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How to Tell If a Chinese Woman Likes You?

It is pretty easy to tell when a girl from your culture likes you. A Western girl will most likely tell you directly, or she will give you unambiguous hints, like texting you regularly, asking to hang out together, and so on.

Is it the same with Chinese beauties? Absolutely no. In this article, we will tell you everything about how Chinese girls express love and how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you.

How do Chinese girls express love and interest?

In the Western world, three words «I love you» are very special, yet it is easy to say them. You will rarely (almost never) hear a Chinese person express their feelings verbally. It is not also common for Chinese to tell the other person that they like you. This is the Chinese culture of relationships. Chinese people even believe that it is unnatural, fake, and artificial to express love through words.

How then to know if a Chinese girl really likes you or has feelings for you? How to be sure she is not just polite with you?

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Chinese girl body language

The first thing you need to know is that Chinese girls communicate their feelings through actions. Thus, you need to pay attention to the Chinese girl body language. Although the public display of affection is not common across Asia, if a Chinese girl makes some effort to touch you subtly any time she can, this is a huge sign. She is more into you than you think. This is how Chinese girls express love.

A Chinese woman gives you a phone number

If a Chinese girl gives you her phone number, as you may think, for no reason, she likes you. Please note: if she texts you first after you exchange contacts, that’s a huge sign, and you should not miss it.

Also note that Chinese girls text a lot before going on a date. Moreover, they consider the texting period as dating – time when you get to know each other. So be ready that for at least two weeks (and as long as half a year) you will be talking virtually. If you like her too, do not disappoint this lady. She will be asking you pretty direct questions like what your job, social status, and future plans are. But this is how Chinese relationships culture is.

A Chinese girl agrees for a date with you

If you have been communicating a lot online and she finally agrees to meet you in person – that’s 100% she likes you and there is no way back. If a Western girl agrees for a date with you just to see if you click or not, or she may like you and then get cold, with Chinese girls it’s a bit different. They know what they want, so catch the moment while it’s there.

A lady from China tells her friends about you

In Western culture, you usually date the person, and then you introduce each other to your friends. In China, it’s vice versa. First, her friends have to approve of your potential boy/girlfriend. They will be able to tell you if this person suits you or not. If not, they can tear you two apart. Of course, as a foreigner, you will not be able to meet a Chinese girl through mutual friends. Most likely, you will meet her online. However, if she likes you a lot, she will share this with her friends, and soon after you meet each other in person she will introduce you to them.

A Chinese woman talks about marriage

The pressure on Chinese girls is very high. They are expected to get married before 25, so Chinese girls actively search for potential husbands. If she talks to you and mentions marriage, most likely she is into you and even considers you as a future spouse.

A Chinese girl wants you to meet her parents

If you still haven’t understood that she’s into you so much, this is the last warning. If she wants you to meet her parents, it is not only that she likes you, she is very serious about you!

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What does it mean when a Chinese girl gives you a gift?

Gifts are very important in Chinese culture. Men are expected to shower girls with presents to show they are capable of providing for them. But what does it mean when a Chinese girl gives you a gift?

It depends on when she gives it to you and what it actually is. In China, it is common to give gifts on certain holidays. So if a Chinese girl gives you a gift, it is to show you respect. If she gives you something like a knife – it’s a sign of separation, probably she doesn’t want to be with you. There are plenty of taboo gifts in China, and you need to know about them.

What to expect when dating a Chinese woman?

For Western bachelors, the behavior of Chinese women isn’t easy to predict. Here is what you should expect when dating a Chinese girl:

  1. She will be straightforward in asking you about what matters for her (because she knows her parents will ask the same sooner or later), which are your occupation, plans for the future, even level of income.
  2. She will give you hints about what she wants to get from you as a gift. You have to be attentive.
  3. She will be jealous. When a Chinese girl is in love, she shows a lot of jealousy. She may even check your phone, but this doesn’t apply to all girls.
  4. There will be no ambiguity in your relationship. If you are dating a Chinese girl, you are dating her and you are serious. She will tell everyone you two are together.

Dating Chinese girl etiquette

  • Do not talk too much about yourself in first meetings, it’s not only about you. The balance between sharing and asking questions to show her that you are interested in.
  • Do not freak out from her «materialistic» questions. Chinese girls are straight to the point and want to be sure they won’t be wasting time.
  • Do not rush to get physical. While Chinese show affection through cuddling rather than verbally, they do not rush to be touchy from the start. Begin with hand holding, if the girl is comfortable with it.
  • Give her many little gifts. Chinese girls love little and cute things, it’s easy to get their heart with them. Also, remember little details that she likes and give her gifts based on that, she will be.
  • Give her specific and not general compliments. Chinese girls want their men to be observant.
  • What turns a Chinese woman on? Romance. Chinese guys aren’t good at it, and that’s why they choose Western guys. Take advantage of it and shower her with romance.


A Chinese girl will definitely let you know that she likes you. It’s just you who has to learn how to read her messages.

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