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10 Rules - Don't Marry A Filipina Woman Before Reading These 

Increasing numbers of American and Australian, as well as Canadian and British men choose to marry Filipina women. Filipino brides are known as perfect wives. But your marriage won’t be perfect unless you follow these 10 rules:

#1. Do not take her best traits for granted

Research shows that Filipino brides are likely to be timid and modest, family-oriented and at the same time educated. This, however, does not mean they would be submissive. Filipino women are capable of making the life of husbands, who do not respect them, very uncomfortable, so do not play with fire.

#2. Be patient

Filipinas can be sweet and nice, but if they don’t like something in you, they will keep building up the frustrations until they burst. You didn’t notice your wife's new hairstyle? You were talking to another girl on social media? A Filipina will pour a good dose of passive aggression on you, will pout her lips and stomp her foot. Do not make her angry and be patient with her reactions, she will calm down.

beautiful filipino woman in yellow swimsuit

#3. Watch out for her gestures

If you miss her tiny signs, it may lead to miscommunication. For example, if you ask her for something, instead of giving it to you she may do lip-pointing. This is a common practice among Filipinos. They love their gestures, and you should learn them too.

#4. When visiting her family for the first time, bring gifts

Not only for her but also for her parents. This way, you will let the Filipino family know you are a generous and nice guy, who is worth marrying their daughter (potentially).

#5. Do not eat anything before visiting her family or friends

Filipinos are some of the most hospitable people on earth. They are affectionate, joyful, and willing to feed everyone around. If you eat before visiting her parents, most likely by the end of the evening you will burst because of overeating.

#6. Do not loan her huge piles of money unless you know her for many years

Many Western men got into trouble by giving money to «poor Filipinas». In fact, they never heard back from them. Unfortunately, in every nation, you can meet bad people, and gold-diggers are not an exception in the Philippines.

pretty filipino girl

#7. Ask her parents if you can marry her

If you know she’s the one, you have to ask her parents if they agree that you two marry. It is a tradition, and you may have problems if you do not ask.

#8. Forget about the bride price

There is no bride price that you would have to give her parents before marriage. The Philippines is different from other Asian countries in this. However, be ready to be the main sponsor of the wedding. Many Filipino families still expect the groom to budget wedding celebrations.

#9. Know that in the Philippines you will not be able to get divorced

We are not implying that this may happen particularly to you, but before you decide to marry a Filipina, it’s good to know you will not be able to divorce her in her country. You can do it abroad. However, she will not be able to get married for the second time in the Philippines, as she will still be considered married.

#10. Be a gentleman for her

Filipino women are very feminine, caring, and supportive. They deserve all the best. If you treat her like a princess, with respect and love, she will pay you back in the same way – she will cater to you and will pamper you.

Filipinas are adorable women. If you know how to behave with them and what to expect in the marriage with them, your matrimony will definitely be a happy one.

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