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Japanese brides and singles

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japanese girl
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I will love a man that will be fresh and naughty with me, who wants lots of crazy fun all the time as much as me. And someone who can trust me.

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Japanese Mail Order Brides – Find Your Perfect Match in the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is a mysterious country that attracts Western men not only with its culture but, more importantly, with its women. Japanese girls are among the top five most popular Asian mail order brides, and this has a logical explanation. Can't wait to find out which one? Then read on! In this article, you will find out why Japanese women are so popular, where to look for them, and how to date them. Stay with us to know how to find your ideal Asian bride!

Why choose mail order bride from Japan?

There is no denying the fact that there is something special about Japanese girls. Their charm is impossible to explain or describe, but that does not mean that we will not try. Here are the reasons why these ladies are considered to be perfect girlfriends and wives.

Reason #1 – Japanese women are beautiful

Undoubtedly, Asian girls have a fantastic appearance. It can be hardly compared to the beauty of any other nation: the dark deep brown eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, all these features remind of us sophisticated geishas, and there is no man on Earth who could resist this charm.

Beautiful Japanese girl

It should also be emphasized that food culture in Japan differs a lot from the culture in most Western countries. If you have ever visited Japan, you probably noticed that nearly all girls there are slender like the beautiful gazelles. Of course, it cannot be said that all of the girls in Japan look like this, but most of them actually do. Just take a glance at the photos of these ladies – we bet making a choice among these beauties will not be an easy task.

Reason #2 – Mail order brides from Japan are well-educated and well-mannered

If you are looking for a submissive wife who will not have her own opinion and who will rely on your full support, you should better search for her in some other country. The reason is simple: beautiful Japanese women are very educated, any conversation with them is a pleasure, and they have their own opinion, so if you are looking for a pretty doll, that is not the case.

They are usually very shy and polite, it is hard for them to say “no,” but that does not mean that they are empty. The ladies there are not nearly as career-oriented as Western women, but they also do not beauty to be their only advantage. So, if you are looking for a woman with a rich inner world, a Japanese bride may be a perfect choice for you.

Good manners are another big advantage of Japanese wives, especially in comparison with the girls from other countries. The thing is the families there are very conservative: there is a strict system of rules and values that can never be broken. You will never hear anything rude from her, she will never embarrass you because she knows the importance of “keeping face” in public and even at home.

Reason #3 – Family is the top priority of beautiful Japanese girls

As we have already mentioned, the institution of family is very strong in Japan, and every girl in this country wants to start a good family with a responsible man she and her future children can rely on. In other words, any Japanese girl is very picky when it comes to the choice of spouse, and though money and social status matter, she will focus on your moral character and personality traits most. The thing is the only way you can attract a Japanese woman is to show her that you are the loving, caring, gentle, and reliable man who will always support her.

Handsome Japanese woman

Reason #4 – Japanese singles are not career-oriented

The good news for most Western man is that Asian girls are family-oriented. Although we have mentioned that they are well-educated, they do not fight for their career. They completely understand the necessity to be an interesting person for their husbands and other people at the whole, and that is exactly the case when they demonstrate their education, express their thoughts, and communication skills. Still, girls from Japan do not consider career to be their main priority, in spite the fact that they can be successful. Western women might say that this is silly to choose family instead of your own ambitions, but the Japanese ladies just have the different system of values and prefer to become loving wives and caring mothers.

Reason #5 – Japanese women do not seek for your money

Japan is the third largest country in the world in terms of GDP, so a Japanese woman is certainly not looking for a foreign husband for his money or a better life. This is the bad news for those who want to buy a beautiful wife and the good news for those who are looking for love and romance.

How to date a Japanese girl?

If you want to meet Japanese singles to choose the best wife from them, you should follow certain rules of communication and always take into account the fact that these girls are very different from women you have already met. They are, after all, from a completely different Asian culture and see many things, not the way you usually see them. Nevertheless, finding an elegant, shy, feminine, and beautiful Japanese wife is absolutely worth the effort!

Recommendations to help you impress beautiful Japanese women

Despite the fact that all people are different, there are certain rules for dating that apply to all Japanese girls. To avoid possible mistakes, look through the list of the recommendations that will help you win any Japanese single’s heart:

  1. Do not be afraid to express your feelings! Unlike most girls from other cultures, Japanese ladies are very open, and they expect their future husband to be an open, sincere person as well. You do not have to hide your emotions and thoughts just because such kind of behavior can make her think that you are not committed to a relationship with her. If you are in love, do not hesitate to tell her about your feelings. Showing your passion, interest, and sympathy will help you win her heart.
  2. Be strong but do not push on her. Japanese girls are looking for a man who is strong as physically as mentally, but you should never act like a dominant alpha male. That will not help you make a good impression; quite the contrary, that will rather scare her. Communication, care, and respect are the key to her heart.
  3. Be careful with alcohol. You should keep in mind that a lot of Japanese men are hard-drinking, and that is one of the reasons why some girls from Japan want to marry a foreigner. Women there, in turn, are not big drinkers, so if you have a date with one of them, you should not drink too much and offer her to join. Plenty of problems may actually arise. As it has been already mentioned, Japanese girls are very polite, and there is a chance that she will try to keep up with you and that will lead to really bad consequences. Moreover, she may think that you are no better than the heavy drinkers in Japan, and that will also mean the end of communication or relationship.
  4. Avoid sarcasm. The language barrier makes communication quite problematic, while sarcasm can lead to big misunderstandings. Asian people usually take everything you say seriously, so do not make fatal mistakes. She will appreciate your sense of humor, but she needs some time to know you better to understand whether you are speaking seriously or just joking.
  5. Respect her family. The biggest challenge in dating a Japanese woman is to connect her family and particularly her father. You will need to meet her relatives and make a good impression on all her relatives from siblings to parents. Most girls who are looking for a foreign husband online live in big cities, and that is good news for you. It is still very strange for people who live in the countryside to meet a foreigner, let alone view him as their daughter’s fiancé. Nevertheless, though making a good impression on her family is not an easy task, nobody says it is impossible. Dress formal and as nice as possible, be polite and respectful, show how much you love and respect your future wife, pay attention to your gestures and facial expressions, and they will not be able to resist your charm.
  6. Be confident, but not too much. Japanese women prefer confident men with positive vibes. They do not like it when a man constantly complains about life. It does not mean that you should turn into an alpha male, just be yourself. Your Japanese girlfriend will appreciate this.

How to find a Japanese wife?

There is no denying the fact that there are less single Japanese women for marriage than Russian or Filipino mail order brides, but it is still possible to find a Japanese wife online. The thing is Japanese society is a closed one, and even though the times change, and the country is slowly opening its borders, you can never underestimate this factor.

There can be more than one answer to the question “where to meet Japanese women”, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there is actually only one answer. This answer is: you need dating sites to meet Japanese girls. There are lots of services that allow American men to find Japanese mail order girlfriend—but it’s not like these are the marketplaces with Japanese women for sale, of course. Most of these websites are very similar to American dating sites, most of them have a similar assortment of messaging tools, and basically, you only need to choose a good one to start chatting with Japanese women looking for husband!

Japanese bride

Fortunately, as we have already mentioned, there are still a few ways to meet Japanese women online, so if you are not ready to visit Japan to look for the girl of your dreams in real life, you should definitely consider the following options.

How to meet single Japanese women online?

It's not uncommon to see unions between Japanese women and American men, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s obvious that Americans love girls from Japan because an average single Japanese woman is beautiful, intelligent, and well-cultured. When it comes to Japanese women looking for husband from the US, it’s simple, too—these ladies believe that men from the US are more respectful, more caring, and make better husbands and fathers than men from Japan.

In general, there are two ways to find single Japanese women for marriage in the World Wide Web:

  1. Social networks. Facebook provides great opportunities for international communication, so if you are not afraid of difficulties, you can check a lot of profiles to find a perfect Japanese girl. However, there are no guarantees that she will be happy to receive a message from a stranger, especially if he lives thousands of miles away. In fact, the chance that you will find the lady who is interested in a relationship is quite low.
  2. Dating websites. If you are looking for an easy way to find a Japanese wife, this is it. Some may argue that some of them are nothing but scam, but in fact, there are a lot of reliable and not too pricey resources you can use without fear: the accounts on such websites are verified, all information is true, while the moderation and censorship guarantee that you will find a girlfriend and future wife, not a girl for money.


Due to the dating websites, finding a Japanese wife is an attainable goal, and that is the good news for most men who are looking for gentle, loving, intelligent and of course beautiful wife. Nevertheless, all guys who want to find a perfect mail order bride should keep in mind that they will never buy a Japanese bride – the only way to win her heart is to make her respect and love you. We consider this to be an advantage rather than a disadvantage. After all, marriage is happy when there is something that connects the spouses not only on the material but also on the spiritual level.


How Much Are Japanese Mail Order Brides?

You can’t buy a bride — you can pay for the dating site, for a flight, and for a wedding. Access to the website costs $25-$60 per month, a flight to Tokyo — about $1,000. One week there will cost about $1,000, and an average wedding in Japan — about $25,000.

Do Japanese Women Like American Men?

Yes, they do really like Americans. The thing is, American men are more respectful and usually have more serious intentions than their Japanese counterparts. And by the way, Asian girls often have a "reverse yellow fever" for foreign men.

How To Get A Japanese Girlfriend?

Many beautiful Japanese girls love Western guys just because of the color of their skin, so you have quite high chances to get a Japanese woman. Learn Japanese, wear decent clothes, treat them with respect, act like a gentleman. If you follow these rules, you'll get a girl easily.

How To Date A Japanese Girl?

Learn a few phrases in Japanese to communicate with these girls. Learn the culture (movies, books, blogs, anime, etc.) to understand the behaviour of your girlfriend better. Don't be afraid to make the first move and to lead the date. And come up with a casual date idea, of course.

Do Japanese Women Make Good Wives?

Yes! Japanese girls are known for their beauty, and they are really hot, but that’s not all. They make perfect wives because they are totally loyal, traditional, intelligent, and very family-oriented. At the same time, Japanese girls are also very progressive!

What Are Japanese Women Like?

Japanese women are often called the most beautiful women in Asia. They have beautiful faces, fit bodies with slim waists, dark hair, and they know how to dress classy and elegant. But it’s not only about beauty — their femininity, sexuality, and respectful attitude to men attract foreigners too.

How To Attract Japanese Girls?

You can attract them easily because they love foreigners, but you’ll still have to follow some rules. Speak some Japanese, assure them of your financial security, be mature on what you talk, be friendly, and don't be afraid to tell them that you are interested. They like direct men.

How To Meet Japanese Women Online?

If you want to date Japanese women, you need to find a website that is full of girls who want to meet a foreigner. Aside from that, everything is simple — buy a premium subscription (most of such sites are paid), choose your best photo, and keep your conversations going.

Why Are Japanese Women So Beautiful?

It's about 5 factors: their healthy diet (Japanese diet is based on fish, rice, and fruits), fitness (they perform a lot of exercises like walking and cycling), sense of style and makeup skills, and their culture which makes Japanese women care about their appearance.

Are Japanese Mail Order Brides Illegal?

No. "Mail order brides" are just women who want to date foreign men, that's all. You can legally date them, have sex with them, and marry them — basically, it's just another type of international dating, so there isn't anything illegal about that.

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