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Filipino brides and singles

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pinay woman
Carlene, 28
Philippines, Talisay
About me:

I believe that in the relationships one partner must complement and balance the other. Like day and night, ice and flame. Of course, in fundamental questions, we must think in the same way. I dream to give warmth and joy to my beloved, receiving protection and support from him as a mentor and head of our family.

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Filipino Mail Order Brides – Why Are They Perfect For Western Guys?

The Philippines is the most popular direction to meet and date an Asian woman. And it is no surprise that Western men love Filipina girls so much: they have gorgeous bodies, a nice mentality, and they are perfect for family life. If you are dreaming of a lifelong passionate relationship with such a girl, but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place! First, you will find out what are Filipina girls like, and then we will guide you through all the peculiarities of dating these beauties: from their values to the costs. Stay with us and do not waste your time any longer!

Filipino bride

Why choose Filipina brides?

Philippine singles are considered to be the best wives for plenty of reasons, and here are the most important of them:

  1. Reason #1: Nice personality traits.They have a very fine character that impresses every western man greatly. They are raised in the atmosphere of caring and mutual respect, particularly respect for father and men at the whole.
  2. Reason#2: Exotic beauty.They are known for their special, exotic Asian beauty. Filipinas are considered some of the most beautiful women due to the immigrants from Spain, China, Vietnam, and other countries, who moved to the country decades ago. Undoubtedly, they took the best from all of these ethnicities.
  3. Reason#3: Low-maintenance lifestyle. The last but not the least reason to marry a girl from this country is that Filipino women are not spoiled with the high level of life. They are the opposite of Western ladies: these girls will not demand from you to spend a fortune on expensive gifts, because your attention is more important to them.

The national character or what are Filipino girls like?

The roles of men and women in the traditional Philippine families are strictly divided, and that allows girls to be more feminine than most women who grew up in so-called progressive countries. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any ambitions.

Filipino girls know the value of good education and career success, but they are not their top priorities, i.e., they can never compensate for the absence of the strong family, loving husband, and children.

Filipino woman

As for their personality traits, they’re mostly shy, sweet and very romantic. They don’t want to prove anything to a man; they can impress you with generosity, patience, and empathy. We also want to note that these girls are not careless women who just want to hang out with random men at parties or nightclubs, so that is a perfect choice for you.

Western feminism vs. traditional family values of Filipino women

The truth is men face a lot of difficulties in a relationship today, and most of them are the direct causes of feminism – the new system of values for women. Of course, it can’t be said that this is a purely negative trend: there’s nothing bad in the wish to be educated and successful, but sometimes it takes forms that make men feel really uncomfortable.

Dating with a Western girl is often like a walk in a minefield. You never know if your cute gesture or a phrase will be treated as the abuse. From this perspective, Filipino women have a huge advantage. They are gentle, caring, loving, and respectful, and they’ll never make you feel guilty for the small cute gift, or the words said with love.

They know the value of romance and gentleness between a man and a woman, and that makes a fairy tale possible. A Western girl wants to have the right to be successful, while a Filipino girl wants to have the right to be happy in a strong family started with a good husband. There’s a big, fundamental difference.

Things you should know before dating a Filipina woman

There are three most important things you should know before dating a Filipina woman.

  1. The Philippines are a Catholic country. The first thing you should take into account is the fact that religion really matters for most Filipinas. The good news is they are Catholics. Consequently, this won’t be a problem for men from the United States or Europe.
  2. The family issue. As mentioned above, traditional family values is not an empty phrase for the people in the Philippines. Your future wife will never forget about her relatives (in most cases they are at least 5 siblings, a mom, and a dad) and will expect you to help her support them. That would be bad news if the prices in the country were higher. Such kind of help won’t cost you more than you spend on a few dinners.
  3. Attitude for foreigners. Almost every beautiful girl in this country would marry a foreigner just because they are better husbands than their men. However, if you really want to find a wife, you should never act like a playboy or a womanizer. The divorce rate here is very high, and women try to avoid any men that look like they can break a girl’s heart.

What do beautiful Philippines ladies look like?

These women are the biggest proud of the country. They have a gorgeous appearance given by nature, and that don’t even try to deceive men with tons of makeup and sophisticated clothes. They just don’t need this! When they hear that Western women use various makeup techniques and pursue a tan to look more attractive, they are more than just surprised just because they already have it all.

Beautiful filipino girls

Like the most Asian women, Filipinas girls are tiny and small, and that’s their proud. Their long legs can blow any man’s mind easily. Their features are unique: the eastern shape of eyes, small nose, black hair, and beautiful smile fascinate men from all over the world. More importantly, there’s no risk that your wife will thicken after marriage. These girls put the same value on health as on the beauty, and that, in turn, guarantees that she won’t become a fast-food most loyal fan.

A lot of man from the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada are looking for Asian brides online for plenty of reasons including their beauty, and Filipinas are undoubtedly the most gorgeous ones.

How to date a Filipina girl for marriage?

So, now, you may have a reasonable question: is there something you need to remember while dating a beautiful Filipina girl? The answer is yes. And here are some tips that we gathered for you:

  • Be a real gentleman. Actually, it is something you need to do to all women, but girls from the Philippines will especially love it.
  • Respect her family. Most Asian women are taught to respect their parents, and they expect their men to act the same way.
  • Respect her culture. Filipinos value their culture deeply, so if you show some knowledge of it or even speak some words in the local language, your lady will definitely appreciate it!
  • No PDA. Filipinos are very conservative, and local ladies are not used to the public display of affection. So, instead, just make it comfortable for her to be with you in public and make her compliments.

What kind of men Philippines mail order brides are looking for?

Every woman on Earth wants to have a good, caring, and loving husband. This information is just not enough to understand the psychology of average Filipina, so you have to know something more about their national character and taboos. The main threat for the women here are the so-called “babaeros” who don’t respect women and cheat of them whenever possible. Their top priority is to seduce as many ladies as possible, and this is unacceptable for any girl in this country. Hence, your main goal is to show that you’re committed to this relationship.

Another question is how they view Western men. Filipino brides expect them to be reliable, strong, and masculine. They’re like the princesses waiting for their princes, and these women don’t pay much attention to your age, wealth, and appearance – moral qualities are what they appreciate most.

How to meet a Filipina wife who will turn your life into a fairytale?

There are only three ways to find a Filipina wife, so let’s consider each of them.

You can visit the Philippines, and this country is definitely worth it. It’s known for its beautiful islands, gorgeous nature, blue sea, and, of course, very low prices for everything from hotels to food. However, in this case, there are no guarantees of success. The chance that you will meet your Filipino wife in the bar is really low, and the chance you’ll meet a girl who wants nothing but your money is very high.

Another option is a dating website, and it’s the surest path to find the girl of your dreams. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune on any of these platforms – the average price varies from $10 to $40 per month. Moreover, all accounts on a reliable website are verified, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll find scammers instead of a wife. A lot of men around the globe meet Filipinas online and start a healthy, strong family.

The third option is a dating agency that is quite similar to the website with the difference that it’s more expensive. Communication with women will cost you twice more than on the website, and the list of the services is almost the same.

How much does it cost to marry a Filipina?

Finding a mail order wife in the Philippines makes a lot of sense even in material terms. In fact, this is nearly the cheapest country to find the future wife in.

The major expenditures:

  1. Dating Website ≈ $240 per 6 months $
  2. Flights ≈ $3,000 for 4 flights
  3. Hotels ≈ $2,000 for 2 weeks
  4. Visa ≈1,700
  5. Romance Tour ≈ $4,000

* The tour is optional.

The total cost is around $10,000, not too much especially in comparison with the sum you have to spend on a Western girl, right?


To sum up, Filipino mail order brides are really interested in marriage with a good man from one of the Western countries not because they want his money but because they’re looking for a loving husband they can rely on. They have a nice character, unique personality, and beauty, a perfect mix that can make any man happy. Dating a Filipina, unlike dating a Western woman won’t cost you a fortune but will bring you true happiness.


Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, they do! These women are a little shy and extremely beautiful. They always treat their husbands with respect and are always loyal to them. They also love children and see nothing wrong in being stay-at-home moms.

What Is The Average Age Of Marriage In The Philippines?

The median age of women that got married in 2017 is 27 years (the same as in the United States, for example). The absolute majority of women marry between the ages 25-29 and 20-24d.

What Is The Percentage Of Filipino Brides That Are Successful?

According to the statistics, 3.5% of marriages in the Philippines involve foreign nationals, which means about 15,000 foreign men marry Filipino brides every year (3,100 of these 15,000 are the marriages between Filipino brides and American grooms). Four of the five intermarriages that involved Filipino brides lasted for more than 3 years.

Are Filipino Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes. Technically, the Philippines prohibits the business of organizing marriages between Filipino brides and foreign men. However, there are tens of mail order bride websites that characterize themselves as "travel agencies," and thousands of Filipino women marry foreigners every year. It's totally legal for an American to marry a Filipino girl.

Do Filipino Women Like American Men?

Yes, they do! Firstly, it's about Americans themselves — Filipino brides think that men from the United States are real gentlemen. Secondly, they are just not satisfied with Filipino men who don’t treat them with respect. Local women expect American men to treat them like they deserve.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Marrying A Filipina?

Firstly, it’s hard to find a trusted Filipino dating website — you’ll have to spend several hours reading the reviews. Another con is the travel expenses. However, the pros do outweigh the disadvantages — these girls are hot, family-oriented, and they make perfect wives.

What Is Filipino Bride Price?

On average, a monthly premium subscription on a dating site costs $30-$60. Then, you will have to arrange a date. It will cost about $700 for 1 ticket and about $500-$1,000 for 1 week in the Philippines. A wedding in the Philippines will cost 236,000 PHP-1,300,000 PHP ($4,600-$26,000).

What Are The Requirements For My Filipino Wife To Receive A US Green Card?

Your fiancée will have to attend an interview to prove that your marriage is bona fide. It's uncommon for the US authorities to deny a case outright. So if your fiancée is not inadmissible for health reasons and if your marriage is not a sham, she will get a green card.

Why Are Filipino Women So Beautiful?

The Philippines is a melting pot, and that is where their beauty comes from. They have beautiful Asian faces, soft olive skin, and really hot bodies. But it's not only about physical attractiveness — they are also very feminine, well-mannered, and educated, and this is what makes them appealing to foreigners.

What Are The Rules For Dating A Filipino Girl?

Dating a Filipino bride is like dating any other Asian girl. You will have to be kind and polite, to treat her with respect, and to be a real gentleman to impress her. A little bit of patience will work great — Filipino women need some time to understand you better.

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