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Pakistani brides and singles

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pakistani woman
pakistani girl
pakistani woman
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Kainu, 26
Pakistan, Lahore
About me:

I am a very positive and cheerful girl. Every single day I try to enjoy new experiences and emotions. However, it is always more fun and exciting to share unique and enjoyable moments with a dear and loving person.

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Choose Special And Unique Beauty Of Pakistani Brides

Regardless of the fact that Pakistan has appeared on the world map not long ago, the country possesses deep historical roots. The mix of authentic cultures significantly affected local traditions. Most people are of the Islamic religion which plays a leading role both in the social and political life of the country. For example, people pray six times a day.

The personality of Pakistani women for marriage is built on top of religion; strict canons are everything they subject to. However, the religious limitations don’t hinder the development of a beautiful, charming, and mysterious personality full of attractive secrets.

pakistani woman

The main characteristics of Pakistani brides

Muslim traditions have a significant influence on the lives of local people, forming their behavior and values. The position of women in local society is rather peculiar. They have access to education and politics, but in the families, their statuses are defined by traditions of Islam. To understand Pakistani brides better, let’s see their qualities:

  • Enigmatic – make men want to know more about them
  • They seize the day
  • Modest, yet initiative
  • Self-disciplined, keeping their emotions under control
  • Resolute and cautious

Thus, Pakistani women make great partners due to their adherence to traditions yet acceptance of modern views.

Main traits of Pakistani girls for marriage

Pakistani brides are different. Nonetheless, they have something that unites them. Let’s discuss these common things, character peculiarities, and their life values in detail.

Discipline provoked by religion

Almost all aspects of Pakistani brides’ lives are influenced by Islam. Just imagine, all work stops when people start praying. It is forbidden to shake hands with strangers or take a meal from other people’s hands. Religion forbids touching other people, putting a hand on the child’s head because the head is believed to be a vehicle of the spirit. Men are not allowed to enter the women’s part of the building. And many more restrictions. How do you think Pakistani wives feel living in such an atmosphere?

For Pakistani mail order brides, religion is a law which can’t be broken. It taught them discipline and moderation. So, if you are interested in connecting your life with these ladies, you will have to teach them to live another life which is full of freedom and mutual understanding.

Friendliness and neighborliness

Pakistani wife is welcoming and amiable. Each time she invites someone to her house, no matter whether it is a holiday or a usual day, she has lots of food, drinks, and various snacks. However, you will never see alcohol among their drinks. She can even prepare presents for all guests to display her good nature and friendliness.

Despite having so many social restrictions, Pakistani mail order brides manage to diffuse kindness, warmness, and friendliness. They respect all people including immigrants, strangers, and local habitats.

Devotion to family values

Pakistani mail order brides place a significant focus on family values and traditions. Elder family members have unbeatable standing among others. It is not something weird if a couple lives with all parents. It is a common thing in this country. When they have a holiday, all family members gather together to celebrate the event in a cozy atmosphere.

However, the position of the Pakistani woman in the family is quite complex. Regardless of the fact that women participate in the political and social life of the country, in real life, when staying at home, they follow the rules of Islamic Sharia.

pakistani girl

Clothing peculiarities

Another restriction that Pakistani wives have to live with relates to clothes they have to wear. All clothing elements have to cover the woman’s body to the maximum. This is the main rule. Here, women do not talk about style or fashion. They do not have a right to wear what they want like European ladies.

However, today this clothing rule has become softer than some time ago. The main clothing element for Pakistani mail order brides is neckerchief or a very long scarf. Also, they have started to wear long, colorful dresses which are very difficult and expensive to purchase for an average woman. Frequently, Pakistani wives wear jeans below the dress. The jeans color should have a similar tone to the dress.

Education level

Despite all restrictions, Pakistani wives have the right to study and receive education degrees in the universities and institutes. However, there is a huge difference between Pakistani brides from the city and the village. They have absolutely different education capabilities. While the lady from a big city can study and visit any institution, the one from the village can’t even leave the house without the husband’s YES. Even if the woman got a diploma, her key task is to be a housekeeper. Imagine that merely 3% of managers are women in Pakistan.

Here is a very sad statistics. Domestic abuse and violence are very wide-spread in Pakistan. It is obvious that the victims are ladies who have to stick to thousands of rules.

bride from pakistan

Attitude to marriage

Just like in any Muslim country, in Pakistan people pay huge attention to marriage. For the local people, marriage is not simply a connection between a man and a Pakistani woman, it is a unity between two families. Most decisions are made by parents. If parents do not approve of the marriage, it will not happen.

In big cities, these traditions have started to soften. A lady and a man can easily communicate and see each other before the wedding. In villages, this is not allowed and all traditions are strictly followed.

In Pakistan, polygamy is a usual thing. However, for the man to marry one more woman, it is required to get the approval of his initial Pakistani wife.

The levels of migration in Pakistan

The problem of migration in Pakistan has a long history because locals move to other countries every year, decreasing the workforce's numbers in the state. Many reasons make them change their usual lifestyles and adhere to foreign traditions. The levels of economic development and job opportunities are low, so people prefer changing native land for perspectives and better experiences. They enter more prestigious universities, apply for jobs with higher salaries, and send money home. In general, they migrate to the US, Canada, UK, and East Africa. In 2015, the number of migrants was 1.92% of the total population.

Tips for winning the hearts of Pakistani brides

Being very specific women, Pakistani girls require the correct approach to win their hearts. Stay tuned to know all the secrets how to make a Pakistani girl falling in love with you.

Be careful

Pakistani women for marriage are used to a strict style of life. It will be difficult for them to adjust to the way Europeans or Americans spend their free time. So, if you start communicating and dating with the lady from this country, be tolerate and careful. Try to smoothly familiarize her with the new culture, tell about the peculiarities of life in your country and city. Draw her attention to the fact that in your country women have more freedom than in Pakistan.

Be attentive

While in Pakistan polygamy is a usual thing, Pakistani women lack attention from their husbands. They try to look beautiful, cook tasty food, but frequently all these remain without feedback. This is why it is so important for them to hear words of praise and compliment. It is not so difficult to say that the dinner was tasty or that the dress is beautiful, is it?

pakistani bride

Be communicative

Most of their time, Pakistani brides spend at home doing some household stuff. They remain alone with nobody to talk to. Even when the man comes back from work, not always has he a desire to discuss something. This is why a lady from Pakistan will appreciate your communicative skills and capability to entertain her. So, if you are a talkative man, this is your ace up the sleeve.

Be indulgent

For almost all her life, a Pakistani wife has had dozens of “taboo” regarding all her wishes. Just imagine how many things she has not tried in her life. So, if she wants to meet with her friend, do not limit her. Let her feel that she is not a prisoner but a woman who you love and care about. Understand her needs and her wishes, and then you will live a happy life together.

Be wise

It can happen that when a woman from Pakistan comes to Europe or America, she starts enjoying life to the full. To avoid her going out of the moral boundaries, be wise and find a way to explain to her that there should be a balance between family life and entertainment. In short, try to make your lady happy but at the same time keep her on a tight leash, if putting it in crude terms.

Summing up the peculiarities of Pakistani mail order brides

To sum up, you have to remember that Pakistani women are very limited in their actions. You can feel it in the way they communicate. So, be careful, select the right words, and display your carefulness. This is what they value the most. Pakistani brides are very specific personalities, so get ready to face some difficulties in building relationships with them. However, remember, they are great mothers who will cherish your children with the biggest love and care.


How To Marry A Pakistani Girl?

Just sign up for any mail order bride website and you’ll find thousands of Pakistani girls. Be caring, be tolerant of her religion and customs, be ready to meet her family, and almost every Pakistani girl will say "yes" to you!

What Is A Bride Price In Pakistan?

Pakistan is a very conservative country, but it doesn’t mean that you can “buy” a woman here. You can buy access to a dating site ($30-$50/month), a ticket to Pakistan (a flight from NYC to Islamabad costs about $700-$800), and you can pay for the wedding (the average wedding cost is $5,000-$15,000).

What Is The Success Rate Of Finding A Pakistani Bride?

Thousands of users of dating websites marry Pakistani women every year. Unfortunately, detailed statistics isn’t available, so we can’t say what are your chances exactly. If you marry a mail order bride, it’s very likely (80%) that your marriage will last for more than 3 years!

Why Pakistani Make The Best Wives?

Every Pakistani girl is a perfect housekeeper — they are raised to be good wives and see nothing wrong in being stay-at-home wives. They are obedient, shy, loving, and they always treat their men with unconditional respect.

What is the Average Age Of Marriage In Pakistan?

Girls usually get married in their early twenties — the average age for first marriage among women is 20.3. Almost 50% of young Pakistani girls are married by the age of 19, but there are still tens of thousands of Pakistani women aged 20-30 who have never been married.

Are Pakistani Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, you can marry her and take her to the US. The only requirement for the visa is that your marriage must be real and that you must meet your bride in person before your marriage. Make a lot of pictures and calls to prove that your marriage isn’t a sham.

What Are The Requirements For My Pakistani Wife To Receive A US Green Card?

It’s quite hard for a Pakistan citizen to get a green card, but it becomes much easier if she is your wife. The main requirement is that your marriage is not a sham and that your bride doesn’t have any criminal records/communicable diseases/previous immigration fraud records.

Do Pakistani Women Like American Men?

It's not your nationality that attracts them, it's your character and personal values. Every Pakistani girl wants to find a kind and loving man, so if you treat her with respect, care for her, and love her, she'll fall in love with you no matter what country you are from.

Why Are Pakistani Women So Beautiful?

Pakistani girls are fair-skinned. They have amazing dark eyes, very hot bodies, and beautiful dark hair. It's all about the history of this region and about the mix of Persian and European genes — and, of course, their healthy lifestyle is another thing that makes them so attractive.

What Are The Rules For Dating A Pakistani Girl?

You have to be the leader of your relationship, you must respect her religion (it's almost impossible to date Pakistani girls if you are not Muslim), and you'll have to do your best to impress her family. And you’ll probably have to marry her really fast!

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