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Thai brides and singles

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thai girl
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Sakawjai, 21
Thailand, Bangkok
About me:

I want to find a man who will really love me. I hope you are mature and responsible for your family. You will be considerate and take care of me. I want to do all the romantic things with you. My motto is: "To be or not to be, that is a question".

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Thai Mail Order Brides - Open-Minded Wives For Western Men

Finding Thailand mail order brides is extremely easy. Basically, you only need to choose a good Thailand mail order bride website among hundreds of dating services—after that, you just sign up and start chatting with various Thai girls.

However, some pitfalls still need to be avoided when it comes to Thai brides. Here, we'll tell you everything about them.

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Thai wives: Most common questions answered

If you've never met Thai mail order brides before, you probably have certain questions. Why do Thai ladies seek foreign men? Is there really something about Thai women for marriage that makes them so desirable and attractive for foreign men (especially men from the US)? And what are the rules of dating a woman from this beautiful country?

If you're going to become a foreign husband for a Thai mail order bride, these questions are surely important for you. Here, you will find the answers.

Why are Thai brides interested in international marriages?

Let's begin with the most obvious one: why do brides from Thailand even want to build a serious relationship with a Western man? We mean, it's quite obvious why Westerners dream of getting a Thai wife—it's usually about beauty, values, happy married life, etc. But why is the opposite true, too? Language barrier, different (Western) culture, traditional girlfriend's parents who typically have very conservative values regarding relationships with a foreigner—all this doesn't turn mail order brides off. So what's the reason? Maybe, it's all about money—after all, American men are typically much more financially stable than Thai people?

No, it's not about money—or at least it's not about gold-digging. Of course, every Thailand bride needs to know her partner is financially stable—but it's only about "being financially stable," not about "being a billionaire." The absolute majority of women from all over the world (not only Thailand women for marriage) want the same thing, and we don't call them gold-diggers because of this, do we? It's a 100% normal thing, especially if we're talking about single Thai ladies - don't forget that these women leave their lives behind and move to a foreign country where they don't know anyone. That's why it's 100% natural that they want to be sure they won't have any financial problems (at least at first).

But the most common reason why Thai girls become Thai mail order wives is not related to money at all. Most Thai women want to marry foreigners because they simply believe that American men treat their women better than Thai guys. They think it's easier to build a happy family with a man from the US; they are sure that men from the US are more respectful, caring, and generally more loving than Thai men. Something like that "Yellow fever" (objectification of Asian women, basically), but in reverse.

And that's what matters most to them—Thai beauties are sure enough of American men's character and personality traits that they are ready to ignore cultural differences, language barrier, relocation and adaptation problems, etc.

As we've just said, it's almost always about beauty and values when it comes to the reasons why Americans want to meet Thai brides. However, beauty is not the only thing that makes Thai women so desirable. There are at least 4 reasons why Thailand brides are 100% worth dating.

thai women traits

Now, let's be more detailed.


Very attractive faces, smooth olive skin, dark hair, perfect slim and athletic figures—Thai ladies are extremely attractive. Some fans of Asian beauty think that women from any Asian country are 100% attractive, but even if you're not one of these men, you just can't deny that Thai wives look outstanding. What's more, the concept of Thai beauty isn't only about natural beauty—Thai women usually age slower than Western ladies, they know how to use makeup, and they are often into fitness. A perfect combination, really.


Have you ever heard the stereotype "a Thai woman is a feminine woman"? Well, this stereotype is 100% true. Thai mail order brides are very caring and nurturing; they are empathetic and often vulnerable, patient, respectful, and very sensual. In Thai culture, as well as in any other patriarchal culture, there is a strong tendency for imposing masculinity and femininity stereotypes—and although the situation is slowly changing, most Thai brides still think that a woman must be feminine first and foremost.

By the way, it's not only about Thai women—women from other Southeast Asian countries are also very feminine. Vietnamese, Filipino brides, women from Indonesia—most of them have a full set of feminine character traits.

Confidence and power

Here's a surprising fact: Thai girls for marriage are very confident and strong; they know it, and they are not afraid to show it. Of course, we can't say that they are similar to, say, Japanese wives in this regard—Thailand still has a lot of work to do until its women are as confident, free, and strong as men. But as we've said before, everything is changing slowly—and modern Thai females are becoming more career-oriented, ambitious, and confident. The Thai female population is becoming increasingly educated, too—and that's another important thing you need to understand before you sign up on a dating site to find a Thailand mail order wife.

What does it mean for you as a man who wants to find a Thai bride? Well, a lot of positive things. A confident woman is usually more positive, more motivated, and more active—and it's always a great thing when it comes to relationships.

Respect for a partner

Another important factor why Thai mail order wives are becoming more and more popular is that they are very respectful. It's usually about small things like defending a husband if others speak disrespectfully about him or talking about family goals and about achieving them together, but here, these small things make a big difference.

How to date a Thai bride? Top 5 tips

Getting a Thai girlfriend isn't that difficult—basically, you only need to choose some good dating sites (or site), sign up, and start chatting with local ladies. But when it comes to the first date, it's not that easy—don't forget that you're going to meet women with different cultural backgrounds, different views on relationships, and different dating etiquette. If you are searching for one-night stands, you don't need to worry about it—but if you want to impress a Thai lady with strong family values and serious intentions, you need to follow some rules (they are not that difficult to follow, though).

thai women dating
  • Always try to look your best on the first date with a Thai mail order bride. This might sound obvious, but unfortunately, lots of American men ignore this rule and try to impress women from Thailand wearing cargo shorts (no, please!) and a T-shirt. It's not how it works—if you dress like a tourist, you'll be treated like a tourist, that's obvious. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations, that's true, but your first date with Asian beauty is not the right place to look like a typical American tourist.
  • Be respectful with a Thai lady (and show that you respect her culture). Their culture, relationship etiquette, and family life are all about respect—so it would be great if you accept it.
  • Don't rush and expect sex on the first date. Just don't! If you're going to Thailand to find a one-night stand, it's not a problem—but you shouldn't expect to get laid on the very first date with a potential bride-to-be.
  • No PDA. Just forget about public kisses and hugs—in Thailand, it's considered rude.
  • A chaperone is a real thing in Thailand—be ready. In this context, a chaperone is a close friend or even a relative of a Thai wife whom she will... bring with her on the first date. Sometimes even on the second one. Yes, this might (and will!) sound crazy, but that's just a part of Thai dating etiquette—this tradition is rooted in history where a single woman couldn't walk around together with a single man without being considered a couple (having a third person around turns the date to a meeting of friends in the eyes of conservative Thai elders).

Myths about Thai girls

Going to meet a Thai woman? Then you've surely heard certain Thailand mail order bride stereotypes. Some of them are positive (but as they say, positive stereotypes are still stereotypes), the others are not. Here, we'll talk about the four common stereotypes about the women you'll meet on dating sites.

Too obedient and traditional

Yes and no. Yes, Thai brides tend to stick to traditional family values irrespective of challenges, they are always traditional and very feminine, and an average Thai woman still thinks that a wedding ceremony, happiness of her future children, and family atmosphere are some of the most important things in a woman's life. But at the same time, we can't say that an average Thai females—especially if we're talking about young ladies—is too obedient. You'll probably notice it on the very first date with your future wife—if she doesn't like something, she'll tell you about it, and if she doesn't want to do something, she will not do it.

Poor (and only want to meet an American to get his money)

Well, yes and no again. Yes—because, to be fair, most women you'll meet on Thai mail order bride dating sites are not that rich. The average annual salary in this country is lower than $35,000, which is not that high, taking into account the prices. But it's also not true because money isn't the main and the only reason for these women to seek a foreign partner. They simply think American men make better husbands, that's all!

"Sex capital"

Let's be honest, Thailand has a certain reputation, especially among American men in their 40s-50s. The point is: it's still partially true. Illegal prostitution is still happening in some Thailand areas, but isn't it how it works in the absolute majority of the countries? You can find a prostitute in Paris, in Moscow, in Kyiv, in Berlin, and even in Dakka (capital of Bangladesh, a Muslim-populated country). But does it automatically mean that Thailand (or any of the countries we've listed before) should be called a "sex capital"? Or, let's take a more relatable example: does the fact 70,000-80,000 people are arrested for prostitution every year in the US alone make the US a "sex capital"? Of course, it doesn't.

Already have kids

"Thai females who want to find a foreign man already have at least one child," some men say. Well, this can be partially true because it's possible to meet a Thai woman with kids—but it's certainly not a rule. Thai mother's mean age at birth is 23 years old—same as for Ukraine, Vietnam, and Turkey. What's more, only 1 out of 8 K-1 new visa holders from Thailand in 2020 had kids—so this stereotype is certainly far from reality.

Where to find a Thai mail order bride?

pretty thai bride in love

Wonder where to find mail order brides from Thailand? The answer is simple: you can do it offline and online. Let's talk about these two options.

Visit this country and find a Thai woman

The main problem of offline dating is the price. The man's budget tour for 1-2 weeks in Thailand might be as high as $1,500-$3,000. Just bear in mind that there are no guarantees that you'll find the right woman during your 1-2 week trip, so the chances are quite high that this whole journey will be a waste of money. It's also quite difficult to pick Thai ladies on the streets—they are very friendly and open to foreigners, but this doesn't mean they will gladly go on a date with you.

Use a Thai mail order bride website

Getting Thai wives online looks like a much better option for those who want to find a Thai wife. Yes, it's usually not free (free services are not worth your time in 100% of cases), but the price of a monthly premium subscription to a dating platform is still much better than the price of a 1-week trip to Thailand ($100-$150 vs. $1,500). Online dating isn't just convenient and fast—it's also a great choice for those who want to save money and reduce the total bride price.

How to find a good site?

Well, writing a full guide would take ages. The good website must be safe, the ladies must be real at this site, and it must be paid. Price is a filter — cheap or free dating services don’t usually provide a high-quality experience. Safety and anti-scam policies are extremely important, so you’ll have to check everything out twice before you start using a dating site.


How much does a Thai bride cost?

To get a Thai wife mail order, you'll need to find a Thailand wife online first (this will cost you around $100 per month) and to meet her in her country ($1,500 for one week, including tickets). After that, you will have to pay for the wedding ($5,000-$10,000). Getting your bride a K-1 visa will cost around $2,000.

Are Thai women for marriage loyal to their husbands?

If you're going to put effort into finding a wife in Thailand, here's what you have to know: these women are very loyal, despite the statistics. According to several surveys, the level of infidelity is very high in Thailand, but not because of women. It's men who cheat in this country—and such traditions as "mia noi" ("minor wife") are still alive and well.

What to give to a Thai bride as a gift?

Anything from a bag of fruits to jewelry, from her favorite perfume to a bouquet. Just make sure that the perfume you're going to buy is really her favorite one and that the bouquet doesn't consist of white lilies or white roses (red and pink will work great for any Thai lady for marriage).

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