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Yemeni brides

Yemeni brides: find the most useful dating tips right here!

Yemeni Mail Order Brides: How to Date and Where to Find?

Dating an Arab woman is not that easy, especially if you are not Muslim yourself. These women are different from Asian, European, and American girls — they are often traditional, religious, and conservative. However, they are also extremely beautiful, they are great homemakers, they make amazing mothers, and they know everything about how to make their husbands happy. Of course, this also applies to Yemeni brides — these women are totally worth dating, but at the same time, it's quite hard to date them. Right now, we will tell you some useful tips that will help you to succeed with your Yemeni bride, and we'll also tell you everything else you need to know about them. Let's start it.

beautiful yemeni woman

Why Yemeni mail order brides?

Let's start with the answer to one of the most common questions: why are Yemeni girls worth marrying and are they really that good? We believe that there are at least five reasons why you just can’t miss these ladies (the real number is much higher, of course; we just don’t want to take too much of your time, so we’ll only tell you the most important facts about Yemeni brides).

P.S. It's a big generalization to say that ALL Yemeni women for marriage are like this or like that. They all are different and unique, and of course, it's possible to find a Yemeni woman who is not too marriage-minded or not too conservative. However, the facts we'll tell you right now can describe the majority of these girls perfectly. So, why are these girls worth dating?

Yemeni women are beautiful

Have you ever heard about Arab beauty? There is a stereotype that almost all Arab girls are extremely beautiful... And it's actually not that far from the truth, especially with Yemeni women for marriage! Arabs are mixed with different races and ethnicities due to their history, and this is the first factor that makes Yemeni girls so attractive. They usually have large dark eyes, feminine and hot figures, they have olive skin with golden undertones (it looks extremely cool!), and they are very hot in general.

Ladies from Yemen are religious, traditional, and calm

As well as almost all the other Arab countries, Yemen is a state with an extremely religious society and with a very strong influence of "traditions" on the marital and social relations between people. Because of this fact, we can safely say that most of the Yemeni girls are quite religious and conservative, too — so if you are searching for a traditional woman who will not have any problems with living according to her gender role, Yemeni ladies are what you need.

These women are marriage-minded, and they have serious intentions

Most relationships don't lead to marriage — that's ok, and that's how it works in most of the countries. However, the situation is completely different in Yemen. The majority of women who live in this country were raised with a certain set of traditional Muslim beliefs and values — which means that they were raised to become wives, mothers, and housekeepers. They want to have children, to stay at home to take care of them, to keep the house clean, to cook amazing Arab dishes, and to make their husbands happy.

Yemeni girls for marriage speak English!

The official language of this country is Modern Arabic, but you don't have to worry about the language barrier if you don't speak Arabic. The thing is, English is the most widespread foreign language in Yemen (Russian is quite common, too), so if you speak at least one of these three languages, you will not have to pay for the translation services.

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They are ambitious and strong

Although the majority of Yemeni women are quite religious and have very traditional views on gender roles, there are still many ambitious and strong ladies here. We can’t say that they are as Westernized and as independent as some of their foreign counterparts, but here’s the fact: some of Yemeni mail order brides want to have a career and the same opportunities to learn and earn money as men.

Where to find a Yemeni girl for marriage?

Want to meet a Yemeni woman for marriage? It looks like it’s quite easy — thousands of them are looking for foreign men, and you might think that the only thing you have to do is to find them. However, according to the statistics, it’s actually quite hard to find a Yemeni wife — some traditional (both online and offline) ways to meet girls just don’t work in this country. Why? And in that case, where to find all those thousands of girls? We’ll tell you right here!


Offline dating just doesn’t work in this country. It’s almost impossible to approach women on the streets — they are conservative, as we’ve said, and there is almost no such thing as “dating culture” in this country. So, if you are going to go to Yemen and find a woman there, try something else — say, online dating.


But the main problem is that online dating is not too developed in this country, too. Thus, there are only 2,219,300 Facebook users in Yemen, which is only 7% of the population of this country. What's even more important, only 14% of FB users are women — so only 310,000 Yemeni women use Facebook, which means only 2.2% of women in this country have access to this social network. Such apps as Tinder are also not so popular in Yemen.

But still, it’s only about online dating when we’re talking about Yemeni brides. It’s just not about Tinder and Facebook. You can find thousands of these girls on some special, “niche” dating websites — they are also called mail order bride platforms or bride agencies. Yes, they are usually paid, but they really work — so if you are going to find a Yemeni woman for marriage, we highly recommend you sign up for a mail-order bride service. By the way, not all of them are safe and trustworthy, so don’t forget to read the reviews before you choose a service.

Why are Yemeni wives looking for foreign men?

It’s simple: Yemeni women become mail brides because they don’t want to live in their own country and because they want to find and marry better men than their mothers. But first, it’s about the Yemeni men. Let’s be more detailed.

  • Yemeni men do not treat their women with respect — there is no such thing as gender equality here, and Yemen is often called one of the worst countries to be a woman. Arranged marriages, discrimination, domestic violence — all these problems are still there, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the situation is going to change in the nearest future. There are thousands of young girls who don’t want to live with Yemeni men, and of course, that’s why they are searching for a foreign man.
  • Economic situation is also a huge problem. Thus, Yemen is the poorest Arab country, with GDP per capita perched at $2,400 (in the US it's, by contrast, $65,100). This country is also at war since 2015 — and it’s another reason why Yemeni girls want to leave their motherland. They just want to obtain a better life for themselves and for their families, that’s all.
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What to know about dating Yemeni mail order brides?

  1. You will be interviewed by the father of your partner (if your intentions are serious). Family is extremely important for these women, so you’ll have to show some respect.
  2. Intimate contact before marriage is often a big no-no. We don’t want to say that you will not have sex before your wedding, but it’s quite likely to happen.
  3. Be prepared to buy a lot of gifts. These girls love it when men buy them lots of things, but don’t worry — these things do not necessarily have to be expensive.
  4. It’s a man who makes the decisions in Yemen, so you will have to pay for the date, to choose the date location, etc.
  5. These women don’t like rude and loud men. They are not treated equally in Yemen, so if you show some respect to your partner, she’ll definitely appreciate it.


Here’s the thing: Yemen is not some fantasy world, it is not a modern rich country, nor is it a perfect place for women. This is why there are thousands of beautiful girls who are searching for men from other countries — and the good news is that you can easily find them online. They are 100% worth dating: Yemeni women are extremely beautiful and loyal, they make the best wives, and they will never argue with you.

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