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Asian mail order bride with her husband

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Carlene, 28
Philippines, Talisay
About me:

I believe that in the relationships one partner must complement and balance the other. Like day and night, ice and flame. Of course, in fundamental questions, we must think in the same way. I dream to give warmth and joy to my beloved, receiving protection and support from him as a mentor and head of our family.

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Discover The World Of Asian Brides and International Dating in Asia

The popularity of gorgeous Asian brides is growing every day. And there is a reason for this: they are charming, clever (or even wise), family-oriented, and make a perfect wifey material. If you have come to this site, you probably know about these qualities and want to find out more about the perks of dating and marrying an Asian girl for marriage. Below, you will read all about these ladies: from the places to find them to the costs of getting an Asian bride to your country. So, keep reading and let us guide you through the world of Asian women dating!

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So, how to get an Asian girlfriend? It’s not that hard, actually. First of all — and it doesn’t matter whether your intentions are serious or not — you need to find Asian dating websites and sign up on some of them. There are dozens of sites for Americans who dream of meeting Asian singles, so it won’t be a problem. Once you create a dating profile, it’s like online dating in the US — choose the Asian girl profile you like most, chat with her, and if you two feel the same for each other, ask her out. At this stage, you’ll need to follow some rules — we’ll talk about them later.

Difference between mail order brides and other dating sites

But, before you dive into this pool of the flawless foreign beauties, let’s figure out the basics of online dating.

So, what is the biggest difference between mail order brides and other dating sites? To know that, let’s give it a definition. Who are mail order brides?

Mail order brides are the ladies who register on specialized dating sites and aim at marrying a foreign man. Often, these ladies are willing to relocate to their husband’s country. It is a practice that has lasted for many years already.

Any other kind of dating does not imply marriage. You can keep your relationship with a foreign girl online - it will still be an Internet romance, but without any further perspective. And, the sites you communicate on are various! For mail order dating, a special agency or platform is needed, - as well as your serious intentions!

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Who are Asian brides?

They are single women living in Asia. You didn’t expect this answer, did you? We’d be happy to provide you with the long, extremely difficult definition with at least a few unspeakable scientific terms, but we don’t really need to do it.

Here is the deal: a bride you can meet on the web is likely a single woman living in one of the Asian countries (in most cases, one of the five most popular countries, but we’ll get to that.) Maybe she is one of the divorced ladies, and she is almost surely disappointed in local guys. She looks for a dating website that could help her find someone handsome and kind overseas, sends her application, has her photos and info approved, and starts to interact with men. If she likes someone, and the feeling is mutual, they meet offline, in her country. In other words, she’s just a girl who seeks to date great guys online and get married if she falls in love.

There are 48 countries in Asia. So where exactly can a guy meet Asian women who want to move thousands of miles from their home? Does the existence of such term as ‘Asian mail order brides’ mean that you can find such women in any country on the continent? Actually, no, things just don’t work like that. There are about 10 countries where you can meet such a girl. But, in fact, only five of them are really popular:

  1. Philippines. What about looking for an Asian wife in the second-largest archipelago in the whole world? Beautiful nature, volcanoes, beaches, and coconuts aren’t the only treasures of the country – social, good-looking, and really caring girls who have nothing against dating a foreigner. Why not look for a bride there, in the land, free of prejudice?
  2. China. This is a rare example of the country where men outnumber women considerably, not to say dramatically. Can you imagine how popular foreign men really are in China, if local women still choose them? Well, let us congratulate these guys – they have a good chance to marry one of the most caring and always young & hot Asian brides.
  3. Thailand. Thailand is not only a tourist destination but also a dreamland for men who want to find an Asian wife. If you think that all Thai women are as careless, easy, and as “faithful” as bar girls somewhere in Phuket, you’re wrong. There, you can meet a great wife to you and a great mom to your children.
  4. Vietnam. Vietnam is the land of the most optimistic and social girls. If your worst fear is of being bored with your grumpy, depressed wife, just choose Vietnam, and this will never happen to you!
  5. Japan. What a wonderful place Japan is. It’s so beautiful, warm, friendly, and incredibly diverse. There, you can meet a westernized, ambitious, yet caring and tender girl in a big city. Or maybe you’d like to find a more conservative, sweet and purely feminine lady a few miles away from such giant cities like Tokyo or Osaka?
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As you see, you do not have to explore all of Asia to meet your one and only. Just try to speak to the ladies from the listed countries!

What makes Asian ladies so great?

We believe that the only way to find the right person (and not just a random woman who’ll make your life more difficult instead of making it happier) is to understand what you really need. Stop for a moment and think about what kind of girl you want to meet. Ready? Now, let’s compare your expectations and things that these women can offer to a man.

  • Almost eternal beauty. You probably heard the rumors about their hot bodies, beautiful faces and the amazing ability to stay young even in their 40s and 50s. That’s not rumors, actually.
  • Optimism. We bet you don’t want to spend your whole life being depressed, anxious and frustrated with the unhappy marriage and a grumpy wife. Contrary to the popular belief, these girls are not only optimistic but also quite emotional, cheerful, and full of life.
  • Respect. No, these girls won’t follow the orders. But they really respect everything and everyone who’s important to them, from good old family roles distribution to a husband himself.
  • Care. We all are looking for someone who’ll care for us, that’s true. Asian women are very caring, which makes them not only ideal wives but also wonderful mothers.

Does this work for you? If it does, let’s move on!

Why do Asian women look for love and marriage online?

Women want this too because of various social, economic and personal reasons. Frankly, in most cases, they choose foreigners for all of them.

A lot of these girls are divorced. That’s true. A lot of them are trying to deal with a breakup, and a lot of them just don’t want to tolerate the way local guys treat them. For example, the divorce rate in Thai is distressing: a bit more than a decade ago, less than 30% of marriages ended in divorce. Today, almost 50% of local couples break up. What’s the main reason for divorce? Adultery, of course. In the Philippines, love triangles are common and not discouraged by society. Do you still wonder why Asian wives are leaving their countries?

In China, for example, a regular American or European can date Asian women (we’re talking about the prettiest women, actually) because local girls think that foreigners are much hotter than local men.

Besides, there are the places where women want to have and raise children, but can’t afford this. In our opinion, the fact that they want to meet a successful guy, have a family, and live in a better country is no reason to judge them.

As you can see, the reasons are different. Yet, none of them proves that fears of skeptics are real – it’s not about cash. It’s about the new life, new opportunities, new love, children, and new home.

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Tips on dating an Asian single

A few minutes ago we talked about how to find Asian singles. Now, let’s talk about how to date Asian women — the ladies from Asia differ from American girls, so you need to consider all those cultural differences when trying to impress an Asian girl. Thus, you should always be polite and respect her personal space, and you also need to understand that public display of affection is considered taboo in most Asian countries. Most Asian girls think American men are more respectful and caring than Asian men, so respect her, care about her, and treat her like a queen — and you'll have lots of successful dates with Asian girls.

So, you already have an image of an Asian girl for marriage in your mind, but let’s make it clear how to date these charming beauties. Here are our 5 tips on dating an Asian bride.

  • Be respectful. This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but these ladies want respect from their men. And not only for them but also for their culture and, most importantly, families.
  • Do not be pushy. Asians are used to a little slower pace of life, and this applies to relationships too. So try not to force the development of your dating life with an Asian woman. She will appreciate it and enjoy it.
  • Be romantic. Asian women need these romantic moments like on TV dramas. Send her flowers, presents, or make a surprise. She will just love it!
  • Be straightforward. Many Asian girls do not understand hints or are just too shy to speak about relationships, so they want a man to be ready to speak about the plans for the future of your couple.
  • Be informed. As we mentioned above, Asian women want a man to respect their culture. Find out about the history of her country, traditions, read the local news that you can discuss with her or her parents. Thus, you can win extra points!

Can you really buy an Asian bride?

The short answer is ‘No.’ So, why do niche agencies still exist? Please note that the term ‘Asian mail order brides’ doesn’t mean exactly what it meant a few centuries ago, when the history of this phenomenon began. Then, these were women who legally sold themselves as wives. The time passed, and the world was rapidly changing. Soon, the time when a rich man could open a catalog and literally order an Asian wife along with the time when guys wrote the letters and sent them to churches was gone.

So, the times when women sold themselves or were sold by agencies are gone. Slavery and human trafficking are illegal. Yet, the term ‘cost of a bride’ is still used. Why? Because it’s short, simple and means the other things, in particular, the total cost of dating services.

How much does it cost to get an Asian bride?

There’s no simple answer. The thing is, it depends on lots of factors, which are:

  • Cost of dating services (6 months avg.) ~ $500
  • Visa fee ~ $200
  • Number of trips (1-5 flights avg.) ~ $5,000
  • How much you spend during the trips (hotel, living locally etc.) ~ $1,500
  • Gifts to support your girlfriend and many other factors ~ $1,500

Tons of things should be taken into account. Generally speaking, you can spend from 3 to 25 thousand dollars (this cost includes all expenses including trips). By the way, in most cases, the services themselves are not too pricey - usually, guys pay from 9 to 60 dollars per month.

Modern Asian wives have the possibility to choose a candidate and, most importantly, get to know him better. Today, these brides are legitimate girlfriends. We mean a bride signs up for the good site, meets a man, talks to him, falls in love with him, he comes to see her in her country a few times, and they get married in his country. Voila! This is a happy ending.

Did you notice the important details? A woman is a man’s girlfriend. Nobody sells or buys anyone. The very fact that a couple met with the help of a marriage broker doesn’t make it illegal – there’s the act, IMBRA, that applies to the services provided by brokers. In other words, there are some rules, but this business is legal.

Speaking of the “classic” way of marrying foreign girls, selling and buying people, as well as slavery, are illegal. If you are going to date Asian brides and then marry one of them, it’s perfectly legal.


How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages With Asian Brides?

Asian brides are less likely to divorce, and choosing an Asian mail order bride is even much better. According to marriage agencies, mail order marriages usually have a lower divorce rate, and 80% of them last over the years. That’s marrying an Asian mail order bride is a 100% success.

Is Mail Order Brides A Real Thing In America 2020?

Throughout 2015-2018, the average number of Fiancé visas issued for foreign people, including mail order brides, was 38,034. This is a huge number, expected to grow despite restrictive measures of the current administration. Asian, European and Latin brides are still a big thing in the US.

Why Are Asian Women The Most Popular Foreign Brides?

Asian women attract men thanks to their appearance, personality, and adherence to traditional values. Asian brides look gorgeous and age well, young girls do not mind marrying older men and want to create a family with children. They love catering to loved ones, are very kind and supportive.

Why Are Asian Wives Of All Ages Better Than Traditional Western Ones?

Compared to Western ladies, Asian wives are more conventional. They are more likely to take care of family and children, chores and cooking, although they are well-educated. This automatically helps family members to divide responsibilities and succeed. That’s why Western men give preference to Asian wives.

Where To Find An Asian Wife In America?

Although the world becomes more interconnected, the hectic lifestyle makes it challenging for American men to find compatible women. That is why the demand for perfect Asian wives is growing in the US. The site helps to find the best matches as women here have the same intentions as men.

What Is The Asian Country With The Most Beautiful Women?

The Philippines have given to the world the most beautiful women as Filipinas have continuously been winning the Big Four contests. It shows that not only Philippine women are beautiful, but also smart. Other countries with the most beautiful ladies are Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia.

How To Date An Asian Woman?

Asian women give preference to gentlemen who take the lead. Do not rush asking your lady about too personal things. Show respect to her culture and parents. When dating an Asian woman, you will be expected to plan dates and pay for the lady. All kinds of chivalry are encouraged.

What International Dating Websites Do Asian Women Use?

To meet an Asian woman for marriage, use mail order bride sites. They are popular among Asian girls and provide all the necessary services for finding the best match. Many Asian women prefer such venues as they have professional communication tools, translation services, and strong safety policies.

Why Do People Register On International Dating Sites?

Sometimes, it is not so easy to find a real soulmate in your neighbourhood. For most people, online dating websites are the only opportunity to meet somebody who shares their worldview and supports their ideas; to find that special someone who can become their better half. International dating breaks the borders and gives you a phenomenal chance to improve your love life and get in touch with your perfect match, no matter where they live.

How To Avoid Scams In International Dating?

As in any other area, just use common sense and don't trust every person you meet online immediately. Be careful with money transactions: don't send anything to a lady you just met online, and if you do, make sure the transaction is protected. Don't deliver too much of your personal data: such things as your home address and credit card number may be necessary for the site's administration, but not for a stranger who just wrote you a few messages. All in all, take care of yourself and make sure that you don't overshare any private information during international dating online.

How to meet an Asian mail order bride online?

The only right answer is quite obvious – on the dating site. But which one to choose? There are a lot of global websites, some local sites, expensive and free platforms that offer similar yet so different services and features. This is where we come into play. We make really detailed reviews of all platforms working in this region to provide our readers with all the info on prices, terms, and policies. Our site is free, so feel safe to use this info to achieve your goal!

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