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Japanese brides and singles

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Japanese Mail Order Brides – Find Your Perfect Match 

The number of interethnic marriages in Japan was incredibly low half a century ago — fewer than 5 thousand Japanese married someone from another country. Since that time, this number has increased tenfold and marked the beginning of the new era of cross-cultural marriages. More and more western men are now looking for Japanese mail order brides, and most importantly, find them on the best online dating websites.

Japanese mail order brides: who are they?

First, let's talk about the term "mail order bride" in a bit more detail. Historically, mail order brides were women who went to another continent (to the United States, to be exact) to become wives of the settlers. Of course, they have never met in person — they went to America, chose a husband, and received land and money for their migration and the decision to start a family with one of the settlers. The first mail order brides were Europeans, but soon this became an international phenomenon — single women (mostly Asian ladies) agreed to marry a foreigner mostly to migrate to the US. Future newlyweds could communicate through letters, but it was still far from actual dating.

However, the industry evolved. Best dating sites, as well as the dating agencies, developed a new strategy that obviously worked much better for singles. They started to provide tools that helped them start an authentic relationship online. Of course, this is due to technological progress — brides and men started to use video chat, international calls, keep in touch for months, and then meet each other in real life. That's how the mail order bride industry turned into an international dating industry.

Japanese bride

So, who is a modern Japanese mail order bride? 

She is a single woman who wants to meet a foreign husband and is ready to migrate to his country. A woman joins one of the top Japanese brides sites, meets foreign men, starts dating one of them, and if everything goes well, he comes to Japan to take their relationship to the next level. Then they decide to get married and she migrates. Unlike mail order brides from the past, a Japanese woman doesn't sell herself to rich men and doesn't make immigration her main goal. She is rather a Japanese mail order girlfriend. Basically, that's how it works — no more, no less.

Why choose mail order bride from Japan

Before we take a closer look at the procedure of finding Japanese wives online, let's pay some attention to the national characteristics, qualities, and personality traits of Japanese beauties. What exactly makes them so attractive? What makes men use international dating sites, pay for membership and then go to Japan to meet their bride instead of finding someone in their city or at least a country? This is due to the following reasons.

Why choose mail order bride from Japan

Reason #1 – Japanese women are beautiful

Let's start with the most obvious reason why so many men look for Japanese mail order wives. Yes, as you've already guessed, it's their beauty. There is no denying that Japanese women are naturally pretty, but the thing is it's not enough for most of them. Local beauty standards ten toward light perfect skin, slim body, long legs, curly eyelashes, and gorgeous dark hair. This ideal appearance must be perfectly natural and perfectly irresistible at the same time — Japanese women for marriage usually do a lot of work to look gorgeous.

By the way, you won't see a Japanese woman wearing pajamas or old wrinkled clothes in the street. The thing is in Japanese culture, not dressing well is considered disrespectful. Local girls dress up from head to bottom — it's just a norm, a rule everyone follows.

Reason #2 – Family is the priority of beautiful Japanese girls

In fact, the desire to have a family is often the main reason why a Japanese mail order wife starts looking for a foreign husband. In Japan, a woman can have a career or a family. It's not easy for a Japanese lady to have both just because you can't just work in this country to be successful — you need to work as hard as possible and be 100% dedicated — otherwise, an employer doesn't need you.

Still, most Japanese women want to have families as they realize that you can hardly achieve true happiness without it. They are loving and loyal wives and perfect mothers who can reconcile work and family life perfectly, but the thing is it's not always possible in their home country.

Reason #3 – Mail order brides from Japan are strong, smart, and well-educated

Japanese girls are really special. On the one hand, they couldn't avoid the positive impact of modern trends. In particular, most of them enter universities, care about self-development, self-realization, and career. According to statistics, in 2018, 1.28 million Japanese women entered the universities compared to 1.19 million females in 2010. Still, as we've mentioned before, it doesn't mean that they've lost interest in family values, not at all (otherwise, there would be no Japanese mail order brides) — it just means that they are pretty self-sufficient.

Though this could seem to be an advantage (again, Japanese women don't forget about family values, they just want to have their own interests and goals), many local men are looking for brides in other Asian countries. Men from Japan often marry Thai girls, Chinese and Filipino brides because they get an advantage over a woman, and women from these countries are seeking support from men. So, everybody wins. However, Japanese mail brides who want to marry foreign men are looking for someone who'd accept and value the intelligence of a future wife and treat her with respect, and they know exactly they can find such guys in western countries.

Reason #4 – Japanese singles are more emotional that most people think

Some people think that having a Japanese wife means living a boring life with an emotionless woman. Well, it's very, very far from the truth. Yes, they are Asian girls and they prefer not to show their emotions in public and not to lose their face, but it doesn't mean they aren't passionate! This is just another stereotype.

In reality, a Japanese wife isn't cold and always calm — she's likely to have a good laugh with you, impress your friends with friendliness and intelligence, offer you to do those spontaneous things, and so on and so forth. Simply put, family life with such a girl will definitely not be boring or, as some people say, "sterile".

Reason #5 – Japanese women do not seek your money

As we've noted previously, in western culture, mail order brides are often viewed as women who are just looking for a better life in a more developed country. Well, beautiful Japanese brides just don't need to go thousands of miles away from home to solve their or their family's financial problems. On top of that, they are too proud to do anything like that. Japanese girls experience certain difficulties at home, that's true. In particular, single Japanese girls feel that social pressure at work, so they feel free and strong when achieving serious career goals if they have the possibility to get a good job.

How to date a Japanese girl?

Japanese mail order wives are not like western women — they were raised in another culture, have other traditions and views on certain things, including courtship. You can meet Japanese women who'd be interested in a serious relationship, but the thing is you also need to get her attention online and then win her heart to start dating her and then finally meet in person in Japan.

impress beautiful Japanese women

Recommendations to help you impress beautiful Japanese women

So, how to impress a Japanese girlfriend? Here are some useful tips:

  1. Declare your intentions. A Japanese mail order bride who meets a guy, who in turn, says that he really likes her and is interested in a serious relationship, won't think something is wrong with him. In western culture, rushing things is not okay, but it's totally acceptable and even encouraged in Japan.
  2. Pay special attention to the gestures and facial expressions of a Japanese bride (if you are dating online, have video chat). Learn more about what particular gestures mean in Japan — that's how most Japanese girls express their emotions, so they can tell you a lot about how your match really feels.
  3. Don't initiate conversations about sex. Western men often think it's okay to talk about sex, and nothing is wrong with it, actually, but we are talking about cultural differences. If you want to meet Japanese girls and start dating one of them, starting dirty conversations "to get really close" isn't the best idea.
  4. Family, parents, and their opinion will definitely be super important for your Japanese mail order bride. Learn as much as possible about them, show that you'll respect her parents, and try to make the best impression on them.
  5. When you finally meet a Japanese girl you've been dating in real life, forget about public kisses and hugs. This is stigmatized and generally considered inappropriate behavior.

Many men say that dating a Japanese was the best experience. Many guys also note that at the beginning, they were experiencing some difficulties mostly related to cultural differences. Use the tips that we provided to attract Japanese girls and avoid common mistakes most other guys usually make.

How to find a Japanese wife?

Generally speaking, a man who wants to meet a Japanese bride can go to Japan or choose online dating. Let's talk about going to Japan in a bit more detail first.

There are two ways to do it: move to Japan, live here and look for your ideal Asian beauty on Tinder, at local restaurants in the streets, etc. or pay for a dating tour. Obviously, the first option doesn't work for most foreign men — many of them just can't leave everything and move to another country. But what about the second option? 

Men who go on romance tours (group ones which are cheaper or individual ones which are more expensive), meet local women at dinners arranged by a dating agency manager and interact with single women (and no one but them). This is like a small party, but all the guests know they're looking for a match. Is there a chance to meet a Japanese bride on such a tour? Yes, there is a chance, but there are no guarantees, and on top of that, such tours are usually very expensive, even if you go on a group tour and compete with other men.

Basically, that's why most guys are looking for their ideal Japanese bride online, on top dating websites that have real female members from Asian countries. Japanese mail order brides are real, you only need to know how to meet them. 

Japanese wife

How to meet single Japanese women online?

First and foremost, you can't mail order Japanese brides. As we've noted previously, the dating industry doesn't work like that anymore. But you can choose one of the Japanese dating sites, meet single Japan brides online and start a relationship with one of them. Here is how it really works:

  • A man looking for a Japanese bride finds a few dating sites that claim to connect foreign men with real "Japan girls". He chooses one of them — the reliable dating platform that has real members, offers great online communication tools and reasonable prices. Note that there are many dating sites on the market, but you need to choose a really safe and reputable one to succeed.
  • On a dating site, a man uses search filters and matching services to find people who meet his main criteria. Note that the better profile he has, the more popular he'll be in the community, and the more women will contact him. He starts interacting with ladies, meets a woman he really likes and they are getting closer online (on a good dating website, members can use various tools like video chat, text chat, Admirer emails, winks, contact/meeting requests that can improve their dating experience).
  • A man dating a Japanese woman online for a pretty long time decides to take a relationship to the next level and visit Japan. They meet a few times and decide to get married.

So, here's what you should do to meet a wife in Japan:

  1. Choose a safe and trusted website with lots of real profiles, good moderation, and features
  2. Create an attractive profile
  3. Use search to find the best matches
  4. Use various communication tools to get closer to someone you like
  5. Don't delay a meeting for too long

It's not that hard to meet an Asian beauty online — you only need to find a good platform and develop an effective dating strategy.

Read also guide tells you all about finding and marrying mail order brides.


Men can really meet Japan women for marriage online. Some ladies from this country experience a lot of difficulties when trying to build happy and healthy relationships with Japanese men and view international marriages as a positive phenomenon that helps women find true love and start a happy family. They join dating sites to find an ideal match, so if you think that the key to your happiness is hidden somewhere in Japan, you can do the same thing.


How Much are Japanese Mail Order Brides?

You can’t buy a Japanese bride but you can date her and visit her in Japan. Costs vary depending on the dating site and travel style, but most men spend about $7,500 (2 two-week trips included).

Do Japanese Women Like American Men?

Yes, they do. On top of that, many local women are looking for guys from the US because they’re considered more understanding, respectful, and caring husbands, and they are just considered attractive in Japan.

Do Japanese women make good wives?

Yes, Japanese women for marriage are non-confrontational, self-sufficient, intelligent, caring, loving, and loyal wives. On top of that, they are also perfect mothers.

Are Japanese mail order brides illegal?

No, you can meet Japanese brides online, legally date them and marry one of them if you can prove that your relationship is authentic and if you’ve met each other in person within the previous two years.

How many Japanese marry foreigners?

In 2010, 4.3% or approximately 30,000 Japanese people married foreign citizens and this number is constantly growing.

Why are Japanese mail order brides so popular nowadays?

For plenty of reasons. They are well-educated, intelligent, incredibly beautiful, hard-working, loving and caring, motivated to start a family and have children, and able to reconcile family life with work.

What are the real Japanese mail order brides' views on relationships, family, and marriage?

A modern Japanese girl for marriage will hardly start a family at a young age — modern Asian women want to have a career, too, but they also understand the importance of family. A Japanese wife isn’t totally obedient to a husband — she’s rather a loyal companion, but still loving, caring, and a loyal one.


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