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Korean brides and singles

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I can describe myself in two words: energetic and charismatic. I am an inexhaustible source of ideas and the eternal engine for people around me. I love to make creative ideas, especially when it comes to children's leisure.

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Korean Mail Order Brides Are Here. Find Your Love!

Thousands of men are ready to travel across the globe to meet Korean brides. Both North and South Korea boast of unique women that are totally worth attention. But what is the secret of real Korean wives popularity? To get to know why so many singles seem to be head over heels about sexy mail order brides, keep on reading!

korean mail order bride smiling

What you have to know about single Korean ladies

The first thing you need to know about modern Korean women for marriage is that they come from two politically and economically different countries, which makes an immense input of their mentality. Beautiful Korean girls might look the same, but in reality, many think of singles from South Korea when talking about how to get Korean mail order brides.

Physical features

Beautiful faces & bodies

The stunning appearance of these ladies is among the features that made dating Korean women so popular. But what makes it so special? The youthful look of Asian women and Korean girls, in particular, make ladies from all over the world buy up all the Korean beauty products to get closer to that look. Their flawless porcelain skin and thick straight dark hair are the most distinctive features. Also, Korean females have something special about their dark eyes that make them so mesmerizing.

Figure wise, Korean women are quite short and have petite bodies. And it only contributes to their youthful look. But usually, a regular Korean mail order bride is also not afraid to be sexy and highlights her body curves with tight clothes that are a mix of sexy and cute. Being both Kawai and hot is a common trend across all Asian countries.

Style, makeup, fashion

Gorgeous Korean brides pay a lot of their attention to how they look and personal style in general. There are not many ladies from Korea that choose basic clothes; the majority of beautiful mail order brides like to express their personality, interests, and view on the world through fashion and bright makeup. And they are great at it. There are many Korean trendsetters who, well, set the trends not only for Asian brides but also beauties from Western Europe and the US.

Main character traits of Korean women

Many personality traits of Korean wives depend on where they are from. Cultural background, modern Korean society, and beliefs differ from traditional Western practices. So, if you are one of the Western men looking for the best Korean mail order brides, read on and learn everything we share further in text about Korean women.

korean women traits

Traditional values

All Asian women are raised more traditionally than modern Western ladies. This is why so many want to find a Korean wife. Believing in traditional gender roles, allowing men to be the main decision-makers, and having no problems with doing 'wife duties' make pretty Korean mail order wives almost rare. Also, they are very supportive and calm; you’d never see a Korean crying because of the spilled milk. Well, there could be some cases, but it is rather personal than a national feature.


Modern Korean ladies, especially South Korean women, are very tolerant and accepting. They don't like to judge others, and even being quite traditional doesn't stop them from trying new things and getting new experiences. Some of them join Asian dating sites like Asian Melodies or Eastern Honeys in the hope of meeting a loving Western husband and starting a new adventure abroad.


Contrary to common belief, most Korean girls for marriage, as well as Turkish brides, by the way, are highly educated. And actually, a typical Korean bride, who many believe to only think about a 20-step beauty routine, is one of the most intelligent among Asian mail order brides. Women from this region want to have successful careers, and good education is a cornerstone of it.


Being faithful is an essential quality of mail order brides from this region, making them perfect for Westerns. When a Korean wife is married or even before it comes to that she is devoted to her men, the same Filipino wife is. Korean culture made local women appreciate man-woman and know how to keep the spark going.


Another big reason why guys are so crazy about Korean wives is their passionate nature. When you see a Korean mail order wife for the first time, you won't even guess it, as they tend to appear quite shy. But with the right person, an Asian woman is an eternal flame. Wondering how to find a Korean bride? Visit site like Asian Melodies or any other niche dating site you find suitable.

Are Korean brides motivated to find a husband abroad? Why?

Aren't tons of Korean men falling to gorgeous Korean mail order wives’ feet? We gathered all the burning reasons to help you understand why modern Korean girls for marriage online dating to find foreign husbands.

korean bride at home

Sampo generation

If you are not aware of what it is, the Sampo generation is part of modern Korean mail order brides and guys that gives up courtship, traditional marriage and having kids. Such an attitude isn’t praised by society which makes it morally harder to enjoy life in the home country. But in the West, ideas of being childfree or not getting married at all are more common and socially accepted, which makes Korean women look for a husband from abroad.

Too much housework for Korean wives

Korean traditions and old-fashioned gender roles put a lot of pressure on Korean girls to be good at everything from keeping their home picture-perfect to being excellent mothers. But considering that a typical Korean bride works too, it's making it harder to find a perfect work-life balance. Being with a foreign guy is much easier as they usually help a lot and are not expecting their woman to be a round-the-clock housewife.

Economic reason

Another popular reason for women from Korea to become mail order brides is the desire to have a better life even if women are already living in the developed country. The economic situation in the country is not as, for example, Vietnamese brides have in their homeland, but the high demographic density in East Asia pushes all brides, including Korean, to search for husbands abroad and immigrate.

They believe that American men are better

An average Asian girl sees a guy from the West as something from the movies, as not many mail order brides from this region have actually seen foreigners. That's why a Korean mail order bride usually believes American men to be better at their career, smarter and more accomplished, fit and strong, reliable and supportive, and not demanding. And it is only a little part of what makes guys from the US so great in the eyes of a common Asian girl. Even if it's generalizations based on a quite romanticized version of American men portrayed in the media, many real women strive to join mail order bride sites to meet their love.

How to meet South Korean women?

With a variety of dating sites and other ways of meeting foreign women, getting a Asian woman is not a problem. It seems that you only need to visit site you like and start choosing among thousands of singles. But in reality, the process is a bit more complex.

Korean girls dating

If you choose online dating, the first thing that you should do is to pick a suitable dating service. You are choosing from:

  • International dating sites. They have mail order brides from all over the world.
  • Mono-national services. Specialize in a particular region, like best Asian dating sites, or a specific country like Japanese dating site or Chinese dating platform.


  • You meet Korean brides who already share your dating goals. When you visit site like Asian Melodies or any other niche site, you know that you choose from ladies that are interested in a serious relationship and not just someone to play around with.
  • Modern dating websites make online relationships exciting. There are many communication ways, interactive features, and cute ways to make real-life gift deliveries or surprises. It helps not to feel the distance.


  • If you don’t choose a reliable dating service, you can be at risk of scammer. But reading reviews and following the recommendations of professionals can help you avoid it.
  • The distance can make your relationship harder.

Traveling to meet Korean wives


  • If you are a more old-fashioned kind of guy and prefer to skip Eastern Honeys, Asian Melodies, and other sites like that, there is an option for you too. Visiting the beautiful country of South Korea can be a real adventure. You can enjoy a unique mix of traditional culture and modern views, have a great time, and at the same time try your luck looking for a beautiful lady with the right family values.


  • It can be quite a challenge to find someone special in a country you know nothing about (or less than you should know). And if you want to travel to meet your perfect Korean wife, use a dating site or the help of a marriage service.
  • Dating tours tend to be expensive. Such trips are usually fully organized for a person to meet several stunning women who are perfect for your dating tastes. However, you should be ready to spend more money than you could if you chose dating sites.

Top 3 cities in Korea for dating

  • Seoul is, unsurprisingly, the biggest city in Korea with lots of attractions and the most popular dating destination for foreign men.
  • Busan is three times less populous than Seoul, but it is widely known as the city of contrasts that will give you an unforgettable dating experience.
  • Incheon is one of the oldest cities in Korea, and one of the reasons it’s perfect for international dating is that English is very common there.


How to know if a Korean lady likes you?

When you visit a site to chat online, it's easy — if an Asian woman often sends you messages, photos, and videos, it means she’s attracted. When it comes to offline dating, it's even simpler: if her voice pitch goes higher, she giggles, acts coy, and maintains long eye contact, she probably likes you.

How to get a Korean girlfriend?

Visit a site with Korean mail order wives or get a dating app to find these girls (Facebook can work too). To get her to like you, act like a gentleman, and treat her with respect. And don’t forget to buy her a gift — they like such surprises.

Do Korean women like American men?

Yes, they do! Young Korean girls aren’t satisfied with their men because Korean guys are often too busy and don't actually have enough time to date (and Americans are usually more serious about it). Another reason why they like Americans is that they look for a Korean mail order wife and not just a girlfriend.

How to attract a Korean girl?

The most important thing you’ll have to do is to show that you are a strong man who can lead the relationship. Be a gentleman, buy her a bouquet, say compliments (it's important!), make small romantic gestures, maintain eye contact, try to look great, and you’ll attract any Korean girl!

How to meet Korean girls?

You can find tens of thousands of them on Facebook or Tinder. However, we highly recommend you to visit a site that specializes in Korean mail order wives — women who use such websites do usually have serious intentions, know English, and do really want to date an American man.

Do Korean women make good wives?

Yes, they do. As all Asian girls, Koreans are quite traditional and family-oriented. But that’s not all — at the same time, they are progressive, well-educated, and smart. They are raised to be good wives, so they always do their best to make their husbands happy.

What is the bride price in Korea?

When you visit the site you can see that an average monthly premium subscription on a mail order bride website usually costs $25-$60. A ticket from NY to Seoul costs $600-$800. For a week in Seoul, you can pay up to $2,000. And the average cost of a wedding in Seoul is about $100,000-200,000 (but you're free to celebrate it in the US).

What are the requirements for my Korean wife to receive a US green card?

First of all, only civil Korean marriages count for immigration purposes, not religious ceremonies. Your marriage must be bona fide, and you must be sure that your wife hasn't committed visa fraud. She also must not have certain criminal records and specific medical issues (such as a history of drug abuse).

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