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Cambodian brides and singles

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Li Ling, 26
Cambodia, Phnom Penh
About me:

Many girls of my age want to meet a guy who is rich and handsome. They are pursuing materialistic goals. While some might agree that it is quite normal, I believe that relationships should be based on love. I am a romantic person and believe that love can be found everywhere.

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Cambodian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Perfect Bride

Cambodia might not be the most popular country in Southeast Asia, but Cambodian brides are definitely the most charming. And as not many Western guys know about the beauty and wonderful personalities of single Cambodian women, you can benefit from that. Learn how to meet hot Cambodian women for marriage and find out what is the secret key to their hearts!

cambodian mail order bride smiling

A Brief Lesson On The Local Culture

International relationships work only when both in a couple are open to exploring a foreign country, history, traditions, and beliefs. If you have serious intentions of getting Cambodian mail order brides you need to learn more about the whole country and core things that might be important for your relationship.

  • 93% of people in the country are Buddhist. And as religion has always impacted society, it has an influence on local girls too.  Like Israeli brides, Cambodian ladies are calm, respectful, and non-confrontational. From a young age, they learn how to value spiritual things more than material things.
  • Dowry is still a thing in Cambodia. Regardless of whether local or foreign man, a potential husband is expected to come to pay a dowry for a gorgeous Cambodian wife as a symbol of readiness and commitment.
  • Tying a red ribbon. The wedding ceremony will end with the family members from both sides tying a red string around their wrists as a symbol of unity and eternal love.

These are only a few interesting sneak picks of Cambodian culture. The country is rich in interesting traditions and beliefs, which can be a great topic of discussion with your lovely Cambodian bride when you start dating.

Why do Cambodian brides want to become mail order?

If you visit any of the dating services with Asian hotties you'll see that there are many gorgeous Cambodian mail order wives online who are looking for a foreign husband. But why do they register to dating sites as anyone with beauty like theirs should be even tired of attention from local men?

Well, local guys are also crazy about their women, but that doesn't mean that Cambodian girls for marriage may want more. Women become mail order brides to:

  • Be treated better
  • Have more serious relationships
  • Get more opportunities
  • Travel the world
  • Build a family with someone who can provide a good quality of life

There are many Cambodian females that become mail order brides and their reasoning can be different. Some may just be more attracted to foreign men, others just want to broaden their options.

Cambodian Women: Character Traits

Asian women are often considered good for marriage because they usually have certain advantages in comparison to women from the west; they are usually shy, courteous, and hardworking. However, Cambodian girls for dating are usually more extra-dimensional:

cambodian women traits
  • Doe-eyed Romantic. Young, impressionable Cambodian mail order brides, with ideas of love and romance from foreign soap operas, would definitely want to choose love while resisting arranged marriages.
  • Independent Women. These girls are more exposed to western culture than others their age. Cambodian mail order wives are more likely born into rich homes and perhaps would have studied abroad so it is most probable to see such women marry outside their own country.

Why You Should Date A Cambodian Woman

Cambodian ladies make a great match to Western men, but why exactly should you choose Cambodia over any other Asian countries? Here are some reasons why you find Cambodian women for dating:

  • A Cambodian mail order bride has incredible natural beauty. Cambodian singles that you meet online are really that gorgeous. They have the perfect mix of genes that makes them attractive and youthful.
  • She is devoted to her family. Most mail order brides from Cambodia have nothing against becoming a stay-at-home mother. So, when you meet Cambodian women online will never choose a career over family or kids.
  • A Cambodian wife is supportive and forgiving. Even if you are not yet married to a Cambodian beauty, you can feel her kindness and support even during your online relationship.
  • She is very tender and girly. Brides from Cambodia embrace their feminine side and don't like to compete with men. Their charming femininity is what attracts many guys on dating sites.
  • A Cambodian bride is wise beyond years. The majority of Cambodian ladies are very smart even though not all have an opportunity to get higher education. Even their choice of using online dating and looking for a partner abroad shows their womanly wisdom.

And that's not everything that should make you run and use your chance to get a Cambodian mail order wife. Marrying a woman from this country is like buying a winning lottery ticket!

Foreigners Often Overlook Cambodian Mail Order Brides

Finding single Cambodian brides is not hard because many men just don't know about these hidden gems. Foreigners tend to overlook these beauties as they are more distracted by Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian brides, who have the biggest representation online. But getting a girlfriend from Cambodia is something that you won't ever regret, as a Cambodian girl is exactly what many men dream about and they are very different from Western women.

pretty cambodian bride outdoors

But you can stop the cycle of overlooking hot mail order brides from Cambodia. There are so many ways of meeting a Cambodian mail order wife. You can pick a popular dating platform. They can be of 2 types:

  • International dating sites
  • Platforms that specialize in the Asian region or solely mail order brides from Cambodia

However, if you feel more adventurous you can try to travel to the country itself and look for a woman who can potentially be your Cambodian  bride. But we should mention that searching for brides IRL is more difficult. When you visit a site that has mail order brides you know that you choose from women who are on the same page with you, and when you look for a suitable woman on the streets or in the pubs of Cambodia, you are strongly relying on your luck. That makes online dating the best option for effective Cambodian mail order beauty search.

How Cambodian Women Look

Charming appearance is a strong side of Cambodian wives. It intrigues, allures, and differentiates Cambodian ladies from any other foreign women. Typically beauties from this country will have Toned petite bodies with honey skin and silky long legs. Their dark luscious hair and soft feminine Asian facial features make them youthful and cute.

Incredible natural beauty only intensifies with perfect poise and the way Cambodian mail order views carry themselves. They are elegant, stylish, and can take your breath away with their airy and light personality. Unfortunately, Cambodian men neglect the charm of local women. But it's even better for you, as you have a chance to grab yourself the best wife.

Sense of Humor

The amazing thing about Cambodian brides is that they are not only beautiful but they can crack a good joke. They don't take life too seriously and can brighten up any situation with a perfect sense of humor.   So, if you are lucky to get a Cambodian wife, you can be sure that you will never be bored. Besides, having a good sense of humor comes in handy in international relationships, as sometimes having different mentalities sucks and it helps to smooth the rough edges.

Cambodian Bride Will Be Yours Forever

It is not particularly tricky to court a beautiful Cambodian woman for marriage. However, breaking up with her is probably the hardest thing you will ever do.

Recollect, the population is a very orthodox and conservative nation. The female populace is traditional in almost every way. In Cambodian mail order brides' minds, there is no difference between dating and tying the knot and the marriage is forever.

This is one of their fundamental and core beliefs. If you are searching for a trustworthy bride, then here is where your search ends.

The Wedding Ceremony

As a rule in their culture, the groom gives a bride price to the parents of the Cambodian mail order bride he is marrying; he will also be made to foot the bill for the entire wedding.

The bride's family may request large dowries as insurance or a means of showing the financial capacity of the groom.

Most parents will not give their daughters for marriage without a bride price, as this is thought of as a great shame. This endowment is determined before the wedding.

Many families do not require any dowry if their daughter's future husband proves he will be a great husband to their child.

Marriage is usually between families in Cambodia, not just the children. Huge dowries show prominence and financial capability.

So asking for a large dowry is the way of requesting payment for bringing her into the world and upbringing. Cambodian offspring are often thought of as the property of the community.

Cambodian woman

Concerning the nuptial celebration, they are very complicated and quite festive. The Cambodians have a special time for marriage also, it is often thought of as good luck to marry in the middle of the rainy periods.

The festival starts with the Choun Pelea ceremony. This is where the actual date for the wedding takes place. The guests have got a lot of new food for example berries, candies, peanuts, along with other presents. The day is choked full of complicated festivals and music, also expect to be through a huge bachelor party.

Cambodian mail order bride price

Of course, there is no such thing as a “Cambodian girl price”—you can’t buy a woman, it doesn’t work like that. You meet Cambodian mail order wives online or offline, fall in love, propose, and pay for the tickets to visit Cambodia, for the hotel, for the dates, and for the wedding, that’s all. A ticket from the US to Cambodia will cost you about $700–$800, a week in Cambodia can cost about $300–$500, and when it comes to the wedding, it's a bit more complex. Phnom Penh bridal outfits, wedding invitations, catering, dowry (it's a tradition in this country), location rent, embellishment, photography and video, music—the total cost of marrying a Cambodian woman can be about $5,000 or even higher than that.


One of the wisest decisions that you can make is to meet Cambodian women and find your future Cambodian wife. These ladies are kind, loving, easy-going, and make great partners for life. Cambodian mail order wives are great mothers too. Besides, it's easy to meet Cambodian girls as all you need is to register to a reliable dating site.


What makes Cambodian girls great wives and mothers?

The tolerant, calm, and patient character of Cambodian women for marriage makes them great partners and even better mothers.

How and where do you meet Cambodian brides?

The easiest way is to join one of the specialized dating platforms or use international dating services. However, you can also opt to travel to the country itself and meet Cambodian singles IRL.

Are Cambodian girls worth your time?

For sure! Cambodian girls for marriage are charming, sexy, loving, and laid back. And their sense of humor will knock your socks off.

Why do Cambodian brides want to marry foreigners?

Many mail order brides from Cambodia choose a serious relationship with a guy from foreign countries as they tend to be better husbands and can provide for the family.

What type of men do Cambodian women like?

A typical Cambodian woman loves generous men, who are ready for commitment, are strictly against domestic violence, and are ready for settling down and future children.

Do these women speak English well?

These Asian women usually have a basic level of English. Some ladies speak better, however, with some mail order brides you'll need translation help. Generally, 50% of Cambodians know conversational English.

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