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Never Marry A Chinese Woman Before Reading These 7 Rules

Are you in love with a Chinese girl? Are you looking for a Chinese woman to date and marry? No matter at what stage of life you are right now, we believe you will sooner or later marry a Chinese lady.

We want to warn you though – do not marry a Chinese woman unless you read the following 7 rules. Let’s go!

Rule #1. Do not wait for her «I love you»

If you believe that you can marry someone only after they confess their feelings to you, you will never marry a Chinese girl. Why? Because Chinese people almost never say «I love you». They would rather say something like «I like you» but it’s not the same for you, right?

The thing is that Chinese people do not express their feelings verbally. If a Chinese girl loves you, she will cuddle with you, kiss you, cook for you, care about you. She will show her love through actions. This is the Chinese relationship culture.

Do not marry a Chinese girl if you are not ready to forget about how «I love you» sounds. Of course, she may learn and get used to saying it, but there’s no guarantee. Do not force her to do what’s not part of her culture.

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Rule #2. Do not say «no» to hot water

You probably have already heard about the powers of Chinese medicine. Chinese women strongly believe in it and prefer it to anything else. One of the most known Chinese remedies is hot water. You have to drink if you have caught a cold, if you have a stomach ache, if you have depression, anything!

The rule is – do not reject the hot water that your Chinese wife suggests to you: nothing bad will happen if you do. She will still make you drink it. And most importantly, it will work.

Rule #3. Learn Chinese

You may think that the English of your future wife is enough. Yes, it may be enough for your daily communication, avoiding misunderstanding, etc. However, if you truly love your future Chinese wife, show respect to her culture as much as she shows to yours. Be eager to learn the Chinese language, about Chinese traditions, and so on. It will strengthen your marriage.

Rule #4. Respect her parents

Family plays an important role in the life of every Chinese. It’s the core of every Chinese person’s life. All family members have to be treated with respect and patience. The most respect, though, should be given to the elders – parents, grandparents, etc. If you want to win the heart of a Chinese girl, impress her parents, show them respect, and they will accept you as their own child.

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Rule #5. Treat her as equal

Chinese women are raised in very tough gender frames. Women are not the same as men – they are «less» in many senses. They are taught to be «good wives» who put chores in front of their own needs. Moreover, many Chinese women above 25, who have not married, are considered in China «leftover» women. Those who are «too» intelligent and have PhDs are referred to as «third sex».

If your Chinese wife happens to be one of those (and even if not), do not make her feel worse because of who she is and where she is from. She chooses you because she knows that Western men would treat her with respect and as equal. So treat her like that, with dignity.

Rule #6. Be very neat

Chinese women are super clean and neat. They take a shower several times a day, wash the floor in the house at least once, and so on. A perfect clean state is a norm for them. If you want your marriage to survive, be as neat as her.

Rule #7. Don’t listen to naysayers

Marriage to a Chinese woman for a Western man, like any other international marriage, is a challenge. Not only because of different cultural backgrounds, all related paperwork, and money, but mostly because of what naysayers will tell you. You will constantly hear that a Chinese woman married you for a green card, that your marriage will collapse, and so on.

Don’t listen to them and follow your heart, because, at the end of the day, it’s only your feelings that matter.

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