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Malaysian brides

Malaysian mail order brides: who are they and how to date them?

Malaysian Brides: Good Girls for Marriage or Regular Women?

South Asian countries are often called the most popular mail order bride destination for men from the United States, China, Europe, and Australia. The point is, there are millions of women who are searching for foreigners in these countries — and the absolute majority of them are what we call a perfect wife material. They are extremely hot, marriage-minded, intelligent, quite shy (but not all of them), and that's not all — these women usually have lots of advantages, and that's exactly why they are so popular among the men from all around the world. Want to know more about Malaysian girls for marriage? We'll tell you all you need to know right here — from the advantages of these women to some useful dating tips. Let's start!

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Do Western men and Malaysian brides make good couples?

Malaysian women highly appreciate the courtesy, quality time with their closest ones, and adherence to moral values. They understand what expectations society puts on them. A local lady is realistic because she is aware that decent men will fall in love not only with her appearance but also with personality, which can be characterized as:

  • self-respecting;
  • innovative, using creative approaches to address problems;
  • supportive;
  • passionate, believing in her success;
  • magnetic, drawing people to her.

Malaysian ladies are the type of women who surround their partners with care and love. They are fun to be around and make perfect wives and girlfriends.

The most famous Malaysian women

Each lady is unique and beautiful in her way. However, some well-known local girls represent the understanding of regional attractiveness. One of them is Fasha Sandha, an actress and model who has won 5 awards in the film industry. Siti Nurhaliza is a symbol of Malaysian music, being an acknowledged composer and singer. Nur Fazura is considered to be the most stylish actress and frequently appears on the covers of fashion journals. Vanidah Imran, a Malaysian actress and TV personality, is known as the Best Actress of 2007. Miss Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng combines the best features of local ladies.

Malaysian mail order brides: are they really that good?

So, Malaysian women for marriage: why are they so good and what makes them perfect wives? We've collected the top 5 facts about these women — and we are sure that these facts can help you understand why dating a Malaysian girl for marriage is definitely worth it!

  • They speak a lot of languages. It’s not something you usually think about when you date people, but it’s certainly the thing when it comes to international dating — it’s hard to date someone who doesn’t understand your language, isn’t it? It's not a problem when you date a Malay girl. They know English well, and although it's a Malaysian English with some special vocabulary and accent, it's still English and every English-speaking man will be able to communicate with a Malaysian woman. They also speak Chinese (some of them don't even speak Malay language, only Mandarin), and such languages as Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi, which are also often used in Malaysia. It means that you will not have a language barrier problem in Malaysia.
  • They are traditional and a little conservative. But on the other hand, they are not “Saudi Arabia-style conservative” — for example, there is such thing as “friends with benefits” in Malaysia and there are one-night stands in this country. These women are conservative in the sense that they like traditional gender roles, i.e. they are focused on a serious relationship, not on something casual. So if you are searching for a wife, Malaysia is a great choice for you.
  • They are beautiful and sexy as hell! They are different, but they are always extremely beautiful — you can find a Malay woman with dark or fair skin, she can be skinny or fit, and she'll certainly stand out from the crowd. What's even more interesting, Malaysian mail order brides get back in shape after pregnancy really quick: they just love fitness programs and diets, that's why they always look fit.
  • They are family-oriented. Thanks to their culture and religion, Malaysian women are usually focused on long-term relationships and on building a strong family. It's a great thing, of course, but be careful: having a family-oriented Malaysian wife might be a little stressful because of maintaining family ties (we are talking about her family, obviously).
  • They are ambitious, realistic, and independent. We don't want to give a false impression that all these women are shy, too conservative, and submissive because they are actually not submissive and shy. Malaysian girls for marriage are independent and strong, even if their society and their men are not ready to accept this yet. They want to live in the 21st century — without some crazy excesses of modern Western feminism, but with the opportunity to build their lives in the way they want.
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How to date Malaysian girls for marriage?

Let’s talk about some facts. These are facts, not the tips — you can’t follow them to impress a Malaysian woman for marriage. We’ve decided to collect them here to help you understand what these women are like and what dating looks like in Malaysia. Let’s go!

  • Public display of affection is a problem in Malaysia. Sometimes, the couples hold hands in public, but that's all — they almost never kiss or even hug on the street. That's how Muslim society works — while it's totally ok for some Malaysian women to date men casually (and even to rent a hotel room to have fun without people knowing), they never kiss their partners in public.
  • Dating apps can work, but there are some things you have to know about online dating in Malaysia. Dating is not the same in Malaysia as it is in some Western or Asian countries. Thus, "dating" is often understood as "having a relationship" — such thing as casual, non-exclusive dating is very rare here. That's why even such apps as Tinder are very often used for finding a long-term partner rather than for finding a friend with benefits.
  • They prefer to stay at home. Some women are fond of hiking, walking in a park, etc. — like the girls from Australia. But when it comes to Malaysian women for marriage, the situation is completely reversed — they don't like going out, and they prefer staying at home most of the time.
  • These women hate it when their men spend a lot of time on computer games. As they say, don't even try dating them if your first girl is DOTA or FIFA. In fact, gaming addiction is really a rising concern in Malaysia and millions of men spend too much time on games — so if you want to date a Malay mail order bride, forget about long hours of gaming.
  • A date night in a pub is most likely not an option because the nightlife is not that exciting in Malaysia (except for the biggest Malaysian cities, of course).
  • Don’t expect to have sex on the first date — these women have serious intentions, and they are not that easy. However, if you are not looking for a one-night stand, you’ll be able to find it without any problems — but don’t expect such relationships to last forever.
  • They want to find a man who will understand and support them, not a man who will treat them only as stay-at-home mothers. Despite Malaysian society is a traditional, Malaysian women for marriage are very modern and independent, and they want to find a man who will understand that women have careers, ambitions, and dreams, too.
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Now, let’s talk about some tips — it’s quite easy to follow them, and they will definitely help you to impress a Malaysian bride.

  1. Chivalry is alive in Malaysia. It's all about respect — you set the tone of your relationship early, you show her that you are a real gentleman, and she falls for you — that's how it works in Malaysia. Wait to order your drink, ask her to let you know she got home, pull her chair out, etc. It's simple.
  2. Don’t cheat on your Malaysian partner, even if you are not a couple yet. Even if such a thing as dating a few people at the same time is ok in your country, it’s definitely not ok in Malaysia.
  3. Be punctual. It’s a must here: you'll have to show her that you take the things seriously, and the first date is very serious for Malaysian girls. They love it when a man is punctual, so do your best, arrive on time, and don't make her wait.
  4. Dress appropriately. We don’t say “dress expensive” or “dress stylishly” — it would be nice to choose something casual because open-air food establishments or coffee dates are extremely popular first-date destinations. Just wear clean clothes, be smart with your choices, and don't wear all those classy things because formal first dates are not that common in Malaysia.
  5. Forget about your phone, at least for a few hours. It’s another thing you can do to show your Malay girl for marriage that you are a real gentleman.
  6. Pay for the date. In this country, women expect their partners to pay for the meals, so we highly recommend you to pay for the first date.

Why are Malaysian women searching for foreign men?

Because of two reasons: Malaysian men and Malaysian society. First, these women are often not satisfied with their local men — they want to find a partner who will respect and support them, while Malaysian men often see them only as stay-at-home moms who will continue to play second fiddle. As we’ve said, Malaysian girls are nowadays very independent and strong, and conservative Malaysian men don’t really respect and support it. The second reason is their traditional society — most modern Malaysian mail order brides want to live in a free society that treats women as they should be treated — as equals.


Women from Malaysia are great. They make perfect wives, they are a little traditional but at the same time they are modern, strong, and they really love men from foreign countries. If you are searching for an Asian girl who will be both smart, independent, and traditional, Malaysian wives are for you!

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