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Korean brides

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Young Jun Si
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I want to find a man for a serious relationship and in the future to create a loving family.

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I can describe myself in two words: energetic and charismatic. I am an inexhaustible source of ideas and the eternal engine for people around me. I love to make creative ideas, especially when it comes to children's leisure.

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Korean brides
Korean brides
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Korean Brides Are Here. Find Your Love!

South Korean mail order brides are definitely not like the girls from the South and Southeast Asia. They are well-educated and independent, and some people can even say they are demanding. But their “westernity” doesn’t make them worse — girls for marriage from Korea are still very good wives and mothers, they are extremely loyal and, what’s even more important, they go crazy about Western men. Interested?

Then continue reading. Here, we’ll tell you literally everything you have to know about beautiful Korean girls — and we can bet you will not remain indifferent. There’s something about Korean women that differs them from both Western women and women from other Asian countries… and we are totally sure that you will love that “something”. Let’s go!

Gorgeous Korean woman

What you have to know about Korean ladies

South Korean women are just gorgeous. They look gorgeous, they act gorgeous, they speak gorgeously and they walk gorgeous. They are great wives and mothers, they always look younger than their age, and they all are really smart and intelligent. If that’s not enough, let’s talk about their top features in more details!

Physical features

There are two main factors of their popularity: their beauty and their character. Let’s talk about the first factor here.

Beautiful faces and bodies

You’ve heard about “pretty Korean girls”, right? And that’s the absolute truth. They have oval faces, pale, healthy, and radiant skin, dark eyes — it’s just impossible to not to be charmed by Korean ladies. Their skinny, petite hourglass bodies drive men from all around the world crazy.

Style, makeup, fashion

But it’s not only about natural beauty, of course. Another cool feature of the South Korean ladies is that they know how to look stylish and trendy at every occasion. Their fashion sense is just awesome, and you will definitely notice it!

And makeup, of course. You probably don’t know anything about it, but their makeup style is a top trend all around the world this year. In very short words, Korean ladies use makeup to look young and fresh, not to look bright — and it looks just great. Well, you'll see what we're talking about here when you'll meet your Korean mail order bride... And we can bet that you will be impressed!

Korean ladies go to a gym, they are fit and they take care of their skin every single day - so they always look younger than their age, and it's really cool. Your wife will look 20 at 40 — isn't it great?

Character traits

Beauty is the top priority when you want to find a one-night stand, that’s a fact. But, when you are looking for your future wife and for a mother of your future children, it makes sense that some other features come to the forсe.

Beautiful Korean girl

Traditional values

It’s all about their culture and religion. South Korea is a Confucian country, and when it comes to social hierarchy and family values, Korean ladies are very traditional.

In short words, family and family ties are the top priorities for Korean women. They want to find a husband, they want to have children, they want to raise them, and they want to be the best wives in the world.

But you shouldn’t think that these ladies are submissive, no. Korean wives are more like partners. They don't have any problems with the domination of their husbands, and they are ready to be homemakers... But they still must be treated with respect, and they want their husbands to make the important decisions together with them.

The good news is that they respect their husbands unconditionally. They are quite shy because of the cultural background — but of course, they are not as shy as the mail order brides from Southeast Asia. They are more westernized than women from poorer countries, and you should be aware of it. But who would say it’s wrong?


The westernization of Korean culture has brought its fruits. One of these fruits is their openness. These women are very open-minded and fun. They love meeting new people, they can make friends easily — so if you choose a Korean woman, you can be sure there will be no adaptation problems when you take her to your country. Your future Korean wife will be very fun and interesting to talk to!


Heard that stereotype about smart Asians? Well, South Korean women prove that this stereotype is right. All of these Korean mail order brides are well-educated, all of them have graduated from university, and all of them are really smart. In South Korea, you just can't succeed in life without education, so education is a must-have for everyone in this country.

The great news here is that the majority of Korean women speak English without any problems, so you will not even feel a language barrier. This is a serious advantage of brides of Korea, compared to other Asian mail order brides.


Korean mail order brides are known for their loyalty. Korean women are not an exception — their loyalty have deep roots in their culture and religion, but the reasons are not important here. The only important thing you have to know is that your wife will be 100% loyal to you.


Korean women are hot, romantic and passionate. Yes, they are shy, but not behind the closed doors. It's usually not the most important factor for mail order bride seekers, but you'll definitely be surprised by your wife's passion!

Are single Korean ladies motivated to find a husband abroad? Why?

Very often, Western men don’t clearly understand why all those beautiful and single Asian ladies become mail order brides. The main reasons are clear — the majority of them live in poor countries, so it makes sense they want to a rich Western country. However, that’s not the case for Korean ladies. Their reasons are completely different.

Handsome Korean bride

Sampo generation

Sampo generation is the generation of young Korean guys who aren't focused on marriage, dating, and children. It’s a serious problem for Korean girls and women — thus, almost 30% of Korean women between 30 and 34 have never been married! Taking into account the fact that these women think that family is extremely important, it’s quite logical that the Korean ladies start looking for husbands abroad!

Too much housework

As you already know, the majority of women take care of their families and houses in Korea. But the problem is that the Korean men benefit themselves from it. According to the statistics, Korean wives do more than 80% of the housework. Girls and young women see it with their own eyes and therefore they don’t think that marriage with a Korean guy is something attractive.

Economic reason

But this is not the same economic reason that makes Asian girls from poor countries find husbands abroad. The problem is: South Korea have very long work hours (Koreans work more than 2000 hours per year, compared to 1800 hours in the USA). They just don't have enough time for dating and marriage!

They believe that American men are better

The last reason is simple as that: South Korean mail order brides believe that American men are more intelligent, more loyal, and, finally, more handsome than Korean guys. The ladies from this country are really crazy about American and British men, so don't miss your chance!

How to meet a South Korean woman? How to impress her?

Want to meet Korean singles? We’ll tell you, how. Follow these simple steps and you’ll find the best mail order brides!

  1. Choose a Korean singles dating website. The site must be protected and secure — all in all, you must be sure that your money won’t be stolen. It’s also important to check if the women are real on this website.
  2. Talk to several women. Choose one, two, or three ladies that match you best. Video chat with them and meet them in person finally.
  3. Surprise your woman on a first date, because, you know, the first impression is the last impression. Oh, and buy her a bouquet — Korean women adore such little gifts.
  4. Go slowly. South Korean girls want long-time relationships, so they can act unapproachable sometimes. You’ll have to go through it to get her.
  5. Act like the man who can be trusted. As we’ve said, these women want to find lifetime partners, not playboys — so you’ll have to meet their requirements. Earn her trust, and she’ll be yours forever!
  6. Be persistent. As we’ve said, some Korean girls can act unapproachable on the first dates — but it doesn’t mean that you should stop. If you are persistent, you’ll be successful.
  7. Respect her family. It’s extremely important for Korean women — respect for family is one of the core values of their society, so you’ll have to share this respect with her.

Want to find the best single Korean ladies? We know how to help you. Our experts have already found the best websites with real profiles of Korean mail order brides, so don’t spend time on finding the sites by yourself. Everything you need is here!