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Russian brides

Russian mail order brides: dating tips and useful facts

Fantastic Russian Brides: Perfect Wives For Western Men

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Today, the Internet allows everyone to find their ideal partner, and the online dating industry has completely supplanted traditional dating methods. On these sites, you can find thousands of Russian mail order brides who want to marry Western men. So let's find out if these girls are real and legal in the United States, how to find them, and how much it will cost.

Are Russian girls for marriage real?

Russian girls have been attracting foreigners, especially Western guys for more than a decade. There are already hundreds of happy and successful love stories between American men and Russian brides. According to the latest research, in 2020, more than 227 Russian females arrived in the United States with a K-1 visa (fiancée visa), while in 2010 more than 778 Russian women arrived in the United States. So we can agree that these ladies are totally real. Moreover, the number of open fiancée visas for Russian girls is one of the highest in the region, and according to the latest research, only 19% of Russian beauties with children marry Americans.

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Nowadays, a lot of men wonder if Russian mail order brides are legal? Russia is one of the most popular countries for finding a bride, and mail order brides are quite legal in this country. Today in most countries of the world, mail order bride services are also legal and regulated by legal statutes and laws. The most important are IMBRA and VAWA. The IMBRA or International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, adopted in 2005, is a United States federal statute for all marriage visa sponsors and limits serial visa applications. In other words, this act requires detailed background checks for a fee for US citizens that are using mail order bride services and agencies that are especially focused on providing dating services between US citizens and foreign nationals.

Another no less important federal law is the VAWA or Violence Against Women Act, which was passed in 1994 and expanded the legal ways to stop violence against women and provide protection to those suffering violent abuses, especially for foreign brides who enter the United States. The main purpose of this law is to provide protection and support to the victims of domestic violence. These two acts are very important when applying for a K-1 visa (fiancée visa) and are aimed at protecting, supporting, and assisting the rights and safety of foreign brides.

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How much do Russian brides cost?

One of the most popular ways to find and even marry a Russian lady for sale is in person and online. A personal meeting can take much more time and costs and is not a guaranteed way to meet your ideal Russian wife. That is why online dating services and mail order bride services are in great demand today. The biggest advantage of online dating is that the user is already given access to the profile database of beautiful Russian mail order brides who are also looking for a foreign man for dating and even marriage, and this definitely increases the chances of finding your perfect match from Russia. In addition, online dating sites provide their users with many premium services and even the opportunity to meet your partner in her home county. First, most sites offer two options — free and paid membership. Premium membership includes the use of many extended options and communication tools, and usually, the price of a monthly subscription varies from $10 to $100.

Also, online dating sites and services provide an exclusive opportunity for their users — a romance tour to the home country of Russian mail order brides. The advantage of a trip with the help of an online dating service is that it will be completely planned and organized by the agency. The best option for a trip to Russia is 2 weeks. So let's look at what services are included in the cost of the trip and how much each of these services cost.

  • Round trip flight to Russia — the price starts from $800 dollars
  • Local transfer — nearly $200 dollars for 14 days
  • Accommodation — $400‒$500 dollars per 2 weeks
  • Daily meals for 2 weeks — $400‒$500 dollars
  • Gifts for your date — $50‒$200 dollars
  • Excursions and entertainment for both — $400‒$600 dollars
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In total, the price of a tour to Russia starts from $3000 and can reach $10,000. The mail order brides cost depends on the premium services you have chosen and the length of your trip to Russia. Also, online dating sites and services offer a great number of additional options, such as translation services, personal assistant, and the organization of romantic dates with your beautiful Russian girlfriend. All these services are focused on making your trip not only an unforgettable experience for both of you but also the beginning of your own love story.

Everything you need to know: truth about Russian females

Undoubtedly, Russian brides are dream wives for thousands of men from all over the world, their natural beauty and character traits have already won the hearts of many Western guys. These women are very petite and have a large difference in height compared to Western guys, the average female height in Russia is only 5.3 ft, which is 4.3 in lower than the average height of Western men. The average weight of women in Russia is much lower than in other regions and is only 152 lb. Young Russian ladies are known all over the world for being hardworking and educated. According to the statistic, 83% of all teachers in Russia are female and more than 37% of females have a tertiary degree. The labor force participation rate of girls in Russia is 54, the highest number of working women were occupied as salespeople, managers, and education specialists. The online dating industry is very popular in Russia, and a great number of Russian singles are using online dating sites today seeking a husband abroad. The average age of Russian bombshells on online dating sites is 18-25 years. More and more young beauties from Russia are choosing foreign partners, especially Western guys.

To sum up

Today, every single heart can find their soulmate from any country or region online. Russian mail order wife services and agencies not only give everyone the opportunity to find their soulmate abroad but also make the process of searching, communicating, dating, and even marriage much easier. So, do not hesitate and start creating your own love story online today.

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