just no such thing as racism in Georgia. They are also very hospitable, it's one of the most well-known things about Georgian people.

pretty Georgian woman

Georgian women are 100% loyal and treat their men with respect

Religion and traditions make these girls totally loyal to their partners — they are raised to be loyal wives, so you don’t have to worry about your partner cheating if you choose a Georgian bride. Of course, they are also very respectful to their husbands, but they are not obedient, of course. In this country, it’s all about mutual respect in a relationship — so you’ll have to treat your Georgian girl for marriage with love and care, too.

Georgian mail order wives are feminine, and can be submissive when they want

Sensitive, impulsive, romantic — these three words describe these girls perfectly. It’s just great because it’s femininity at its best. Georgian women don’t suppress or hide their feminine energy, which makes them really sweet. You might think that they are emotionally unstable — but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

However, girls from Georgia are very progressive!

All this “submissive-progressive” thing has probably confused you a little. But don’t worry, it’s actually very simple: Georgian brides can be submissive when they want it, and they can be very strong and independent if they want it. They can take initiatives, and they can lead the relationships if it’s needed.

Girls for marriage from Georgia make perfect wives and moms

They can cook, they can keep the house clean, they can raise their children by themselves, and what’s more important, they see nothing wrong in doing all these things. Taking into account everything we’ve said earlier about their attractiveness, loyalty, and character traits, we can safely say that Georgian girls for marriage really make perfect wives.

cute Georgian lady

How to date Georgian mail order brides?

Dating etiquette and dating culture in Georgia is not like in European countries, Asian countries, or in the United States. However, you shouldn’t worry about it. Everything is quite easy — you’ll only have to read the following list of 9 rules and to follow them in order to have a perfect date with a beautiful Georgian girl for marriage.

  • First, remember that being chivalrous is very important. We’ve said that these women can be progressive and strong, but not when it comes to dating, especially not when it comes to the very first date. The art of courtship is still forgotten in this country, so these women expect grand gestures from their partners. What kind of gestures? It’s up to you to decide. Open the car door, walk her to the door, be a good listener, and ask questions, stay off your mobile phone — all these things are really not that difficult to make.
  • You can date them online or offline. We highly recommend online dating because there are dozens of great Georgian mail order bride services, but if you are going to approach these girls on the streets of Tbilisi, you should avoid an “active approach”. These women don't like it when a man is too direct, and you surely don't want your partner to feel discomfort or to get offended. That's why you'll have to use the signals, such as eye contact, body language, and smiles to show her that you are interested. These women are quite shy talking to strangers, so you'll have to deal with it.
  • Going outside will most likely work well if it’s your first date. Most Georgian brides are very outgoing, so think about a bike ride, hiking, golf, or simple walking — these girls love outdoor activities, which means you will definitely impress your partner if you come up with such an idea.
  • Surprise gifts are perfect. Georgian women love small gifts, they see small and sweet gifts as a sign of love and affection, and they think that it's really cute. Remember, you do not need to buy gorgeous expensive jewelry or huge bouquets. It must be a sign of affection, not a sign of your financial position.
  • Don’t date other people! Even if your previous girlfriends from your country saw no problems with you dating other girls, you should forget about such practice in Georgia.
  • Make compliments. If you are good at it, your date will be impressed. The thing is, Georgian girls often get compliments for simply being girls, so if you won't tell them that they are beautiful, they might think that something is wrong with you. So, don't be stingy with compliments.
  • Pay for the date. It’s necessary — "who pays on the first date" is one of the biggest debates these days, but this question does not arise in Georgia. You are a man, so it's you who pays, everything's simple.
  • Some Georgian women bring their friends on the very first date. It looks a bit weird, but they usually do it to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Why you’ll fall in love with Georgian cuisine

Cooking skills are often mentioned among the top advantages of Georgian brides, and after sitting down for your first Georgian dinner, you will understand why. Georgian cuisine is super spicy but it’s not very hot, which is perfect for beginners. There are lots of meat, vegetables, cheese, bread, and, of course, red wine — so if you follow any diet restrictions, you may have a hard time resisting all the delicious flavors and combinations served at a Georgian feast.


They are beautiful and exotic, they are smart and progressive, they can be obedient and submissive, and they make great wives. Thousands of Georgian women for marriage are waiting for you right now — if you want to meet them, just choose a dating platform and sign up today (registration is usually free).

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