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Is It Difficult to Find an Asian Girlfriend Nowadays?

The process of seeking a date from a different country is not complex. Nowadays, there are hundreds and thousands of platforms that can offer you high quality and diverse services for online communication. In particular, women from the Asian region are vastly popular in the modern online dating market. Thus, our dating professionals have prepared this guide to help you understand what steps you have to take to find yourself a nice and lovely woman from the country of your choice!

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What options does one have while dating Asian women?

Online dating services are vast and diverse. The opportunity to find a date online has been popular for many years. Today, you can use different dating sites that can help you achieve what you want. In case you seek casual and short-term relationships or one-night stands, you will have to find dating websites that offer such services. If you are seeking a more serious, mature, and lifelong relationship, then numerous mail order bride websites are there for you.

This article focuses on websites that help you find and date an Asian girlfriend – a woman who seeks a date with an American or European guy. You can choose from numerous dating platforms, and fortunately, there are plenty of websites that review and examine them. We highly recommend to review and study platforms that you choose to use because a bad online dating site may, unfortunately, be a scam. To avoid getting into trouble, check out the reviews by online dating experts.

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How to start dating an Asian girlfriend?

So, what is the process of online communication with a lady from this mysterious land? Well, it is quite simple. Just follow this simple list of steps, and you will achieve success with your online communication!

  • First, you have to know what kind of site you wish to use. Again, we highly advise you to spend some time and research websites. There is a lot of information about the most popular and reputable sites for dating Asian women for marriage. Remember – choosing a decent and reputable dating platform is the key to success!
  • Next, you have to create and fill out your account. Usually, it can be done in a few minutes – you basically have to provide your name, password, email, and some personal data. However, some platforms may require you to wait for the verification or approval, complete short questionnaires, or fill out some other forms.
  • Once you have your profile filled and approved, you are given access to tools and options available on the portal. Most portals with Asian brides have fee-based and free options, which means that you will have to pay to get access to premium content. Some sites may have a monthly subscription system while others may charge you for the number of messages you use or minutes you spend communicating.
  • By using tools that are suitable for your style of communication, you then should approach ladies and brides that are online on the site. This step is the most important as it requires you to contact Asian girls.

What tools for communication are available?

Since we have mentioned a few things about communication on most dating websites with Asian girlfriends, we believe that it would be quite useful to talk about features and services that can help you make contact with ladies on most sites.


Most platforms that you will find will have this option. It is the simplest and most common form of communication – you send a message and wait for a couple of days to get a response. Not the most efficient way, but allows you to think over your reply.

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Instant communication

Simple, quick, and efficient. You send a message, and after a couple of seconds, you get a reply! What can be simpler?

Video and audio

Text communication is great, but it is always better to see your partner rather than his/her text. Some websites will allow you to participate in group video chats or have a video chat with your lady tet-a-tet. A similar option can be available with audio communication.

Tinder-like options

A few sites may have a so-called ‘Tinder-like’ feature. Basically, it is a matchmaking tool that offers you various profiles of women and two options: pass or like them. If you like a woman, her profile will be added to your list of favorites, and she will be notified about your action. Not all websites implement such a tool, but it is quite an effective way to find a couple of dates to communicate with!

Other advanced options

It is also important to mention that you, as a customer, may have a range of advanced content to use. For example, most dating sites with Asian brides have a gift delivery service that allows you to buy your date chocolate, flowers, toys, and other presents. Your gifts are delivered, and you can even receive a photo of your bride with that gift! Among other advanced options, the organization of real-life dates stands out. Just imagine – you have a chance to see your mail order bride in real-life with the help of professionals who will assist you in anything!

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How long does it take to seek a bride?

While it is impossible to tell you exactly how many days or weeks you will have to spend to find your one and only, we can help you understand what factors play the most important role.

First of all, your preferences and needs are the definitive elements. If you wish to find a woman with a certain appearance, background, and interests, you will have to spend a lot of time. The more criteria you have, the longer the search is going to be. Fortunately, most platforms implement a searching feature that allows you to filter girls based on various features or characteristics.

The number of active girls on the site is also a significant factor. The more ladies a site has, the more chances you have to find your ideal partner. Hence, it usually takes at least 1 week of seeking and communicating. Of course, you may get lucky and find true love after a couple of hours. However, despite it looks and sounds very romantic, such scenarios are quite rare.


To find an Asian girlfriend, you need to be persistent and know what you want. The process of finding a date is not difficult. Hundreds of dating sites can help you with your search. However, finding the one and only from a wide diversity of the number of beautiful and interesting ladies – this is the biggest challenge!

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