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Cost Of Russian Mail Order Brides

Many Western men don't mind getting a Russian mail order bride, but they hesitate to actually do it because they think it is way too expensive for a middle-class man. Well, online dating is not free, but is it really insanely expensive? Let's talk about Russian bride cost and try to answer this question together.

russian mail order bride prices

How much is a Russian bride?

First of all, we want to say that you cannot buy a person in any country because it's illegal. In fact, by Russian brides price we mean the amount of money you're going to spend on dating sites, wooing, travels, documentation, wedding, etc. So let's have a look at the estimated Russian brides cost together.

Communication charges

Of course, the best way to meet Russian girls is a dating service but, unfortunately, these platforms are not free. The prices start from $2.99 and, on average, most users spend about $300 per month on these sites. The entire amount of money you'll spend on dating websites depends on the amount of time you use those.

Travel costs

Prices on flight tickets from New York to Moscow start at $560. A night in a hotel will be $50-$600, depending on the hotel and room you choose. Food, transportation, and entertainment in Russia will cost you at least $300 per week, in fact, this price depends on your lifestyle, so if you prefer fancy restaurants and expensive cars, it's going to be way more expensive. Note that because of the Russian war against Ukraine many companies, including air carriers, left Russia, which is why traveling to this country now is way more difficult and expensive. All the prices presented in this article were actual before 24 Feb 2022 and now the prices can vary.

Real-life date: the expenses

If you want to make a Russian girl like you, you have to properly woo her and that costs money too. Depending on your dating style, you will spend about $500-$2,000 on restaurants, romantic surprises, presents, flowers, trips, etc. In case due to the current political situation in Russia you want to bring your beloved to the United States and date her there, it will cost you about $5,000. Of course, the exact sum depends on how much you are ready to spend on a Russian wife as well as her demands.

Bureaucratic expenses

If you want to bring a Russian mail order bride to the United States, you'll have to pay for that too. A K-1 visa for your beloved will be $265, in addition to that, you'll need to cover the expenses on a lawyer and other documentation that can cost you more than $10,000.

Dating Russian brides infographics

expenses of russian women dating
Service Cost
Transportation Starts at $100 per week
Flight tickets At least $560
Hotel $50-$600 per night
Food $200+ per week
Entertainment From $500
Total: $1,710-$5,560 per week in Moscow


Russian mail order marriage statistics

We can talk for hours about how great Russian women are, but the statistical data is way more convincing. So let's take a brief look at Russian mail order bride numbers and statistical facts.

  • 815 Russian girls married Americans in 2019
  • The average first marriage age in Russia is 26.2
  • 80% of marriages with Russian women are successful
  • An average Russian bride is 24 years old
  • Russian girlfriends for sale are rather affordable for a middle-class American
  • Russian girls are mind-blowing popular on online dating sites

The statistical data proves that a Russian mail order wife is definitely worth your attention, so why don't you go ahead and get the best online dating experience?

Russian mail order wives costs

It probably wouldn't be a surprise for you if we told you that Russian mail order brides cost varies depending on the region and country. Thus, let us talk about how much does it cost to get a Russian wife in certain countries. Please note that all the prices have been accurate before the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which is why the prices can be different now. We provide them for you to have an image of what were the prices, and later we will update them for you.

russian mail order wife cost

For the USA

A flight ticket from Moscow to New York for your beloved cost at least $250. Plus, grooms had to pay for the K-1 visa, which cost $265. Lawyer and other documentation expenses can be up to $10,000. Lastly, the prices for weddings in the United States start at $27,000.

For Canada

Prices on flight tickets to Canada started from $400, but if your girlfriend has a lot of baggage,  the price can be way higher. In addition to that, grooms had to cover the sponsorship program that cost $850. Finally, lawyer, documentation, moving process, as well as wedding can be around $30,000.

For the UK

A one-way flight ticket from Russia to the UK was about $100-$200. However, note that grooms also had to cover visa documentation expenses, which could be up to $3,000-$4,000. Plus, a wedding in the United Kingdom costs about $32,000-$35,000.

For Australia

A one-way flight ticket from Russia to Australia cost $400-$1,000.  However, the most expensive thing here is visa documentation that cost $7,715. In case you would like to get married in Australia, the wedding costs are about $36,000. Unfortunately, for many Australians, Russian mail order bride cost is pretty high.

Pros and cons of marrying a Russian woman

Once we've figured out Russian bride cost, let's talk about the reasons why you should consider marrying Russian women, as well as the disadvantages of dating them. So here come the pros and cons of dating Russian ladies.


  • Dating services are affordable for most Western guys
  • Russian women for marriage are stunningly gorgeous
  • Most Russian women are smart and educated
  • A Russian lady knows how to make her man happy
  • Mail order bride services are simple to use
  • Russian mail bride cost is not that high
  • You'll get to know Russian culture
  • Russian wives are loyal


  • Russian dating culture requires a man to pay for literally everything
  • Russian dating sites are not scam-free
  • Russian wife cost is insane in some countries
  • Using a dating site is not as romantic as meeting someone in real life
  • The political situation in Russia has negatively influenced online dating structure in the country

Final thoughts

Bride prices in Russia are rather affordable for most Western men. Of course, the political situation in Russia made it more difficult to find a bride there. But if you really want to marry such a woman, you should definitely try to do that.

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