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Beautiful Asian Women – How Pretty Are They?

Finding a cute Asian girl is not difficult for many reasons. First of all, ladies from Asia can boast of a unique beauty that drives millions of American men crazy. Indeed, Asian beauty is exceptional. Ladies from this region are usually very tender, gracious, elegant, and graceful. In this article, we are going to help you to understand what are the traditional personality traits of women from each Asian country. You will see that all the Eastern countries have its specialties that influence the way the ladies from those countries look and act. Additionally, we will share with you the information about real Asian women who are famous for their impeccable beauty.

beautiful asian woman with black hair

Asian countries with brides online

Let’s start your journey to the world of Asian dating by defining the most popular places where you can enjoy wonderful communication with girls for marriage. We also want to present information regarding differences between women from different Asian regions. By learning such information, you are going to understand what is the most suitable country with brides for you may be!


Beautiful Asian girls from this country are vastly popular among American guys. Such popularity can be explained by the fact that there are many girls that you can find from China. Millions of brides sign up on dating services, seeking a chance to communicate with men from the United States and maybe even find a life partner among them.

People in China pay a lot of attention to how they look - and Chinese ladies try to always look perfect because of it and be feminine. They certainly know how to drive a man crazy “using” their charm and beauty. Even though the girls’ views have been slowly replaced by Western values and views with their freedom of self-expression, Chinese brides can be easily considered the most beautiful women in the world and Asia, as they still keep caring about how they look a lot. We mean, really a lot.


Japanese girls for marriage are incredibly cute. People in this country also pay a lot of attention to the beauty and appearance of women. Ladies there are extremely fashionable and know how to dress for any occasion with an impeccable taste. Girls from this country are also very popular among Western guys who seek beautiful, interesting, and fascinating women for marriage. Later in the article, we are going to tell you what are the key elements of Japanese style and charm.

pretty asian girl in red swimming suit

The Philippines

Pretty Asian girls from this country are among most desired ladies to date online. The beauty of these women is exceptional. This country is placed 4th by the number of wins in the Miss Universe competition, which means that this country is definitely a great place to seek a date online.


Thai mail order brides are known for being petite and very feminine. You can also find thousands of girls for marriage from this country. Some guys say that Thai women are the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world, and they may be absolutely right. Even though the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a beautiful Asian woman from Thailand is definitely worth your time and attention!


Lastly, it is paramount to mention Korea as it is considered the world’s capital of beauty. Indeed, this country has an incredible number of beautiful and sexy girls. They also focus on high-quality care a lot. Korean skincare lines are the most known and loved in the world with their high quality and amazing effects - Korean beauties look perfect because of the proper use of some products as well. Indeed, this country consumes more cosmetic products than any other country in the world. Women here know how to look brilliantly and enjoy doing so. This country is definitely worth your attention!

cute korean girl in black lingerie

The beauty of Asian mail order brides

Now that we have mentioned the most popular countries with girls for dating, it is high time to mention a few things about their appearance. While it is possible to say that Asian women share a lot of similarities with each other, each country has a unique appearance. Each woman is unique and special, and we would like to help you understand what the most significant differences in appearance are!

Cute Asian women from Japan

Let’s begin with Japanese women for marriage. Girls from this country usually have lighter and whiter skin tone. Ladies here try to get tanned as little as possible: in Japan, light skin is incredibly valued. Japanese ladies usually have small faces with fine features and high-bridged nose. Moreover, women from this country usually have very long legs – Japanese brides are the tallest in entire Asia!

Interesting fact: since women from this location have quite narrow eyes, they dream about double eyelid (just like the ladies with curly hair dream about straight shiny hair.) Double eyelids are considered a beauty standard, which is why most Asian women, including Japanese girls, seek out surgery to obtain them.

Women from Thailand

So, what makes Thai women so popular among American men? Well, these ladies have silky-smooth and tanned skin, petite figures, and beautiful faces. Girls from this country usually have wider noses and foreheads, larger eyes, and wider smiles, if we compare them to the ladies from other Asian regions. Moreover, ladies from Thailand are not very tall. They enjoy wearing bright colors and fashionable clothes. Thai women know how to look attractive and sexy.

pretty thai lady

A beautiful Asian woman from China

Ladies from this country share a lot of similarities with Japanese girls. In China, beauty trends are the following: the skin should “not only be pale, but as white as possible” the face should be small and “shaped like an upside-down goose egg”, and the body should be slim and “hopefully tall with long legs and small feet.” The concept of white skin tone has been highly appraised in this country for centuries, and even though the original reason is now no more applicable, beautiful women from China still try to make their skin as white as possible. Again, the double eyelid is considered beautiful in East Asian society, which is why women from countries like China, Japan, and Korea go through surgery to create it.

The Philippines: the place for the most beautiful women

Ladies from this country can be easily considered unique. Filipino women represent a combination of different elements of their neighbors, creating a unique standard of beauty. Ladies from the Philippines usually have round faces - what’s interesting is a lot of newspapers and magazine illustrations usually show the women with oval faces to us.

Eyes of cute Asian women from this location are lively. The nose of a traditional Filipino girl should be of the blunt form but firm and strongly marked. These brides are not trying to make their skin exceptionally white: they like their “caramel” complexion. Girls from this country are definitely beautiful!

Cute Asian girls from Korea

Lastly, we would like to mention a few words about gorgeous and sexy Korean ladies for marriage. One of the definitive elements of Korean beauty is the eyes. Women from this country have very large and bright eyes, and many girls follow the trends and undergo surgeries to make their eyes look as large as possible. Korean brides tend to do more natural makeup, while girls from other Asian countries enjoy using darker eyeliners and stronger makeup. Korean beauty standards also value slim figures – you are going to find thousands of mail order brides who are petite and lovely!

lovely asian woman

Celebrities and famous women from Asia

Well, we have covered a lot of information about girls from different Asian countries. However, these are just words, and it is almost impossible to describe the beauty of cute Asian women with them only. In this section, we would like to offer you a chance to see the brightest and most popular ladies from the countries mentioned above! Our dating experts have searched for the most beautiful and elegant girls from different countries specifically for you!

The Philippines

There are many girls who are worthy of being included in this list. However, we would like to offer you the most beautiful and well-known ladies from this country:

  • Pia Wurtzbach – Miss Universe 2015 from the Philippines. She is a professional model, actress, host, and TV personality. She is a perfect representative of the Filipino beauty!
  • Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray – an exceptionally beautiful woman. Gray is the 4th Filipina to win the Miss Universe competition. She also holds titles for the Miss World Philippines 2016 and Miss Universe Philippines 2018. Her elegance and beauty are beyond any description!
  • Elizabeth Soberano – a Filipino-American actress. She is one of the most popular Filipino women in the world and definitely a very attractive and sexy lady!


Japanese women are stunningly cute and sexy. And we are going to prove it!

  • Riyo Mori – a Japanese actress, dancer, model, and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2017. She defines the essence of Japanese beauty!
  • Yui Aragaki – a Japanese actress, model, and idol (a famous singer in Asia.) She was selected as the most beautiful woman in Japan several times for the previous years!
  • Yukie Nakama – a Japanese actress, singer, and former idol. She is the embodiment of traditional Japanese beauty, no doubt about that!
cute asian girl with big eyes


  • Li Bingbing – an incredibly popular and world-famous Chinese actress, model, and singer. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in China.
  • Song Qian – a very popular singer, model, and actress that is praised for her singing skills, beauty, and elegance.
  • Zhao Wei – one of the most popular actresses in China and Chinese-speaking regions. She’s an icon of style, beauty, and grace.


Korea is one of the largest Asian countries with the sexiest and the most attractive women.

  • Im Jin-ah – a Korean sex idol. She is a talented K-Pop artist, actress, and model. She is an incredible dancer and singer, and her talents with her flawless skin and body are the main reasons why so many people adore her and why so many men fall for her.
  • Song Hye-kyo – a South Korean actress that was considered one of the most beautiful women in Korea for several years in a row.
  • Park Min-young – another sexy and exceptionally beautiful Korean actress and model. Now she is in the list of the most popular female Korean stars.

Lovely ladies from Thailand

Thai ladies are among the most beautiful Asians. Being charming and tender, they remain very popular women to date and marry.

  • Praya Lundberg – a Thai actress, model, and spokesperson, Praya Lundberg is the best example of a fit, sexy, and graceful woman from Thailand.
  • Araya Alberta Hargate – a beautiful actress, model, and host.
  • Lydia Sarunrat Deane – a Thai’s most popular R&B idol. She is considered the most popular Artist in Thailand and one of the most beautiful women in the country.


There is no Asian country with the best and most beautiful women for marriage. Everything depends on your preferences and needs. Nevertheless, we can guarantee you that each of the above-mentioned countries has a vast number of sexy, beautiful, and passionate women for marriage!

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