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Cost Of Chinese Mail Order Brides

Oriental ladies are elegant and flawless, so no wonder why so many men want to date these girls. But are Chinese bride prices affordable for Western men? Let's try to figure this out together. So today, we are talking about Chinese bride cost.

chinese bride cost

How much is a Chinese bride?

First and foremost, we would like to say that Chinese brides price depends on several factors such as your wooing style, dating sites subscriptions, documentation, travels, wedding, and many more. Of course, it's hard to predict how much money you will spend on your Chinese wife but we can provide you with some approximate prices.

Communication charges

First, the bride price includes dating site services. We all know that dating platforms are the best for meeting a girl from China. Thus, the prices start from $3 for a small credit package on sites with credit system (like EasternHoneys), or $30+ per month on sites with subscriptions (like but, obviously, you'll have to spend more than $3. On average, users spend about $300 per month on these platforms.

Travel costs

In case you want to meet your woman in real life, you'll probably want to travel to China. In fact, an economy flight ticket from the United States to China costs about $3,500, which is quite a lot of money. In addition to that, you will also have to pay for food, accommodation, and other attractions. The total price depends on the region you travel to as well as the duration of your trip, in general, it is about $1,000 per week. However note that the prices in bigger cities are higher, so make sure to have some extra cash.

Real-life date: the expenses

Another factor that significantly influences the bride price is wooing and dating. The thing is, Chinese brides love being wooed for a pretty log time, so you'll have to spend some cash on flowers, gifts, and romantic dates. Plus, Chinese families usually want to meet their potential son-in-law, so make sure to get some presents for them too. As a rule, dating and wooing is about $1,500-$3,000.

Bureaucratic expenses

Chinese people are required to get a visa to travel to the United States. So if you want to bring your bride to America, you'll have to pay for the K-1 visa which costs $265. Apart from that, a lawyer and other documentation might cost you about $10,000.

Dating Chinese brides infographics

expenses of Chinese women dating
Service Cost
Transportation $100-$200 per week
Flight tickets Start from $3,500
Hotel $60-$600 per night
Food $150-$300 per week
Entertainment From $400
Total: $4,570-$8,600 per week in Beijing

Chinese mail order marriage statistics

Even though this article is dedicated to the bride price, we still think that it's worth talking about some Chinese women statistics. So let's take a brief look at some numbers.

  • 1,135 women from China married Americans in 2019
  • The average marriage age is 25.7
  • There is a significant gender imbalance in China, which is why Chinese girls marry foreigners
  • Most Chinese ladies respect family values and their national traditions
  • 80% of marriages are successful
  • Chinese girlfriends for sale are in high demand on most dating platforms
  • High bride price is not about China

Chinese mail order wives costs

Many Western men wonder how much does it cost to get a Chinese wife, so let us talk in more detail about Chinese mail order brides cost.

chinese mail order wives cost

For the USA

An economy class flight ticket will cost you about $3,500, visa and other documents might cost up to $10,000, wedding and moving can be up to $30,000.

For Canada

Flight tickets from Canada to China will be about $3,700, a sponsorship program for your beloved costs $850, other documentation and lawyer will be $25,000-$30,000.

For the UK

Tickets to China cost around $2,300, documents and visa fees are about $4,000, wedding and moving expenses are going to be $33,000-$35,000.

For Australia

Flight tickets will cost you around $800, visa documentation is going to be $7,715, and a wedding in Australia costs about $36,000.

Pros and cons of marrying a Chinese woman

Once we know what a Chinese bride cost is, let us discuss the pros and cons of marrying one of these Asian women.


  • These women are perhaps the most loyal ones in the world
  • Marriage and family are sacred for Chinese ladies
  • Women from this country are intelligent and well-educated
  • These girls respect their parents and people of old age
  • Chinese wives know how to take care of their kids and house
  • Most Asian dating services are affordable for all budgets
  • Chinese bride price tradition is good for Western men


  • You are expected to work and provide for your family
  • You will probably have to learn at least a little bit of Mandarin
  • The search for an Asian girlfriend is not always easy
  • Chinese women might be a little bit cold at the beginning of the relationship

Final thoughts

Bride prices in China are definitely affordable for the majority of Western men, which means that everybody who wants to marry a girl from China can certainly do that. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating a family with a Chinese lady, just do that. 

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