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Filipino brides and singles

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Carlene, 28
Philippines, Talisay
About me:

I believe that in the relationships one partner must complement and balance the other. Like day and night, ice and flame. Of course, in fundamental questions, we must think in the same way. I dream to give warmth and joy to my beloved, receiving protection and support from him as a mentor and head of our family.

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Filipino Brides – Why Are They Perfect For Western Guys?

The Philippines is a popular mail order bride destination with unique culture, beautiful landscapes, and traditions. In 2019, 7,134 gorgeous Filipino brides arrived in the US to get married, which indicates that Westerns are crazy about getting a Filipino wife. These ladies are incredibly beautiful, love Western men, and are open to international marriage. With so many modern ways of dating and popular dating sites, meeting Filipina women is super easy, so if you’re interested–read on!

Filipina brides

Why choose Filipina brides?

When you see the numbers of Filipina girls that arrive in the US and other western countries each year, it's only natural to wonder what is so special about Filipino mail order brides. Why do foreign men pick Filipino singles among other Asian countries? Let's explore all the main reasons for it.

Naturally beautiful

The oriental charm of Filipino brides is what makes them so globally desired. Their slightly tanned skin, long straight dark hair, and perfect facial features make them very beautiful. Most Filipino women look younger than they actually are, which is common among Japanese brides, Chinese beauties, Thai brides, and other Asian ladies. If you are ready to be dazzled by the beauty of your wife every day for years, a Filipino woman is definitely the right choice.

Have smoking-hot bodies

Another attribute of Filipino brides’ beauty is their petite figures and short height. In contrast to Slavic brides, who are usually around 5.4-5.5, Filipino mail order wives are much shorter. This fact is a huge benefit to American and European men who are more on the shorter side. But being petite doesn't stop gorgeous Philippine mail order brides from having sexy figures. On the contrary, they tend to have curvy bodies that they love to highlight with body-hugging clothes.

Different from Western women

Growing up with quite strict Filipino brides’ parents, local women are taught to be good daughters, wives, and mothers. Family is taught to be the top priority in any case. And in contrast to more career-oriented Western women, Filipino ladies value caring about their foreign husbands, kids, and the prosperity of the household. Also, when you find Filipina bride, you'll be amazed at how more traditional they are when it comes to the division of traditional gender roles. They strive to fulfill their 'wife duty', but at the same time expect their partner to cover his side.

 best Filipina brides

Want serious relationships

Traditional upbringing also left an imprint on how Filipino girls for marriage see an ideal relationship. Modern women from the Philippines are more open-minded and accepting; however, open relationships and casual dating is just not a thing in this country. The majority of local women, especially Filipina mail order brides that you can meet on a dating site, are Filipina looking for American husband for life, not a fling.

Love European and American men

Another reason why you should consider dating Filipino women is that they love Westerns. Many Filipino brides are more into foreigners than locals. And the reason for that lies in how American and European men treat their women. They tend to be more respectful, caring, and generous. Also, many women believe that they provide for their families better and be more faithful and responsible.

Things you should know before dating a Filipina woman

Dating a beautiful Filipino woman is not easy as different beliefs, cultural peculiarities, and mentality can challenge your relationship. But if you are planning on dating or marrying Filipino women, you should know about dating Filipino girls.

  1. Filipino brides love older men. On average, a Filipino wife is marrying a 6-11 years older partner, which indicates that Filipino girls are into more mature guys.
  2. Filipino ladies are more submissive but not passive. These ladies tend to be more respectful of their husband's opinions and try to avoid conflict at all costs. But a Filipino bride is not passive; they are quite initiative and won't tolerate improper treatment.
  3. They speak English well. The majority of Filipino girls speak English very well. And it is actually a second official language of the country. So you shouldn't have any communication problems. But when meeting Filipino brides parents, don't expect them to speak fluent English, as good education wasn't accessible even 25 years ago.
  4. Filipino mail order brides aren't money-focused. Don't get us wrong, Philippines mail order wives want prosperity for their families, but material things have never been their top priority. When looking for a potential husband, they look more at how he treats them, not a financial situation.
  5. Real Filipino wives try to avoid divorce. Partly it's because divorce is shamed by society, and divorced women are considered loose and unfortunate. That made a typical Filipino mail order bride very patient and forgiving. They will do everything they can to save the union, but in some cases, enough is enough.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg of information that you need to know about gorgeous Filipino mail order brides. Exploring the traditions and mentality of your woman’s country will help you understand your beautiful Filipino girl better.

How to date a Filipina girl for marriage?

Asian and Western cultures are polar apart in some views on the world. That makes Filipino mail brides have a unique approach to dating. We gathered some useful tips on how to date a Filipina bride to have a strong relationship.

  • Take the initiative. Women from Southeast Asia are quite shy with strangers, and Filipino wives are not an exception. So, you need to be active, because even if a girl notices you, she won't usually approach you first. But a wise Filipino bride will find a way to show her interest.
  • Take her on a date out. Filipino girls love good food, especially spicy and flavourful meals. So, taking your girlfriend on a date to a cozy restaurant with delicious food is a winning strategy.
  • Be a gentleman. Being in your top behavior is a must during the early stages of your relationships. Make sure that your Filipino mail order bride feels safe and cared for.
  • Make your intentions clear. There is no need to start learning Filipino wedding customs on the first date, but mail order wives from the Philippines don't like it when men are uncertain of what they want.

Understanding the mentality of your partner and being tolerant of some traditions of their culture can go a long way. No one says that international relationships are super easy, but no relationships are if you do nothing for understand your partner better.

What kind of men Philippines mail order brides are looking for?

Preference in men is very subjective, as gorgeous Filipina brides are into different kinds of guys. But still, there are some things that they have in common. And we gathered the main ones to help you see if you match the description.

  • Foreign. It might seem silly, but there are so many girls from the Philippines on dating sites because they are genuinely into foreign guys, especially Westerns. They are more physically attracted to them and also adore their lifestyle.
  • Reliable. Many Filipino women, Island ladies for marriage, and other mail order brides marry foreigners because they are believed to be more reliable. Stability and having a supportive partner are what typical Philippine women seeking American men want.
  • Ambitious. A constant strive for a better life is sexy in the eyes of modern Philippino ladies. And a lot of them find it in foreign men.
  • Caring. Philippines girls for marriage make good wives, and they expect their men to treat them with care and love.
  • Accepting. Being raised in a traditional and strict society made ladies from the Philippines dream about husbands who would not want to change them or dictate how to look or behave. And that is another reason why Western men are so popular.

These are five qualities that Filipino mail order brides tend to appreciate about men. Generally, beautiful Filipino brides are open to love and will take the risk of leaving their life behind and starting from scratch in a new country if it means spending the rest of their lives with a loving husband.

Filipina brides

How to meet a Filipina bride who will turn your life into a fairy tale?

Modern technologies give singles plenty of opportunities to meet many stunning Filipino mail order brides just in a few clicks. Well, you can't fall in love or marry a Philippines girl in a day, but when you know how to get a Philippine wife, it is completely possible. To start your love story today you need to find a reliable dating site that has Filipino women for marriage. There are two types of such platforms: international and mono-national dating sites.

You can meet sexy Philippine brides on both of them, but joining a trustworthy specialized site will give you the possibility to choose from a bigger number of singles. However, online dating is not the only opportunity you have. Let's explore some more!

Is traveling to the Philippines to meet Filipino brides effective?

Some people who prefer a more old-fashioned way of meeting Filipino wives might visit the country itself. Such a trip can be a great way of having a vacation and looking for Filipina wife. But when you are in a completely unknown country it's hard to guess how to get a Filipina wife. You need to do research, read forums, and strongly rely on luck if you choose such a dating way. The problems with meeting pretty Filipino women IRL makes online dating more accessible and efficient.

How much does it cost to marry a Filipina?

 Filipina brides

Getting a sexy Filipino mail order wife is not cheap, but it's less expensive than getting a Chinese wife. Your expenses will strongly depend on where you decide to tie the knot and to what scale you want to celebrate your wedding. Also, legal preparations adds to the final sum, and there are many more expense fields that you need to explore.

Before marriage expenses

If you choose to meet your future wife online, you can expect to pay for it. Actually, the cost of online dating Filipino singles, European brides, or Latin beauties is relatively the same. Everything depends on:

  • A particular dating site you choose
  • Cost of services on the site
  • Type of membership
  • Amount of services you use
  • Extra expenses for flowers and gifts

The majority of the dating sites are credit-based, which means that you need a special virtual currency to use the majority of services. As the rule, most communication is on a pay-to-use basis. But some sites often profile a certain amount of services for free. The current cost of credits on the EasternHoneys website is:

  • $2.99 for 20 credits (1st payment, 2nd and next—$9.99)
  • $19.99 for 50 credits
  • $44.99 for 125 credits
  • $69.99 for 250 credits
  • $149.99 for 750 credits

To write a letter to a hot Filipino mail order bride you need only 10 credits and 2 credits for a minute of chat. Video communication tends to be more expensive, but still affordable.

Cost of getting married to Filipino women

When you are ready to tie the knot, the cost of the wedding will highly depend on where you want to do it. If you choose to get married in the Philippines, the official part will cost you only $25 of a Marriage License and $60 of the Solemnization Fee. But for actual celebration, the cost is for sure higher. If you want to have a low-key wedding with a few guests, it can cost you under $1,000 

If you choose to marry in the US, the first expense is getting a K1 visa, which is around $920 plus a medical exam fee. And the average wedding cost in the USA in 2019 was around $28,000. But everything also depends on what type of wedding ceremony and reception you are planning.

After wedding expenses

The first thing that you can expect after the wedding in the Philippines is the cost of flights back to the US. Usually, men are expected to cover these expenses. A roundtrip ticket from New York to Manila is approximately $1,963.  Also, legally you will need to pay for an adjustment of the status of your Filipino wife:

But if you are marrying a Philippines girl in your country, you can only expect to pay for further applications of your new wife for a Green card.


Finding a wife in the Philippines is not that difficult, and stunning Filipino mail order brides are worth every minute and cent that you spend on getting them. They know the secret of how to make their men feel like he is on top of the world. Also, coming from a more traditional background, Filipino wives are much easier to be with. They value family and traditions of classic family life, as well as know how to love, which is a dream come true for many men.


At what age do Filipinos marry?

Some women in the Philippines marry early, in their twenties, but the majority create families when they are around 25-29. But as Philippine ladies look much younger their age, at 25 they look barely 18.


How much money does it take to date Filipino wives online?

Everything will depend on the dating site you decide to join. On average, the cost of credits starts at $2.99 for 20 credits. And you need only 2 credits per minute to chat with local girls.

Why are Philippines women seeking marriage abroad?

The reason can be different for each girl, but many Philippines brides look for a loving and ambitious foreign husband, more career and life opportunities, and better living standards. But some ladies just don't want to be with a Filipino partner.

Where to look for mail order brides in Filipina cities?

You can meet Filipino girls who are incredibly beautiful across the country. But the most popular cities are Manila and Cebu. They are believed to have the highest concentration of singles who are interested in dating foreigners.

Why are Filipino wives great life partners?

A Philippines girl for marriage is a real diamond in the rough, which is why so many guys want to get a wife from the Philippines. They are smoking-hot, always prioritize family, and are very open-minded.

What are the rules for dating a Filipino girl?

If you expect beautiful Filipino women fall to your feet because you are a foreigner, you are greatly mistaken. You need to be initiative, manly, and caring to conquer the hearts of a sexy Philippine bride, as a regular Filipina usually has a great choice among potential local partners.

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