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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marrying A Filipina

Filipinas are among the most popular mail order brides in the world. Just look at the Fiancé(e) visa statistics, issued by the USA, – most visas in 2017 were given to Philippine brides and grooms. 

Western men want to marry Filipinas and successfully do it. However, you should not jump into such a relationship without a second thought, as there are a few things to know before marrying a Filipina. In this article, we will tell you about all advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Filipina.

beautiful filipino girl

Pros & Cons of Filipinas


  • Filipino women are extremely beautiful. They usually have long straight black hair, dark eyes, cute faces, and honey-hued complexion. They have petite figures and age very well.
  • Filipinas are used to putting the needs of their loved ones in front of theirs. If you, as a boyfriend or husband is tired, she will make sure to massage you, cook your favorite food, and pamper you.
  • They have great personalities – Filipinas are warm-hearted, kind, and very affectionate. They took it from their families.
  • Filipinas are not submissive. They can be soft, tender, and feminine, yet, they are capable of building a successful career and devote themselves to the work of their lives.
  • They are very faithful and loyal as they come from religious (Roman Catholic) families.


  • Filipinas may never tell you straight away that they don’t like something. Instead, they can ignore you, pout their lips, and then out-of-the-blue burst out in childish anger. It is not a big deal if you are patient and know how to talk to women of this kind.
  • Some Filipino women are gold-diggers and lie a lot, you have to be careful. You also have to think twice before marrying a poor Filipino girl.

Let’s talk a bit more about the last con, as it concerns many men interested in marrying Filipinas.

How to tell if a Filipina is lying?

You can find many stories online on how men get cheated and deceived by Filipinas. Before you jump to any conclusions, let us help you divide two types of lying that you can see in Philippine people:

  1. Cultural «white» lying
  2. Deceit

So the first case of «white» lying relates to situations when Filipinas lie for not offending the other person and to protect themselves for minor wrongdoings like being late. It is a cultural thing. When, for example, Australians cherish straightforwardness and openness, Filipinos will consider it rough and rude. You do not have to worry if your Philippine wife does that.

pretty pinay woman

It is much worse when a Filipino woman lies to you about her financial status and the struggles of her family to keep getting money from you. How to tell if a Filipina is lying?

  • She will avoid meeting you in person
  • She will only talk to you when she needs money
  • She will have a thousand reasons not to return money to you
  • She will dump you once you lose your job

Trust your guts if you do not want to be deceived. But at the same time, do not close your heart from Filipino women just because there are Filipino gold-diggers. There are thousands of wonderful, honest, and caring Filipino girls out there who are worth your attention. Below, we will tell you more about them.

How is it to have Filipina as a wife: Pros and cons

What to expect when marrying a Filipina? You need to know this before you make one of the most important steps in your life.


  • You will never be hungry. Filipinas cook so much that they could feed the entire village.
  • You will never feel lonely. Filipino women have very cheerful, supportive, and affectionate families. They will treat you like your own son.
  • You will start liking karaoke and various parties. Life will become more fun!
  • You will get the strongest backup. Filipino girls are very loyal and would do anything for their husbands.


  • You will get tired of rice. Filipino women are crazy about it and eat it during almost every meal.
  • She will scold you if you walk in your shoes inside the house. It’s better to commit suicide than to walk in dirty shoes on the floor which she just cleaned.
  • You will be forced to take a shower every day, if not twice a day. Filipinas are very clean and neat, so she will force you to be the same, even against your own will, or in spite of your tiredness or absence of time for that.

Doesn’t sound like a bad thing? Now let’s see what it is like to marry a Filipino woman.

Wedding traditions in the Philippines

There is no bride price in the Philippines, however, if you want to marry a Filipino girl, be ready to share some or all of the wedding expenses. It is expected in the Philippines that the groom and his family take on the largest burden, but luckily, in more urbanized areas, girls’ parents are ready to get involved financially in the wedding.

Overall, wedding traditions in the Philippines resemble those in the West, as 80% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic. Brides wear white dresses, ceremonies are held in churches, wedding reception takes place afterward.

Will your Filipino marriage last for long, though?

cute pinay woman

Divorce rates

The Philippines is one of only two countries in the world (on par with the Vatican) that prohibits divorce. Although over 50% of the population wants the divorce to be legalized in the country and there is already a bill approved in one of the committees, it is yet impossible to divorce someone in the Philippines.

The Zero-divorce rate in the Philippines does not mean that their marriages are happy and successful. But it is worth noting that Filipinas are raised thinking that marriage is for life, and they should cherish it and take it seriously. Filipino women are quite traditional, so if you want a serious life-long marriage, they are the right ladies to marry.

Why do Filipinas marry foreigners? Because of love. If a Filipino woman chooses you for marriage, she is serious. Even if she divorces you in the USA or wherever you two live, upon arrival in the Philippines she will not be able to get married again, so she will think twice before marrying anyone.

Final advantages and disadvantages list


  1. Filipino wife is malambing – sweet, loving and caring
  2. She is loyal and faithful
  3. She cherishes family values
  4. Filipino wife is very affectionate and cheerful
  5. Being versatile, they can have a successful career and not focus only on family


  1. She is demanding
  2. She can act like a child when she is upset

As you can see, the advantages of marrying a Filipino girl do not outweigh the disadvantages. Now you know what to expect from marrying a Filipina, and we only wish you to find the right woman!

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