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What is It Like to Have a Chinese Wife?

Chinese women seem to possess all the necessary traits for being called ideal wives, otherwise what can explain that? Chinese women are stereotypically described as feminine, very caring, and altruistic when it comes to family life. Is it so? Here we will discuss what it is like to have a Chinese wife and why Chinese girls are different from their Western counterparts.

Differences between Chinese and Western girls start from dating

Before we tell you what it is like to have a Chinese wife, we have to tell you a little about what to expect when dating a Chinese woman and dating Chinese girl etiquette.

Not like Western women, the Chinese always expect the men to make the first step. They can give you only hints, the rest is on you. For example, she may give you her phone number, and you two will be texting within the next few weeks or a month. A Chinese girl will consider it dating as you will be getting to know each other. It’s different in the case of Western women, isn’t it?

Dating a Chinese person means getting to know about each other before you get closer, asking questions, discussing plans, career, family, etc. Regarding physicality, do not touch a Chinese woman too much. They aren’t used to it if you are not in a relationship. Start with holding her hands in public, if she’s comfortable. Leave all the cuddles for a more mature relationship that you may have later.

beautiful chinese girl

How to court a Chinese woman? Well, Chinese girls believe that Western guys are as romantic as in Hollywood movies and will expect you to woo them the same way:

  • make sure you come very neat;
  • invite her on a date;
  • be a gentleman;
  • bring her a little cute gift (like a teddy bear or so);
  • ask her lots of questions to show that you are interested;
  • be ready to answer her straightforward questions about your job and plans;
  • fall in love with a Chinese girl;
  • pay the bills.

How to marry a Chinese lady?

Of course, we cannot jump to the next stage without discussing how to marry a Chinese lady. Some people would say it is no different from marrying a Western woman. You should ignore the fact that two of you are from different cultures, of a different race, etc., and just explore if you are comfortable with each other, if you suit each other, and so on.

However, we’d like to point out that there are some differences. First, a Chinese girl, if she’s into you and if she sees you’re a good match, will start talking about marriage. That’s because there is huge pressure on females there – they have to marry as soon as possible not to be «leftover».

beautiful chinese woman

When deciding if to marry a Chinese lady, do not wait for her «I love you». Chinese seldom express their feelings verbally as they consider it unnatural. Instead, she will show you her love through actions – she will talk to you a lot, she will care about you, touch you continuously, and so on. When a Chinese woman says «I love you», it means she is really into you or that she’s a bit more Westernized than many other Chinese girls.

An important step is an introduction to parents. If you want to marry a Chinese woman, make sure her mom and dad like you. At first, they may seem hostile, however, if they accept you in their family, you will be treated like their own son, forever. This is called marrying into a Chinese family.

What is Chinese wife culture like?

Finally, we have got to the main point – what is it like to have a Chinese wife? In short, it is great! Now let’s delve deeper and see why Chinese women make great wives.

Chinese women are loyal wives

If you need someone to stand up for you, someone to watch your back, and always be faithful, you need a Chinese woman as a wife. While Chinese women themselves are very faithful and loyal, they expect their husbands to be the same, that’s why they can get jealous.

Ladies from China are great housewives

Chinese women are raised to create a clean and comfortable environment for everyone. They rarely ask their husbands to do the housework and believe it is their duty. Of course, younger generations of Chinese women may be different, they would expect a husband to get involved too, but they are good at chores anyways. They also cook very well, but it is up to you to get used to Chinese food.

Chinese women are fabulous at managing finances

If you always thought you are good at earning but bad at managing money, you need a Chinese wife. Chinese women know what money is worth and know how to distribute it properly. A Chinese wife may not allow you to take a taxi or throw away leftover food, but believe us, later you will be thankful to her. It may seem that Chinese women are mean, but it’s not true. They are usually very generous towards loved ones. At the same time, they are wise at spending and saving.

cute chinese girl

A Chinese wife will make you believe in Chinese medicine

Sooner or later you will notice that you started taking hot water to treat anything – from cold to pain in a toe. At first, you may confront your wife's effort to persuade you in the effectiveness of Chinese remedies, but these women are so stubborn that you will give up with time.

A Chinese girl will always expect romance from you

Chinese women genuinely believe that one of the things that distinguish Western men from their Chinese counterparts is the ability to be exceptionally romantic. If you are not, well, you will learn how it is.

Chinese women love being pampered like little girls. So if you want your relationship to flourish, shower her with gifts of any kind – from the cute ones that you used to give her during the first months of dating, to more expensive jewelry that she will be hinting to you about.

Also, if you end up in a jewelry shop and a Chinese woman tells you something is too expensive, she does not mean it. It’s a hint that she likes it a lot and would like you to buy it. So do not rush to find something cheaper, and you will be a great husband!

You won’t be likely to divorce

In Chinese culture, divorce is not quite accepted by society, however, people do divorce in China. Statistics show that the highest divorce rate is only in Beijing with 3.43 divorces per 1,000 people, that’s not significant. Know that if a Chinese lady marries you, she believes that it is for as long as possible – perhaps, for life.


So what is it like to have a wife from China? It means that you will get another, Chinese, family, you will start believing or at least using Chinese medicine, you will always be surrounded by love and care, and your romance levels will skyrocket to the skies.

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