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Jordanian brides

Dating Jordanian mail order brides: a full guide is here!

Jordanian Mail Order Brides: Everything You Wanted To Ask!

Wondering which foreign bride to choose to find eternal happiness? Here are the top 5 reasons why it should be a Jordanian woman:

  • They can’t wait to fall in love after years of having very little dating opportunities.
  • They are naturally wise and can offer just the right piece of advice when you need it.
  • They love to go out and know how to have a good time.
  • Jordanian women know their way around the kitchen and are great with flavors.
  • They have caring personalities and know exactly what their men need.

Here, we will tell all you need to know about these women — you probably already know that they are extremely hot, but trust us, this is not the only reason why they are worth your time.

beautiful Jordanian girl

Why are Jordanian mail order brides worth dating?

Because they are great, that’s why! The ladies from Jordan are just perfect — they make wonderful wives thanks to their culture and traditions, they are always loyal, and of course, you just can’t ignore the fact that they are extremely attractive. But what else do you have to know about them? Here, we’ll talk about 6 important facts that will help you understand how good they really are (and why we believe that these girls are 100% worth marrying).

Jordanian women are truly on point

There are four regions with the most beautiful girls in the world: Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, Europe (especially Eastern Europe), and Arabian Peninsula. Jordanian girls, with their fantastic beauty, stand from the crowd — they usually have olive skin with brown and gold tones, their eyes are big, and their bodies are extremely hot and fit. It's not just about their genes and it's not just about the history of the Arabian Peninsula — the thing is, even despite the fact these girls are naturally attractive, they still do their best to look even better! They know everything about stylish clothes and about the latest fashion trends, they are always elegant, and they always try to become better, so they love fitness and diets. How does perfect become even more perfect? Look at Jordanian brides to see the answer.

P.S. However, you shouldn't expect to see all this beauty — despite there is no law requiring the wearing of headscarf or hijab in this country, they still often wear this traditional Muslim body covering.

Jordanian wives are friendly and open-minded

If you expect Jordanian women will be reserved and cold, you are wrong — these beautiful girls are not as traditional and as “closed” as other girls from the Arabian Peninsula. If you are looking for a girl who is always friendly and open-minded, a Jordanian woman will be a great choice. They are very nice and you will never feel like you need to break the ice on the first date — there's simply no need to break the ice with these girls. They are much more open-minded than other Arab girls.

cute Jordanian girl

A Jordanian mail order wife exposed to Western influence and knows English

During the last years, the Internet became quite popular in this country, and of course, it's all about the Western media and lifestyle that have flooded the Middle East during the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. This country is moving to a more open society, and women are becoming more and more liberal in Jordan now. They even have bars and, what's even a greater sign of liberalization, relationships between young men and women don't necessarily have to lead to marriage in this country anymore. It might still sound a little old-fashioned to you but trust us: Jordan is a very liberal and progressive country (compared to other Arab states, of course). These women also know English — most of them can speak without any serious problems because this language is widely spoken in Jordan. However, it would be much better if you knew Arabic.

Family-minded? Of course, they are!

Yes, we couldn’t ignore this fact: Jordanian mail order brides are very marriage- and family-minded. That’s how all the Muslim societies work: in all Muslim countries, women respect their family, do everything to make their husbands and children happy, and want to find a serious man even if they are 18 years old. This means that, firstly, your Jordanian bride will never tell you that she is too young to get married even if she is only 18. This also means that your chances to get a Jordanian woman are very, very low if your intentions are not serious enough. Want to have a one-night stand? Try another country.

Religion and traditions are extremely important to Jordanian girls

As we have just said, these women are marriage-minded, and they are not looking for one-night stands. The reason is simple: their customs and their religion make Jordanian girls respect their traditions and customs. On one hand, women are often oppressed even in modern Arab countries. On the other hand, these women do usually respect traditional values and traditional gender roles. You can love it or you can hate it, but that's how it works in Jordan, too.

Jordan women see nothing wrong in dating foreigners!

When it comes to Arab women, there is one thing many foreigners are afraid of: many foreign men think that these women stand firmly against dating the guys from other countries. While it may be true for some Arab states, that’s definitely not how it works in Jordan. Here, the girls see nothing wrong in having a relationship with a man from Asia, Europe, or the United States. They think that it’s cool and, what's even more, foreigners are commonly thought of as real gentlemen who treat women equally and with respect.

pretty Jordanian woman

What is the situation with the education among Jordanian brides?

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan has the highest female literacy rate. Over 97% of Jordanian women of all ages know how to read and write. 94% of women in Jordan go to school and 52% of girls then go on to graduate from universities, which makes them fascinating conversation partners and gives them excellent career opportunities.

Jordanian dating tips

How to date Jordanian girls for marriage? Want to have a perfect first date? Then continue reading — here, you’ll find the list of the most useful tips that will help you to impress your Jordanian bride.

  1. Forget about one-night stands. As we’ve said earlier, one-night stands are not an option in this country — these women were raised according to the traditional values of Islam, and they often want their partners to wait for sex until marriage. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to wait, of course. It just means that sex on the first date is simply not possible in Jordan. Such a thing as friends with benefits situation is impossible here, too.
  2. Read something about the culture and traditions of this country. Jordanian women are usually very proud of their cultural heritage, so it would be great if you could learn at least a few facts about Jordanian culture and history. First, it’s really very interesting. Second, it’s a great topic to talk about your girlfriend on the date.
  3. Be confident and be ready to lead the date — you are the man so it’s you who is expected to lead it. One of the best things you can do to show that you are confident in Jordan is maintaining eye contact — by the way, it’s also a great way to understand whether you and your partner have a connection, both emotional and physical.
  4. Learn at least a few phrases in Arabic and learn something about their religion. It’s important to do this if you want to impress you Jordanian bride — and it’s also important for all men who want to date Arab women (especially if you don’t want to offend her or to violate moral norms).
  5. Buy her a gift — these women really love it, so you will only make it better if you buy your woman something really cool, like a bouquet of flowers on the first date. Something expensive will work great, but don’t brag about money, they don’t like it.
  6. Show that you have serious intentions. It’s very simple — they have serious intentions and there is no such thing as casual dating in Jordan. That’s why you’ll have to show that you are serious about your relationship, too!
  7. They are often very difficult to attract — these women are not cold and “closed”, as we’ve said, but it might be very hard to impress them. They are definitely not “easy”, and you have to know it.


Want to find a Jordanian bride? It’s very simple — just sign up for a dating platform, follow the tips we’ve mentioned before, treat your woman with respect, and everything will be great. These women are definitely worth dating — so don’t waste your time and start finding love today!

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