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Kazakhstan brides

Kazakhstan brides dating: all you wanted to know about these girls

Kazakhstan Brides Are Waiting For You — Read And Know How To Date Them!

Kazakh women make fantastic brides to foreigners, and we have at least five arguments to prove it:

  • They are very modest and unspoiled by men’s attention because they don’t go out too much.
  • Kazakh women value their education and consider intelligence to be one of the greatest gifts.
  • They are easily adaptable and can get used to living in all kinds of new conditions.
  • Kazakhstan brides seem shy, but they are willing to open to the right man.
  • They are great with money and don’t need expensive gifts.

Here, we will talk about these awesome girls in more detail — so if you want to know more about Kazakh girls for marriage (like, how to date them and why are they so popular), you have definitely come to the right place!

beautiful Kazakhstan bride

Why exactly Kazakhstan mail order brides?

There are dozens of reasons why you should pay attention to Kazakh women for marriage, and here, you will find the most important of them. We haven’t mentioned a lot of interesting facts here, but don’t worry — even these 5 reasons will most likely convince you that these women are 100% worth dating.

They are very beautiful

Seriously, they are very beautiful. We usually don’t focus on beauty because it’s certainly not the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing a wife, but here, we’ve decided to start with the fact that they are beautiful — that's how hot they are.

It’s about their history and the mixture of genes. Kazakhs were originally Caucasoid people who were later colonized and invaded by Turks, Mongols, and Slavs (mostly Russians), etc. It means that modern Kazakhstan people are related to Russians, Persians, Turks, and Mongols. As a result, now, we have two types of Kazakh girls: those with blonde hair and dark skin and those with black hair and light skin. Most of them have a note of Asian, of course (but it's far from, say, Chinese people), there are also lots of European looking Kazakh girls here, but most of the young girls who live in Kazakhstan look like a mix of Asian and Russian beauties. The term "best of both worlds" is used very often nowadays, but these are literally the best four words to describe Kazakh brides.

And of course, these women put a lot of effort in self-care — they know how to dress stylishly, they love fitness and diets, and they know a lot about makeup.

Kazakh women for marriage are a little traditional... and progressive at the same time

Kazakhstan is a Muslim country (70% of its population is Muslim), so it makes sense that women who live in this country are quite traditional — think of Arab countries and you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. But the good news is that most women you'll meet are not that Arab-type Muslim women who wear hijabs and khimars. They are strong, intelligent, and they are more like Western girls in this regard — again, it’s “best of both worlds” situation when Kazakh brides are family-oriented and traditional but at the same time they see nothing wrong in having a career and in achieving their goals. Isn’t it just perfect?

cute Kazakhstan lady

Kazakh girls love foreign men!

It’s a common thing for almost all Asian countries — that “yellow fever” is a two-way street, and while lots of foreigners go crazy over Asian girls, Asian girls often go crazy over foreign guys. However, Kazakh women are not as easy as some other Asian women — Kazakhstan is surely not the best place to get super-fast sex, like some Southeast Asian countries. One-night stands can happen here, of course — but we can safely say that the absolute majority of Kazakh brides are certainly NOT easy.

They make perfect wives

How do you call a woman who is always loyal, who is a perfect homemaker, and who is willing to do her best to make her partner happy? And if this woman is also extremely beautiful and well-educated? A perfect wife material, we believe.

Kazakh mail order wives are very marriage-minded

Many Western women now think that they have to get a career first, and only after that, they should find a husband. In Kazakhstan, the situation is completely opposite: most of these women believe that marriage is more important than a career.

Why are Kazakhstan women looking for foreign husbands?

Mail order marriage is a growing trend among single Kazakh girls for two main reasons. First, they feel like they are destined for a better life than their home country can give them. Second, they are simply attracted to the generic image of a Western man they have in their heads and believe they can find the desired male qualities through marriage with a foreigner.

Kazakh mail order brides: most useful facts

That’s not all — there are some other important facts you have to know about these women before you start dating them. Like, do you know that most of the girls you’ll find can speak English well? And what about having sex after the first date? We’ll tell you everything you need to know here!

  1. You will most likely have to deal with that well-known “Slavic cold”. As we've said, a Kazakhstan wife is somewhat a mix between Russian and Asian girls, and this is another thing they have in common with Russians. Sometimes, they are quite cold with their emotions — they are far from Italian or Spanish girls in this regard. However, even if your date acts indifferent, it doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't like you — that just means that her emotions are inside her, not outside.
  2. Kazakh girls for marriage often speak English quite well. They learn English in schools, and almost all the Kazakh girls for marriage can speak English quite well. If you don't know English, don't worry — most of the Kazakh people also speak Russian, and if you know Turkish, you'll be able to understand something (at least some basic things). And you can also pay for the translation services, of course.
  3. Sex on the first date is quite uncommon here — even if Kazakhstan is not as conservative as some other Muslim countries, Kazakh women are still quite old-fashioned when it comes to getting intimate too fast. Kissing on the first date is uncommon, too — but you can expect to get a kiss even if it’s your first meeting.
  4. Women from Northern Kazakhstan differ from women who live in the South. South Kazakh girls are more traditional, they are a little more conservative than the ladies from the North, they are often more religious, and in general, it's quite unlikely to meet a Kazakh mail order bride from the Southern part of this country.
pretty Kazakhstan woman

Dating tips

Kazakh brides differ from Western, Asian, Arab, and African girls — they have different traditions and of course, they have a different dating culture. Here, we’ll tell you 6 useful tips that will help you to have an amazing first date.

  • Chivalry still works here. Everything is very simple — just open the car door for your partner, take her coat at the restaurant, make eye contact, etc. These women really love it when their men do all these small chivalrous acts. And don’t forget to pay for the date: in Kazakhstan, this is very important. Kazakh women expect their husbands and boyfriends to pay for all the dates, that’s how it works in this country (as well as in any other post-Soviet state, by the way).
  • They love romantic men. We don't want to tell you that you have to write your Kazakh bride a poem, of course. It's all about small romantic gestures, like giving your partner little gifts, buying her flowers, hugging her in public (it's not forbidden in Kazakhstan), etc.
  • You must look good to attract these girls. It isn’t the most important thing for them, of course — but if you don’t look neat and tidy, your chances with a beautiful Kazakh mail order bride are quite low.
  • Make decisions, be the leader, and have no hesitation. It’s a traditional country, so your Kazakh girlfriend will most likely expect you to be the leader in your relationship. It’s important to ask her opinion, of course, but don’t forget that it’s you who makes the decisions.
  • Keep it casual. The first date shouldn’t be formal and too expensive. The coffee date will work perfectly, as well as an art gallery, a park, a bar — all these places are a great option for your first date with a Kazakh girl.


Do you love Asian girls? Are you looking for an extremely beautiful Asian woman who will be a perfect wife? In this case, Kazakh girls are exactly what you need. They are loyal, hot, smart, and quite traditional — and what’s even more important, there are tens of thousands of these girls who are searching for a foreign man.

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