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Brazilian Brides

Brazilian mail order brides: dating tips and useful facts

Do Brazilian Mail Order Brides Have Attractive Peculiarities?

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Almost any man knows that Brazilian girls are bewitching and enticing. Apart from obtaining exotic features and priding themselves in their looks, they combine the greatest personal qualities, including reliability, thoughtfulness, and dedication. Brazilian brides aren’t an easy catch; they want to know why to choose a certain man judging by his actions. However, as soon as you have a lady’s attention, be sure your efforts were not in vain.

Do real Brazilian women for marriage exist?

When thinking about Brazilian females, you might wonder whether that's a good idea. If you want a feminine partner who will be both passionate and caring, attentive and courageous, ambitious and child-loving, a Brazilian bride is a perfect choice. Actually, most people associate the country with its gorgeous women, and that comes to mind even earlier than football and local carnivals. These ladies are communicative and sociable, so you will never be bored when being around them. They want to achieve heights in their careers yet dream of building strong families. In other words, Brazilian mail order brides combine the best of both worlds, becoming the perfect partners for Western men.

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Brazilian mail order brides in the US: statistics

Are there successful cases when Western men and ladies from Brazil got married? Or, maybe, the numbers that show whether women actually came to the US? Well, in the year 2010, there were 508 brides from Brazil who arrived in the country. This number is neither big nor small. One should take into account that in relationships, there is no place for the rush, so it's not surprising that ladies require time to trust their Western partners fully. As for the year 2020, approximately 431 brides from Brazil came to the US. According to another statistic, in 2019, 20.8% of Mexican brides married with children from previous relationships.

How to explain the difference in numbers?

The mentioned numbers for 2010 and 2020 differ in 18%, which might seem like not so promising statistics. However, we should take into account the situation in the world, namely the global pandemic. No wonder the number of arriving brides decreased. Still, it's a rather good amount of ladies when thinking about this data as of the number of couples who finally reunited and found happiness in each other. Actually, American gentlemen and Brazilian beauties have different mentalities and cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, the opposites attract, and a Brazilian lady will spice up your life while you provide stability. So, who knows, maybe, the next year's statistics will also include your Brazilian mail order bride?

Since online dating has become widespread, the need to ensure the safety of users. That's why the US Government has decided to adopt a couple of significant regulations regarding this area. These laws are IMBRA and VAWA; they regulate the activities concerning using mail order bride services. Let's take a more detailed look at them.

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This Act came into force on the 6th of May 2006. According to it, an American man cannot exchange contact information with foreign brides via marriage agencies and other intermediaries. A lady can't provide her address to the man with whom she communicated with the agency's help. As soon as a male starts planning a visit to the lady's country, he will need to fill in a special form, mentioning the basic information about himself. He should specify whether there were any charges against him, law violations, criminal prosecutions, criminal record, whether he was married and if he was, then how many times and how many children he has. The specialists will check all the mentioned data.

After that, the marriage agency receives the finished form and sends it to a woman, so she can examine it. In case she is ready to meet a certain man, she has to grant written permission to provide her personal information. Only after all the procedures have been undertaken, a man can legally come and visit his lover.


The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed by the US Congress in 1994. It marked a turning point in the history of the country's struggle against the problem of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The legislation regarding violence against women in the United States recognizes that domestic violence is a criminal offense, regardless of family relationship. And regardless of immigration status, a person has the right to live in safety. It is a federal law that provides for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes.

VAWA protects the rights of close relatives of permanent residents and US citizens who have become victims of physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, economic, and moral violence. VAWA also contains provisions providing for immigration support for all domestic violence victims covered by it, including those who unlawfully present in the United States (they can apply for a temporary visa).

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What is the Brazilian brides cost?

As soon as you understand what kind of woman you fancy, you start wondering about how to find a Brazilian mail order wife. In general, there are two main options: meeting a lady online or in person. They differ greatly, so it’s hard to have a comprehensive comparison. Both ways of meeting ladies are effective, yet it’s mostly about time, feelings, the stages of relationships, and costs that usually affect choosing this or that option. So, let’s first take a look at how much does it cost to meet Brazilian mail order brides online and then – in person.

The average price for using online dating websites

When deciding to use platforms that focus on mail order brides from Brazil, you get access to numerous services, both free and paid. There are opportunities to buy a premium membership to get access to a wider variety of functions or purchase credits to pay for the communications tools. You can use different means of chatting, including instant chats, video calls, or emails. They all are effective, so you can choose which one sounds more convenient. Besides, you can send “winks,” like photos, and just choose one of the automatically offered phrases to start a conversation.

All websites differ in their services and prices, as well as the cost of premium or gold memberships. However, you can do small research or read reviews to compare Brazilian wives prices. You will surely find the best place to meet a Brazilian mail order wife. On average, the price is $70 per month, but it varies depending on the services you decide to use.

The cost of real-life meeting

When it comes to Brazilian mail order wives cost for meeting in person, there are many aspects that have to be considered. It’s not simply arriving in the country and communicating with ladies right away. Thus, let’s see what is usually included in the cost of such trips:

  • round trip tickets — $750;
  • accommodation for 14 days — $630;
  • food for 14 days — $140;
  • transport for 14 days — $104;
  • entertainment for 14 days for two people — $162.

Thus, if you want to meet a Brazilian woman in real life by visiting her country, you will have to spend approximately $1786 for two weeks. The difference between a Brazilian mail order bride cost and the real-life meeting is significant — $1716. Nevertheless, it’s up to you whether you are ready to spend a significant sum of money to meet in person or prefer to get to know each other online. With the development of virtual communication tools, the interaction with other people brings only positive experience. So, you can evaluate the pros and cons and opt for the most convenient variant.

The truth about ladies from Brazil: what to expect from them?

As mentioned, Brazilian girls for marriage have unique and alluring appearances, so let’s define some of the most notable features. On average, a Brazilian lady isn’t tall, approximately 5 ft 2.5, and 137.8 lb. She might seem small, but as soon as you start communicating with her, you will see that her strong will and decisive personality compensate for it. You can find Brazilian brides of different ages, from 21 to 50 and higher, on dating websites.

The literacy rate of young Brazil girls is 99%, while two-thirds of university graduates are females. They are often occupied in such areas as health, education, food and housing, domestic services, and social services. The average age gap between Brazilian women and American men is from 2 to 10 years, yet it depends on the couple, so the numbers might differ in your case.

Closing out

Thus, finding Brazilian wife online is a great choice for men who know they want to have caring and loving partners by their side. There are many dating platforms to help you meet a soulmate, and any conversation there might help you to establish relationships. So, don’t hesitate and consider communicating with Brazilian females via the dating websites!

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