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Vietnamese brides and singles

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vietnamese girl
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Claire, 24
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
About me:

I'm entirely convinced, that relationship builds on trust and loyalty. I don’t care about man's appearance and the most important for me is his soul! I need a responsible, loyal and honest person next to me in my life!

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Vietnamese Brides: Why Are They So Desired?

Vietnam has always been popular among Western men who adore Asian women. And it's easy to understand why: Vietnamese women for marriage are stunning, have great values, and are focused more on creating a happy family than building a career. In some traits, Vietnamese brides are polar opposite to western ladies, and that's why guys are into them. If you also choose Vietnam over other Asian countries or want to explore why Vietnamese wives are so desired, enjoy our complete guide on relationships with sexy Vietnamese singles!

vietnamese woman for dating in jacket

When you see that 11% of all mail order brides that came to the US in 2019 were Vietnamese women for marriage, there is no way to question their popularity. But what's the secret of these successful relationships?

Why do American men choose to travel thousands of miles to get a lovely Vietnamese wife and not just marry someone locally? And why do hot Vietnamese girls take the risk of starting a relationship with a guy with a different mentality, and it usually requires living their current life behind and moving to the new country?

There are so many questions to answer. And you can get all the answers you seek about dating Vietnamese brides for sale and the peculiarities of relationships in our article. So be careful: after reading this article, you'll want to meet Vietnamese women straight away!

The beauty of Vietnamese women

Guys usually rave about the beauty of Asian women. We are sure that you do love them, too! And the good news is that Vietnamese girls for marriage are often considered to be the most attractive girls from Asian countries—and we are not joking!

beauty of vietnamese women

The thing is, mail order brides from Vietnam are not just naturally pretty. Because of historical and geographical factors, they have a perfect mix of eastern and western genes, which results in a unique look. It's hard to compare them to Thai brides or other ladies from the region as their appearance is very distinctive:

  • Amazing bodies
  • Dark long hair
  • White skin
  • Cute Asian facial features

It might not be that different if you compare Asian beauties to Norwegian brides, but real Vietnamese women are just...stunning. When you see such a girl in the street, she will 100% attract you, that's a fact. If you want your future wife to be not just attractive but also have oriental charm and be really hot, the Vietnamese girls are the best you can find.

Core character traits

One of the main reasons why Vietnamese ladies are so popular among foreign men is their unconditional loyalty. When they love their partner deeply, pretty Vietnamese brides don't care about anyone else. They won't even think about jeopardizing the love they have for a random fling.

Another core trait of a typical Vietnamese lady is her support of her man. With such a girlfriend, you will always feel like you have a 24/7 cheerleading team with you. Also, unlike most ladies from the US, beautiful Vietnamese women are not spoiled by attention and compliments. Well, they do know that they are attractive, but Vietnamese mail order wives are usually not the ones to show off. They are quite shy and modest.

Traditional views

Vietnamese culture is quite traditional and family-centered. Such a cultural background makes Vietnamese women pretty conservative and romantic, which influences how they build relationships.  The traditional approach to family makes local females perfect partners and wives.

But even though Vietnamese society still has strong gender stereotypes, beautiful Vietnamese women are not treated like the weaker sex. For example, in the countryside, females often do the same work as men; many manage the budget or even run their own business. But still, mail order Vietnamese brides are expected to show respect for their parents and treat their husbands as the leaders of the family.

Focus on family

Being beautiful and having traditional values is cool, but why do most Vietnamese ladies make good wives? The reason lies in their focus on building a strong family. Again, it's all about their culture. From a young age, girls are taught its importance. And even in the 21st century, it remains extremely important in Vietnam. Unlike Americans, who are more focused on career, the Vietnamese women for marriage always put family first. It doesn't mean that all dream of being a housewife and stay-at-home mum. But they don't tend to delay marrying and having children in their late 30s.

vietnamese girl for marriage

Healthy lifestyle

Nearly 12.7% of American adult women smoke cigarettes, and that's a huge problem. Fortunately, only 5% of Vietnamese ladies smoke. Women don't also drink much alcohol in Vietnam. In fact, <5% of ladies consume alcohol at all, which contributes to their health and beauty. And if compared to the US females, shockingly, nearly half of the adult women reported drinking in the last 30 days. Have you ever wondered why Vietnamese brides look younger than their age? Well, now you know the answer!

Non-materialistic ideals

Yes, Vietnamese girls usually care about spiritual things more than materialistic things. But we don't mean that they don't care about money at all. Let's be honest, any relationship, whether we want that or not, is partly dependent on money. And even financial problems are the number one reason for divorce globally.

The thing is, Vietnamese brides are taught to value what they have. They know how to save money and use them responsibly. For sure, a Vietnam bride cares about the prosperity of her future family, but wealth is not an important factor when they are looking for a foreign husband.

How to get a Vietnamese mail order bride: Full guide

Now that you discovered so much about mail order brides from Vietnam, let's see how you can get one. Explore the options you have and pick the most suitable for you!

how to get a vietnamese bride

Find a good mail order bride website

First, let's make it clear that you have a lot of options on how to find a Vietnamese wife for sale. You can join different dating services, travel to Vietnam, or go on a bride tour. But not all options are equally effective and have different pros and cons that we are going to explore.

If you want your love search to actually work out, you need to find a reliable dating site. Mail order brides platforms are usually of 2 types:

  1. International dating sites. Such mail order brides websites have ladies from all over the world. If you are not yet sure that you want to stick just with hot Vietnamese women for marriage and want to have European, Chinese brides, and other foreign women to be thrown into the mix—international dating services are the best option for you.
  2. Mono-national dating websites. These platforms have girls from a particular region or country. For example, Asian Melodies specializes in mail order brides just from the Asian region, which makes the search for the right woman easier.

When you find a Vietnamese mail order bride site, you must make sure that it is 100% safe and that girls on-site have a genuine interest in finding lifetime partners and not just playing around looking for a sponsor. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Check the site's safety (SSL certificates and the protection technologies).
  • Explore payment gateways (If the site you choose uses protection technologies, like VBV (Verified By Visa) and MCSC (MasterCard Security Code) or if it accepts PayPal payments).
  • See if beautiful Vietnamese brides are real (Check anti-scam filters and read websites' policies on scams).
  • Check if there is an option to block suspicious profiles.
  • Don't join mail order brides sites that don't verify the profiles of women.
  • Check prices. Free dating sites are usually less secure and are full of scammers as they are not spending a cent on it. But on sites like Asian Melodies, you are paying for communication, which lowers the risks of scamming.

The choice of a trustworthy site for dating Vietnamese brides might not be the easiest task. But if you take your time, use our advice and check out all the recommendations, you'll find an ideal place for you. Being cautious online is a guarantee of a positive experience with Vietnamese mail order beauties.

Attract Vietnamese women online

The secret to attracting the hottest Vietnamese bride lies in creating a profile that will be eye-catching. But how to make it? It's actually quite simple. Use these 2 simple tips to attract the best mail order brides from this beautiful country.

Firstly, choose and add your best photos. Your user pic and any other photos you want to share must maximize your looks and show your lifestyle. Don't use just selfies, but choose some good full-body photos, a few that show your face, and if you have some professionally done pics, add them too. You should have 5-7 photos in total, where you are the center of attention that will help attract the right lady for marriage.

Secondly, think about creative bio. Most of the dating sites have a place for a short bio that can show your personality a bit. Generally, take time to fill in all the information on your profile as your future Vietnamese mail order wife will read it and decide if you are compatible. The majority of users decide whether to approach someone based on photos first and then profile info. So, showcase your hobbies, values, interests, dreams, and life goals. You don't need to write an essay, but the more details you give, the better matches you'll get.

Follow these 2 easy steps and stand out among other foreign men on the dating site you choose. If you join a site like Eastern Honeys of Asian Melodies that are very popular, you need to be ready to compete for the attention and hearts of the most beautiful girls.

Travel to Vietnam to get a hot Vietnamese wife

Visiting Vietnam and meeting your woman in real life is an important part of an international relationship. If you choose to look for a potential bride by competing with local guys IRL, a trip to the country can be a real adventure. But even if you opt to date online, sooner or later, you still will be expected to come to the country to meet your hot Vietnamese bride in Ho Chi Minh City or her hometown.

When you come to see your beautiful Vietnamese mail order girl for the first time, you should be a gentleman. Many brides believe that men from the west are well-mannered, kind, and manly at the same time. So, don't disappoint your woman! They are not expecting a knight in shining armor, but how you'll behave will play a significant role in how your relationship will develop. Here are some more tips on what to do and not do on the first date with a gorgeous Vietnamese woman:

  • Don't drink too much. As we already mentioned, girls from Vietnam don't drink a lot, so getting wasted on the first date will be weird.
  • Cover expenses. We are not just talking about not splitting the bill if you choose to have a restaurant date, but also paying for her Uber or other transport she'll take. It's cheap in Vietnam but shows your care.
  • Don't try to kiss her. Usually, if a Vietnamese bride has serious intentions and sees you as a potential husband, she won't show her affection on the first date.

These tips are not hard to follow. A lot of beautiful Vietnamese mail order women are into Western men and choose them over local men. So, your chances to woo a sexy woman from this country are high. Don't waste your chance on meeting the love of your life, and register on one of the brides sites.

Wonder how to build a happy relationship with Vietnamese girls for marriage? Despite all the cultural differences and traditions of Vietnamese people, it's not that difficult. Most brides are searching for a loving husband who will treat them right—if you meet these Vietnamese girls' requirements, you are a great candidate. Also, we recommend you focus on online dating because it's much simpler, and you can get a fixed price for it if compared to offline dating.


Are Vietnamese Brides Legal?

Yes. Dating and marrying brides from Vietnam is 100% legal. You can even tie the knot with a Vietnamese woman in the US or her country and then apply for a green card if your union is real.

What Is A Vietnamese Mail Order Wife Price?

There is no universal price. But on average, communication services to chat with your woman are around $50 per month. Your travel expenses include $500-$700 for tickets, the cost of living in Hanoi is around $500-$1,000 per week, and the actual wedding is $5,000-$7,000.

What Is The Vietnamese Bride Relationship Success Rates?

Mail order bride sites don't collect such statistics because it's hard to do it. But according to the surveys, more than 80% of mail order bride relationships last for more than 3 years. Yet, there are no statistics solely on Vietnamese mail order dating.

What is the Average Age Of Marriage In Vietnam?

On average, the first marriage of girls from Vietnam happens at around 22-23. And actually, it's much lower than in other Asian mail order bride countries (China—25 years, South Korea—30 years, Japan—29 years).

How Does My Vietnamese Wife Receive A US Green Card?

Your wife can apply for a green card after marriage, regardless of whether it happened in the US or not. But USCIS can deny the application due to a criminal record or prior immigration fraud. You must prove that your love is real.

Do Vietnamese Women Like US Men?

Yes, Vietnamese beauties often think that men from the US are better husbands and fathers. They also think that Americans are better for marriage as they treat their wives with respect and care. But also many ladies think that Westerns are just more handsome.

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