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Chinese brides and singles

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Xian, 24
China, Zhengzhou
About me:

Hey, I am YaXian from China.  I am here for a man who is kindly, mild, who can control his temper. I am looking for a man who is caring, loving, thoughtful, and faithful, who will love me and care for me, cherish me, rather than give up easily...and I will return more. 

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Chinese Mail Order Brides: Calm, Pretty, And Motivated To Marry A Foreigner

There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese brides on online dating platforms. Thousands of Chinese women get married to Western men every single year. China is an extremely popular country regarding mail order brides —and the good news is that it's really easy to meet single Chinese ladies online in 2021. Here, we'll tell you how to do it and why dating Chinese wives is a good idea.

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Things you should know about mail order brides from China

Chinese mail order brides are women who want to find a foreign husband. Most of them use dating websites specializing in international marriages to find a romantic affair. As we've said before, thousands of American men want to meet Chinese girls - but what is the reason? Why are single Chinese women so popular? We believe there are at least five reasons for their popularity.

  • Chinese females are very feminine. They look feminine, and they dress feminine, but of course, it's not only about their appearance. It's also about the way Chinese girls behave and about how they treat their husbands and boyfriends—Chinese mail order wives are lovely, warm, modest, tender, and supportive. This femininity is rooted in Chinese culture—Chinese ladies are expected to be as feminine as possible since their childhood; that's how it works in China (and in other Asian countries except for Korea and Japan, maybe).
  • Respectful. It's a prevalent trait among Chinese women—but it's not only about Chinese girls, really. Filipino women for marriage as the majority of Asian region are very respectful to their husbands and partners - that's how traditional society works, and that's one of the most important Asian family values. Chinese mail order wives are good listeners, they understand the points of view of their husbands, and they are always honest with their partners. But it's always about mutual respect, of course—so as long as you respect your Chinese wife, too, your relationship will be strong and successful.
  • Shy. If you want to find a modest woman who will always think before she acts and won't express her emotions too much, you need a Chinese mail order wife. It's not bad, of course—Chinese people don't have that social anxiety; they are just calm, shy, and very modest.
  • Westernized (partially). If you've never met brides from China online or offline, you probably think that they are too traditional or too conservative. That's not true—Chinese wives, especially the ones who use international dating services, are very Westernized. Their values and views regarding, say, career and education are pretty similar to the ones American women have. We talk about the ladies who use online platforms here because they are typically well-educated and young—a Chinese woman in her 40s who lives in a rural area will most likely not share such views.
  • Direct. It's a very important thing you need to understand before you meet Chinese ladies on dating sites—in real life, Chinese beauties are quite straightforward. This is especially true when it comes to dating and relationships—if a Chinese girl doesn't like a man, she will not try to hide her feelings and sweeten the pill. Instead, she'll tell what she thinks without playing around.
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Chinese women looking for marriage: what kind of wives are they?

Chinese brides are different from women you meet in the United States. They have different views, different family values, etc. Here, we'll talk about four important things you need to understand about Chinese women for marriage before you meet an Asian bride from this country on a dating site.

Chinese mail order brides are loyal

It's about Chinese culture again. Wife-to-husband loyalty (and vice versa) is one of the Five Bonds of Confucianism—or, in other words, it's one of the most important values for Chinese singles. This statement is true even when we're talking about the younger generation—many young girls in China have the same views and believe that it's morally unacceptable to cheat on a partner. Chinese guys, however, are not that steadfast—and that's one of the reasons why there are so many Chinese girls who want to find a foreigner on a dating site.

Chinese brides never forget about their family in China

You can't just take a foreign wife to your country and make her forget about her family, of course. That's how it always works - a man gets a mail order bride to his country, but the wife always keeps in touch with her elders. Chinese wives are not an exception - they are very family-centered, so they always communicate and chat with their families when they are in the US. That's a good thing, of course, but here's another fact you need to be aware of: your Chinese mail order wife will most likely support her family financially. That's how strong family bonds are, and when we're talking about Chinese families, the bonds are always very strong.

P.S. Again, it's not only about China—all Asian women you can meet on dating sites are very family-centered. Korean wives, Thai mail order wives, brides from Vietnam—they all continue supporting their families after the relocation.

Chinese girls adapt easily

When you meet women on international dating sites, it's easy—all of them speak English, and the language barrier doesn't look like a serious problem. Instead, a serious problem is adapting to American culture and living in a foreign country. However, you don't need to worry about it if you're choosing a Chinese bride—these women adapt to foreign cultures quickly. First of all, they are very open-minded and intelligent. Second, they often speak English quite well. Third, there is a Chinatown in almost every major city in the US. These three reasons make the adaptation process much easier and faster for Chinese mail order brides.

Why are Chinese women so beautiful?

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  • Natural beauty. Chinese women are naturally attractive because of genetics and climate. 
  • Diets. Seafood, fish, rice, vegetables—most Chinese girls (especially the ones in their 20s and 30s) eat super healthy food.
  • Femininity. It's about how they dress, walk, and speak—Chinese ladies do everything with a flair of femininity. That's what makes them even more attractive for Western men.

How to find Chinese brides?

Wonder how to find a Chinese wife? It's not that hard, actually—you need to do it online.

Well, technically, you can learn Chinese, go to Beijing, and use your pickup skills. If you use all your luck, you will find some women who'll go on a date with you. However, even if you're a really lucky guy, this is definitely not the best way you should go because of one reason: your choice will be limited to the ladies you'll meet on the streets.

Dating sites offer you a much better choice—some of them have hundreds of thousands of Chinese mail order brides, and you can chat with basically all of them. It's not the only advantage of online dating—it's also much cheaper, faster, and more convenient than meeting Chinese ladies offline.

How to choose a Chinese wife?

You need to clearly understand what you really want because, as we've said, there are a lot of single Chinese women on dating sites—if you have no preferences and no requirements, you'll waste a lot of time finding the right woman. Think about what you are really looking for, use the search tools, and don't forget to answer all the questions during the registration on a Chinese mail order bride website—that's how you'll get the best matches and increase your chances to find your perfect woman.

How to date a Chinese woman? Top 3 tips

How does Chinese women dating work? Dating Chinese mail order wives may look difficult for a man from the US because of several reasons, such as a different dating etiquette, a different cultural background, etc. But in reality, there's nothing difficult here—just follow these simple rules, and your dates with Chinese ladies for marriage will be 100% successful.

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  • Take the initiative in your hands and lead the date. It's a very important part of Chinese dating etiquette—Chinese women are quite traditional, and they prefer a man to lead the relationship.
  • She'll be shy at the beginning—Chinese brides are not used to expressing emotions, so they are typically quite shy and calm on the first dates. This is especially true for those who have never dated foreigners before.
  • Be polite, kind, and respectful. That's what Chinese mail order brides expect from foreign men, and that's a must if you're going to date Asian ladies.

Chinese bride cost

How much does it cost to meet Chinese lady? There is no one clear answer to this question. The point is, some men pay around $30,000 to marry China mail order brides, the others spend around $5,000—it depends on a lot of factors. Here they are:

Class of airline tickets and hotel. Economy tickets from the US to China cost around $2,500, while a business class ticket might cost more than $5,000. The same goes for hotels—some hotel rooms cost $30 per night, the others might cost $100 per night or even more than that.

The time you're going to spend in China. A 1-week trip will cost you $500-$800—the more time you spend in a foreign country, the more you'll have to pay.

The country you will marry in. The wedding in China might cost up to $25,000 (or even more than that!), while the wedding in the United States will most likely cost you $10,000 or even less (in case you won't have a fancy wedding party with hundreds of guests, of course).

So here's the thing: if you choose economy class tickets and cheap hotels, spend one week in China, and marry your bride in the US, you will probably spend less than $10,000. If you, however, choose business class tickets and fancy hotels, spend two weeks in China (or more), and pay for the wedding in China, you'll most likely spend more than $25,000. 


Chinese brides for marriage are just great—they are beautiful, family-centered, and traditional. At the same time, beautiful Chinese women for marriage are strong, confident, and ambitious—they are perfectly balanced, and that's why foreign men go crazy about them. Sign up on the best Chinese mail bride services, start chatting with beautiful single Chinese women today, and create your own love story!

Frequently asked questions

​​How much does a Chinese mail-order bride cost?

There is no such thing as the average cost of China brides, of course. But you should be ready to spend around $25,000 to get a Chinese mail order bride—the total cost consists of the cost of a premium subscription on a Chinese mail brides service, a 1- or a 2-week trip to China, tickets, and wedding in China. The latter can cost you up to $20,000, but of course, it is not necessary, and the cost can be reduced easily—say, if you're going to marry a Chinese bride in the US, you will probably spend something about $10,000 or even less than that.

Is it illegal to mail order a bride?

Getting a Chinese bride online is 100% legal. You can meet Chinese brides online, meet them in their country, marry a woman from China, and get a Chinese girl for marriage to the United States legally. Most Chinese ladies who get married to American men enter the US on a K-1 (fiance(e)) visa. After that, they get a green card—and in two years, Chinese brides can become American citizens.

Do Chinese women for marriage make good wives for Americans?

Chinese wives are known for their loyalty, traditional views, and very strong family values. Chinese girls for marriage make great wives because they are family-centered, well-mannered, and traditional. And, of course, Chinese brides are very attractive—it's not the most crucial factor when choosing a wife, but you can't ignore it.

What traits of mail order brides from China men value the most?

An average Chinese mail order wife is confident and feminine, strong and respectful. Of course, there are a lot of character traits that make mail order bride Chinese so desirable for foreign men, but in most cases, it's about femininity, beauty, and respectfulness.

What kind of family do men create with Chinese brides?

Chinese brides are perfect for those who want to create a traditional family. Beautiful ladies from China prefer to be stay-at-home moms, but they tend to share parenting and household chores with their husbands for economic and financial reasons. Many Chinese women also tend to keep in touch with seniors even if they are divided by tens of thousands of miles.

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