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Asian mail order bride with her husband

Find Asian Mail Order Brides & Asian Singles Right Here is the new bae in town connecting single men to beautiful asian women

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Carlene, 28
Philippines, Talisay
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I believe that in the relationships one partner must complement and balance the other. Like day and night, ice and flame. Of course, in fundamental questions, we must think in the same way. I dream to give warmth and joy to my beloved, receiving protection and support from him as a mentor and head of our family.

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As we can see from 15,386 new Asian brides who arrived in the US in 2019, getting a wife from Asia is extremely popular among Western men. Do you also dream of dating or marrying an Asian mail order bride? Then you are in the right place, read on, and learn all the hot tea about Asian women and what Asian country has the best women.

Discover The World Of Mail Order Brides and International Dating in Asia

Getting Asian wife has a lot of benefits, as she can help you become one of the happiest men. But such an international relationship comes with some challenges. Cultural differences, lack of knowledge about mail order bride relationships, and having no idea how to treat an Asian bride the right way can make or break your chance for a happy ending.

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And here we're stepping into action with our ultimate guide on Asian mail order brides and peculiarities of local dating, relationships, and marriage. Learn how to find Asian girl for marriage through international dating sites and if there are other ways to meet Asian singles.

Who are Asian brides for marriage?

Modern mail order brides are Asian ladies of all ages that come from China, Korea, Vietnam. Thailand and other Asian countries. They may have varied intentions to become mail order wives, but their strive to be proactive in love and desire to marry foreign men unites them.

Can you really buy an Asian mail order bride?

A common misconception about mail order brides from Asia is that you can actually buy an Asian wife. Visit a site, add a girl you like to the cart, and ship her to your hometown—it seems too good to be true (because it isn't so). There are no paid or free services that will help you purchase a woman.

The price of an Asian beauty means the cost of membership on a dating platform, dating services fees, and other related expenses. You are not paying for an Asian girl only for the services of the dating site you choose, presents, travel costs, etc. So, if you thought to visit the site with mail order brides to order a wife, sorry to crush your dreams.

How much does it cost to get an Asian bride?

There’s no simple answer. The thing is, it depends on lots of factors, which are:

  • Cost of dating services (6 months avg.) ~ $500
  • Visa fee ~ $200
  • Number of trips (1-5 flights avg.) ~ $5,000
  • How much you spend during the trips (hotel, living locally, etc.) ~ $1,500
  • Gifts to support your girlfriend and many other factors ~ $1,500

Tons of things should be taken into account. Generally speaking, you can spend from 3 to 25 thousand dollars (this cost includes all expenses including trips). By the way, in most cases, the services themselves are not too pricey - usually, guys pay from 9 to 60 dollars per month.

Let's explore the most popular countries of the Asian region to help you find an Asian wife who is a perfect match for your desires.

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Oriental women may share a similar type of beauty and petite figures, but they are not the same, as stunning Asian mail order brides come from different countries of the region. We can't say that one country or Asian woman is better than others, but all of them have unique peculiarities, it's a fact. And also, Western guys tend to show a different level of interest to ladies from different Asian nations. We gathered the list of the most popular countries to find an Asian girlfriend.


Long history, strict tradition, and undoubtedly unique culture made beautiful Chinese women for marriage one of the most desired Asian women. They are pretty, driven, hard-working, and make very practical wives.

In 2019, 1,135 Chinese fiancees came to the US to marry. Western guys choose an Asian bride from China because it is usually the first country they think of in the Asian region. Besides, many Chinese traditions and traits of character are already known worldwide, so it seems familiar to Westerners, too.

South Korea

Another popular country where many foreign guys choose to meet an Asian mailorder wife is South Korea. The country is a desired destination because Korean girls for marriage have a very close-to-western mentality but at the same time are incredibly beautiful and are more traditional than, for example, an average American woman.

The Philippines

With 7,134 mail order brides who came to the USA in 2019 with the intention to marry, Filipino brides are the leaders in popularity among Western guys.

They are easy-going, open-minded, and know the secrets of being the best wives. These Asian girls are an excellent match for Westerners, and the growing number of successful relationships and happy marriages is a big sign of that.


Vietnamese ladies for marriage are another popular Asian women, which makes Vietnam a great place for seeking a perfect partner. The country might not be as popular as Eastern Europe, but it has unique Asian women that take a special place in the hearts of Western men.

And 1,782 Vietnamese-American couples were to tie the knot in 2018. Women from Vietnam are sexy, laid-back, great in everything about the house, and very passionate, which is why they are so desired.


And last but not least is Cambodia. Other Asian nations might have a higher level of popularity, but still, there are many foreigners that look for lovely Cambodia brides. An girl from Cambodia is a dark horse on our list as not many know about how incredible these women are. And the best part is that you can just visit a site with stunning Asian ladies and see many Cambodian beauties as they are crazy about Western men, especially Americans.

Difference between Asian mail order wife and other dating sites

But, before you dive into this pool of flawless foreign beauties, let’s figure out the basics of online dating on Asian dating sites.

So, what is the biggest difference between mail order brides and other dating websites? To know that, let’s give it a definition. Who are mail order brides?

Mail order brides are the ladies who register on specialized dating sites and become mail order brides with the aim of marrying a foreign man. Often, these ladies are willing to relocate to their husband’s country. It is a practice that has lasted for many years already.

Any other kind of dating does not imply marriage. You can keep your relationship with a foreign girl online — it will still be an Internet romance, but without any further perspective. And, the sites you communicate on are various! For mail order bride services, a special agency or platform is needed — as well as your serious intentions!

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What makes Asian mail order brides so great?

When you see that 'how to find an Asian woman to marry' is a trendy Google search, and 15,386 Asian females who arrived in the US to marry only in 2019, it is natural to wonder why they are so desired? What makes them better than Latin American or European girls? Let's explore the core traits and values of a typical Asian mail order bride that makes her steal the hearts of foreigners.

  • Many Asian women are extremely beautiful. The number one reason why Westerns want to order an Asian bride is an Asian beauty. A sexy, curvy, and doll-like appearance is one of a kind.
  • Asian wife has traditional views on family. Beautiful Asian mail order wives easily adapt to new countries and have no problems getting used to a new culture. However, their approach to family and 'the right way' of doing things never change.
  • Loyalty is an inbound feature of Asian brides. Being faithful is what many young Asian girls are tough to be if they want to be ideal future wives. And traditional upbringing is what attracts many Westerns who seek a hot Asian girlfriend.
  • Different mentality helps them to be better wives. Asian and Western worlds are polar apart in some ways and very similar in others, which makes international dating Asian women online an interesting experience. Approaching gender roles more traditionally and having less desire to prioritize career over family makes Asian females perfect wives.
  • Most Asian beauties love guys from western countries. Not all beautiful Asian ladies dream about marrying abroad. But many strive to find a foreign partner for serious relationships and don't mind relocation to other countries.

Why do Asian women look for love and marriage online?

As there are many Western guys who are crazy about getting an Asian mail order bride, there are equally as many Asian girls that are into men from abroad. But what pushes an average Asian lady to fall for a man from the US, Canada, or Germany? Why do so many Oriental women use some sort of dating service to find a husband?

  • Online dating is very common and popular, especially in China.
  • Many Asian girls believe that guys from abroad treat women better as they usually get more attention, compliments, and respect from foreign men.
  • Picking a guy on a dating site is easier than in real life. Choosing online, you can read your profile and see if you are initially compatible.
  • An Asian woman online believes Westerns to be less demanding. Asian men tend to be very strict and have high expectations from their wives, which is very pressuring.
  • Some mail order brides from Asia are just more physically attracted to Westerns.
asian women looking for marriage online

Tips on dating an Asian single

Many see online dating as you visit a site with Asian wives, meet a girl—and you have that happily ever after. The only difference is that between meeting an Asian beauty and that desired happy ending is a wall of hard work and strategy. Here are some working dating tips that will help you win the heart of the Asian girl of your dreams.

  • Don't approach your Asian woman as just an Asian. No one likes being treated as a stereotype. Get to know her interests and preferences.
  • Have clear intentions. You won't get an Asian bride if you are going around the bush all the time.
  • Don't try to change her. Different cultures and mentalities might make you weirded out by some beliefs, and you should be very open-minded and accepting.
  • Be honest. If you want a woman to become your Asian mail order wife, you can start anything good from lies. Be true to yourself, what you believe in and dream of having, and your lady will love it.
  • Never make fun of her accent. The language barrier is already not an easy thing to overcome. For sure, translation services make everything easier, but when your Asian beauty does her best to help you understand her, never make any silly jokes about it.
  • Don't try to buy her. The life of ladies from developing countries is not the same as Western women. They might be less economically secure, but no Asian woman wants to be treated like a doll for sale.
  • Get used to Asian cuisines. Food is an important part of Asian culture and even relationships. Whether we want it or not, we spend a lot of time eating. When you meet Asian women, you'll finally get what real Asian food looks like and forget that Chinese takeaway you are used to.

Modern Asian wives have the possibility to choose a candidate and, most importantly, get to know him better.

Today, these brides are legitimate girlfriends.

We mean a bride signs up for the good site, meets a man, talks to him, falls in love with him, he comes to see her in her country a few times, and they get married in his country. Voila! This is a happy ending.

Did you notice the important details? A woman is a man’s girlfriend. Nobody sells or buys anyone. The very fact that a couple met with the help of a marriage broker doesn’t make it illegal – there’s the act, IMBRA, that applies to the services provided by brokers. In other words, there are some rules, but this business is legal.

Speaking of the “classic” way of marrying foreign girls, selling and buying people, as well as slavery, are illegal. You can't just visit a site and order a bride. If you are going to date Asian beauties and then marry one of them, it’s perfectly legal.


Are Oriental mail order brides legal?

Yes! Dating and marrying a bride from Asia is 100% legal. You can visit a site with mail order brides and meet your future partner without breaking the law.

Why are Asian women looking for Americans or men from other countries?

Strict traditions, pressure from society to marry young, economic situations, and interest in foreign men are top reasons why Asian ladies are into Westerns.

Do Asian ladies make great mail order wives?

Yes. Most Asian girls make perfect wives as they have a great mix of traditional views and Western influences. But more importantly, they are very loyal and like to fix things and don't rush to throw them away.

How can you stay safe while dating Asian women online?

To stay safe while dating online, you need to keep an eye on red flags. Never share too much personal information, never send money to strangers, and always check website security and member policies.

What makes Asian women become mail order brides?

Ease of use and effectiveness of modern online dating allures hot Asian ladies to seek love abroad. And the fact that dating online is a norm nowadays makes parents and society more accepting.

What makes Asian brides ideal partners?

Real Asian brides have a lot to offer to their future partners, besides their smoking-hot beauty. They are kind, loving, supportive, and caring — everything that a guy might want.

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