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Cuban Brides

Cuban mail order brides: dating tips and useful facts

Guide to Cuban Mail Order Brides

Welcome to the fascinating world of Cuban Mail Order Brides! For centuries, men have traveled to Cuba in search of love. Now, thanks to the internet, these courageous men can find their dream women from the comfort of their own homes.


If you're interested in finding a beautiful Cuban woman to marry, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, you'll need to be prepared to make a considerable investment. These women aren't easily acquired, and they demand high standards in both your personal and financial life.

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Cuba is one of the closest countries to the US from a geographical standpoint and there is a lot of shared history, but there are also endless differences between the two countries. Today we want you to set those differences aside and take a closer look at the wonderful Cuban women for marriage that you can meet online.

Is it actually possible to meet real brides from Cuba?

For years, American men met and married Latin American women while females from Cuba have been off-limits due to the political tension between the two countries. And while the relationship between Cuba and the US is far from perfect, there are now more and more Cuban brides dating American men. Every year, there are Cuban girls for marriage who move to the US permanently on K-1 visas.

For example, in 2020, 259 Cuban women immigrated to the United States as fiancées to American men. And given that only 10 years ago, that number was lower — 207, to be precise, it’s clear that marriages between US men and Cuban girls are a steadily growing trend.

People usually imagine mail-order brides as young girls with little to no romantic experience. The truth is that while there are lots of Cuban ladies who match this description, there are also many women who already have a history of relationships and marriage, and that history often means children. Along with those 259 Cuban women for marriage who moved to the United States with K-1 visas, 38 Cuban minors immigrated as their children. When you decide to marry a Cuban lady, there is a certain probability that she will have kids of her own, but will also be open to the idea of having children together with you if your marriage proves to be a strong one.

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Given the isolated status of Cuba and the fact that mail order brides are often viewed as something barely legal, your concerns about the legal side of the potential relationship are perfectly valid. In reality, there is absolutely nothing illegal about marriage to Cuban brides, as long as your bride made a conscious decision to date or married you and her decision was not influenced by any financial gain. Even though the situation with mail order brides used to be somewhat sketchy, these days, you cannot pay anyone to get a Cuban mail order bride, and that is probably for the best.

Since you want to bring a foreign woman into the country as your future wife, you also need to research the legality of this action. You should know that the rights of foreign mail order brides are protected by two legal acts. The first one is the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, which prohibits American men from filing serial fiancée visa requests and imposes mandatory background checks on those men. The second one is the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, which outlaws any forms of abuse against women, including foreign spouses of male US citizens.

The detailed cost of mail order brides from Cuba

Your interest in Cuban women is completely understandable, but those are also not the kind women you can just meet while running errands or at work. Cuban women rarely leave Cuba and going to Cuba alone to search for your ideal woman is unreasonable in today’s climate. That is why you can achieve the best results while staying on a tight budget with Cuban mail order brides services. Those services offer you a real chance to meet Cuban girls with a prospect of a romantic relationship or even marriage.

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In many ways, Cuban bride sites work similarly to the usual dating services you’re probably using on a regular basis. They are typically free for women, but men have to pay a membership fee to prove their serious intentions. In most cases, you will also need to pay for extra dating site features that will help you impress your woman and create a stronger connection between you. Those features can range from phone calls to bouquet delivery service. Being a member of a popular dating service and paying for those additional features can cost you between $500 and $2,000, depending on how much time you spend there.

Cuba is not a particularly expensive country for foreigners, but getting there as an American citizen can prove challenging. There are only several categories of US citizens who can freely travel to Cuba, but there are numerous travel agencies that will make it easier for you to enter the country if you are determined to meet your bride. Agencies can charge you around $500-$1,000 to plan your trip to Cuba. In addition to that, you will need to account for the following expenses for a 2-week trip:

  • plane tickets to and from Cuba — $1,500 to $3,000;
  • accommodations in Cuba — $500 to $1,500;
  • food and drinks in Cuba for two — $300 to $1,500;
  • inner transportation in Cuba for two — $200 to $400;
  • entertainment for two in Cuba — $300 to $800.

Overall, even by the highest estimates, the experience of finding a Cuban wife online and then going to meet her in person is still more affordable than going to Cuba alone and doing your search there. You can pay from almost $4,000 to over $10,000 from start to finish, but since you are going to get a lovely partner at the end of it, we consider this to be a pretty good investment.

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The truth about Cuban brides

If you have never been to Cuba, chances are you’ve never met any Cuban women and your opinion about these beauties is based solely on the mixture of myths and facts you may have heard about them. However, females from Cuba are much more than just a combination of stereotypes, so here is a more objective look at them.

  • A quick look at the average height and weight of women around the world compared to Cuban women reveals that Cuban girls  weigh less than women in numerous other countries. The average female weight in Cuba is just 145 lbs. Paired with the average female height of 5 ft 2 in, those statistics paint a very attractive picture of brides from Cuba. They are petite enough to make you feel more powerful with a Cuban girlfriend by your side, but their bodies are perfectly ladylike and far from being skinny.
  • When you first look at the lovely Cuban mail order wives online, you feel like there are women of every age range imaginable. And while this is definitely true, there are also some age groups that are better represented on dating sites. Those two age groups are 18 to 24 and 25 to 34. Those women grew up in a time when Cuba became more open to the rest of the world. They know what the world has to offer and they are willing to take it. You can also find many attractive women over 35, but there are fewer of them compared to their younger counterparts.
  • The education in Cuba is not only known for its high quality, but is also widely accessible among all categories of citizens. Nearly 100% of women in Cuba obtain secondary education and over 50% of them also have at least one tertiary degree under their belts, which is 1.5 more than Cuban men with tertiary degrees. The Cuban brides you’ll meet are intelligent, well-educated, and able to support any conversation.
  • If you’re wondering what kind of women you can meet on Cuban dating sites, here is what we have to tell about it. The younger generation of Cuban females mostly consists of students, teachers, and nurses. There are also plenty of women who work in restaurants, hotels, and popular tourist spots — their positive experience with foreign visitors inspires them to find an American husband.
  • An age gap is prevalent in relationships between American men and foreign brides, but the situation is slightly different with Cuban women. You can find numerous girls from Cuba who are absolutely fine with an age difference of more than 10 years, but the majority of them are looking for a partner who is more or less their equal. An age difference of 2 to 8 years is considered to be the most acceptable among Cuban ladies.

Final thoughts

Marrying a Cuban girl may be slightly more challenging than building a relationship with a woman from your hometown, but in the end, it’s definitely worth it. In a Cuban mail order wife, you’ll get the most supportive and loving partner, and there is only one step left to meet her.

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