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Polish brides

Polish mail order brides: dating tips and useful facts

Wonderful Polish Mail Order Brides: Find Your Future Bride Online

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Your real love can live across the ocean, in another country and even speak another language. But it does not mean that you will never meet her. Today every single heart can find, meet, and date their beloved one anywhere in the world. More than 30% of Americans use online dating services to find their perfect match. And more than 39% of couples reported meeting their partner online. That is why it is not surprising that more and more people from all over the world choose online dating instead of traditional ways to find their soulmate. And brides from Poland are no exception, more and more young girls from this country register and start using online dating platforms to find, chat, and date a partner abroad. These charming ladies are known all over the world for being loving and caring wives and passionate lovers for their partners. So, are Polish brides real and legal, how much do they cost, and what exactly is included in this price? And what makes them to order so unique and special to Western men? Let’s find it out!

Are Polish girls for marriage real?

It is hard to find the country in the world with so many beautiful and single girls. Amazing and real Polish females have already filled the hearts of the male part of the world, and have become a dream for many men. So, one of the most important questions is whether Polish mail order brides are real, and is it really possible to find, meet, and even marry a perfect match from Poland online? The more popular Polish ladies become, the more lies and myths about them appear online. But in fact, these charming girls are quite popular among American men today, and on the Internet you can find hundreds of happy love stories between Western guys and Polish females. According to 2020 statistics, 61 Polish women received a K-1 visa to enter the United States, compared to 145 foreign brides from this country who received a fiancée visa and arrived in the USA in 2010. And in relation to this number, only 13% of real females from Poland with children marry American men. So we can reasonably conclude that Polish girls for marriage are more than real and want to marry Western guys.

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First thing you need to know is that Polish mail order brides are fully legal in the United States, but there are still some requirements and legal regulations to marry a Polish girl in the United States. Today, America is one of the leading countries in terms of fiancée visa and international marriages. IMBRA and VAWA are among the most important laws governing both mail order bride agencies and visas for foreign brides. These two laws are aimed at protecting the rights and support of women, especially mail order brides entering the United States.

The IMBRA or The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act was adopted in 2005, and the main purpose of this law is to reduce the abuse of marriage-based visa recipients. The main provisions of this federal statute are: background checks for U.S. petitioners, providing marriage broker disclosure and limited number of applying for K-1 visas. Failure to complete these forms is crucial and may be a reason for refusing a K-1 visa. Another important law is the VAWA or The Violence Against Women Act which was adopted in 1994 and has provisions of law to control and regulate both the activities of mail order bride agencies and the security and protection of the rights of a foreign bride once she entered the United States. As you can see, these women are not only legal but also protected by the law of the United States.

Everything you should know about Polish brides prices

Love knows no boundaries, and today there are several effective ways to meet and even marry a Polish beauty. The most popular is the traditional way to meet her in person or through an online dating service. Online dating is considered one of the most effective for international relationships and marriages. These sites provide access to a huge number of profiles of beautiful mail order Polish girls and a wide range of different communication options and exclusive services. Prices for online dating services range from $10 dollars to $100 dollars per month. But fortunately, most of these sites offer their users to try the free version of a site to choose the most suitable and optimal option. Let’s take a look at the approximate prices for membership and advanced features that online dating sites offer.

  • Membership per month — $10-$100 dollars
  • Viewing the beautiful women’ profiles database — $5-$15 dollars
  • Chats, sending and receiving letters — $5-$15 dollars
  • Sending virtual gifts to your date — $5-$15 dollars
  • Sending real gifts to your date — $20-$50 dollars
  • Audio and video calls — $5-$15 dollars
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Even if you have already found your perfect partner online, many dating services offer a premium service — organizing a tour to her home country. Since a live date is a very exciting moment for both partners, the agency takes care of everything. If you have always dreamed of meeting, dating and even marrying beautiful Polish brides, then for you, romance tours to Poland will be the best option. These tours are fully planned and organized by the agency. Moreover, you can count on their help and support every moment during the trip, very often during such a trip you will have your own personal assistant who will help you with every question. The cost of this romance tour includes every detail, from flight and accommodation to excursions, gifts for your loved one, and even organizing the most romantic dates and excursions for both of you. So let's take a closer look at the approximate cost of a tour to her home country for 14 days and the services included in that tour to better understand what brides from Poland prices include.

  • Round trip airfare to Poland — $800 dollars
  • Accommodation — $450-$550 dollars per 2 weeks
  • Excursions — $200-$300 dollars
  • Organization of romantic dates — $300-$400 dollars
  • Local transfer — $15-$250 dollars
  • Daily meals for 2 weeks — $400-$500 dollars
  • Gifts for your date — $20-$50 dollars

In general, the total amount for such a trip will start from $3000 up to $10000 dollars. Brides from Poland prices directly depend on the pricing policy of the site you have chosen, premium services, your goal and of course, on your personal preferences and interests.

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The truth about females from Poland

Polish brides are known all over the world for their thin and feminine figures, blond hair and blond eyes that enchant at first sight. Their fragility and femininity attract more and more men from all over the world. Combined with their natural beauty and grace, they have wonderful and strong characters, they are confident and charm with their special aura, kindness and positivity. But what exactly distinguishes them from all other women in the world? Let’s find it out.

Polish ladies are petite and slim. For the first time when you see a Polish wife, you pay attention to her petiteness and elegance. The average height of females in Poland is only 5.4 ft, while the average weight of a female part of Poland is only 156.5 lb.

Most Polish singles using online dating sites are very young. According to the latest research, 59% of Polish females on online dating sites are 18 to 34 years. Moreover, according to the statistics, Polish mail order brides that marry Western guys are usually younger and have 3-4 years age gap with their partners.

Education plays an important role for every Polish female. In recent years, Poland has become one of the most developed countries in Europe, which is also famous for high quality education. The largest share of Polish females by type of higher education are higher teacher education schools, medical institutes and higher maritime institutions. In addition, according to statistics, more than 57% of all graduates in Poland are females.

Polish ladies are hardworking. 59% of women in Poland are employed and the most popular kinds of activity of their place of work are education, sales, management and administration. Moreover, in the last decade, more and more women have held leadership positions.

To sum up

The Internet and various sites and platforms for dating give everyone the opportunity to meet their true soulmate among a million people. This method is easier, faster and much cheaper than traditional dating methods. You can start your searches while sitting in comfort at home, without spending additional time and costs for travelling to Poland. So why not take this great opportunity and find your ideal Polish mail order wife today!

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