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Taiwanese brides

Taiwanese mail order brides: dating tips and useful facts

How To Find Beautiful Taiwanese Mail Order Bride?

Some men love Asian girls (especially those who live in South Asia) because of the stereotype that they are submissive and shy, the others love Asian women (especially the girls from the Republic of Korea and Japan) because they are modern and progressive. Taiwanese girls combine these two qualities — they are a little traditional and independent at the same time, and it’s just perfect. Almost each of them can be a stay-at-home mom — because they were raised according to the traditions of their parents. But almost each of them can also have a very successful career — because they are really very smart, intelligent, and they think that men and women must have equal rights.

They are what we call the best of both worlds — and if you want to know more about them, simply continue reading. We’ll tell you some dating tips, we’ll talk about these ladies in more detail, and we’ll also answer some of the most common questions about beautiful Taiwanese brides here!

beautiful Taiwanese woman

Taiwanese mail order brides: where to find them?

One of the best things about Taiwan is that it’s a progressive liberal country which means there is no Internet censorship, and the rate of Internet penetration is very high. That’s why we can safely say that millions of women use Facebook, Tinder, and other dating platforms — so at first sight, it looks like it’s extremely easy to date these girls online.

However, it’s not that easy. First, Taiwanese girls are usually not so fond of dating people on Facebook. Secondly, they often use Tinder for purposes different from those Western women use this app for. It's not quite a hookup app in Taiwan; it's much more like an app for those who want to find friends and for those who are looking for a serious relationship. If you prefer online dating, check out some niche dating websites with Taiwanese girls for marriage (these websites are called mail order bride platforms or agencies). Such platforms are usually full of beautiful young girls who are searching for foreign men with serious intentions. These sites are often not free, but they (most of them) are worth the money — they usually offer lots of messaging tools, video chat, translation services, etc.

You can also try that old-fashioned offline dating — it’s quite possible to approach beautiful Taiwanese girls on the streets or in the bars. They love foreigners, and they are often very open-minded and ready to try new things. If the color of your skin is white, the chances are quite high that you will score some brownie points even before you talk to a Taiwanese girl. To all the black men here: unfortunately, some Asian women, even the young ones, are sometimes a little racist towards black men, but it's definitely not the majority of them. Many Taiwanese young women speak English fluently, so you will not have any problems with approaching them on the streets of Taipei or whatever city you are interested in.

Are Taiwanese girls for marriage really that gorgeous?

The short answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what country are you from and what women do you prefer; these girls are certainly worth dating. Here, we’ll tell you 7 reasons why you just can’t miss Taiwanese mail order brides!

Taiwanese wives extremely beautiful

Some people call Taiwanese women the most beautiful women in Asia, but we don't want to talk about stereotypes here. We believe that you only need to do one thing to understand what we are talking about here: just sign up for any dating platform with Taiwanese girls and take a look at the profile photos of these ladies. Dark eyes, clear pale skin, amazing skinny figures, small waists, classic Asian faces — these women are just gorgeous, and if you love Asian beauty, you will certainly not be disappointed in Taiwan. They do also take good care of themselves, they love healthy foods, and they have perfect makeup skills. Another cool thing about Taiwanese girls is that they age slowly, and they often look younger than they really are.

cute Taiwanese lady

A Taiwanese girl for marriage is progressive and independent

They earn good money, they are well-employed, they are financially independent, and they are very intelligent. These women are not like some other Asian ladies (especially those who live in Southeast Asian countries) — they are not too traditional and not conservative at all, and they are very similar to Western women in terms of equal rights and gender equality.

Women of Taiwan are very outgoing and open-minded

They are always open to new opportunities and ideas, and they love foreigners (we'll talk about it a little later). However, their attitude towards flirt is often quite negative — lots of Taiwanese girls view flirtation as something bad. It's about the Taiwanese traditions and culture — despite this country is very progressive and all that, Taiwanese society is quite sanctimonious.

Taiwanese ladies are well-educated and intelligent

This country is one of the top-performing OECD states in literacy, mathematics, and sciences. It has one of the most highly educated labor forces in the world, and there are no discrimination and poverty that shut out millions of women of education in other countries. Taiwanese women are very smart and well-educated, and there are hundreds of thousands of young women who can speak English well (especially in the biggest cities). Oftentimes, they know English much better than the mainland girls!

Taiwanese mail order wives are direct and pragmatic

More than 95% of Taiwanese people are of Han Chinese descent, which means they are as direct, straightforward, and pragmatic, as Chinese people. They are practical and results-oriented, and they are usually doers, not dreamers — and what's even more important, Taiwanese ladies don't usually play games and flake out. If you want to find a straightforward Asian girl, think of dating a Taiwanese woman.

At the same time, they a Taiwanese wife is sweet and caring

Sweet, kind, and caring — let's be honest, it's pretty hard to find such women. However, it becomes much easier when you go to Taiwan — most women here do everything for their boyfriends and husbands to make them feel happy. They say sweet things, they do sweet things, and they always support their partners. Doesn't it sound like a perfect woman?

Ladies from Taiwan are fond of foreigners

You’ve probably heard about a so-called “yellow fever”, but the thing is that "yellow fever" is a two-way street. We don't want to say that 100% of Taiwanese women for marriage are fond of foreigners, but still, most of them really see Western men as better romantic partners than Asian men. It doesn't mean that these girls are "easy", but you'll definitely have high chances to attract a Taiwanese girl.

pretty Taiwanese girl

Taiwanese brides: how to date them?

Now, let’s talk about another important topic: dating Taiwanese girls. The dating culture in Taiwan differs from the dating culture in other countries, and you surely need to know at least something about Taiwanese dating etiquette before you arrange a date. So, how to impress your partner on the first date? How to not spoil everything? Read this list to know the answers!

  • Pay the bill or at least offer to pay. You can think that Taiwanese girls prefer going Dutch because they are progressive and modern, but that’s not how it works in this country. According to our experience and according to the experience of thousands of men who date Taiwanese girls, these women love it when men pay for the first date. This is another thing they love in foreigners because Taiwanese guys are often a bit stingy.
  • Show her that you have a plan for the future. Taiwanese women are not gold-diggers, but they love ambitious men who know what they want (and they also love men who know how to achieve their goals).
  • Be a gentleman — these ladies are independent and all that, but they still love when men treat them like queens. Be a gentleman, and she’ll appreciate it.
  • Buy her a gift… But avoid white flowers, shoes, and handkerchiefs.
  • Learn Mandarin. At least a few phrases. Taiwanese girls know English quite well, but it’s always a cool thing when you can say at least a few phrases in your girlfriend’s language.


Are you searching for an Asian woman but tired of submissive and shy girls? Do you want your future wife to be progressive and well-educated? Or are you just attracted to Asian beauties? Then, choose a Taiwanese mail order bride. These women are gorgeous, smart, modern, loyal, and straightforward — so we can safely say that these women are worth your time and efforts that will make them fall in love with you.

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