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Thai brides

Discover Thai mail order brides

asian girl
Agun Anatapong
Thailand, Bangkok

Looking for a decent man for a serious relationship and a family.

About me:

I am a cheerful and energetic woman with a delicate nature. I take family relationships very seriously and plan to create a loving family with a kind and responsible man. A few words about myself: I love rhythmic music and play well beach volleyball. I speak English and French well.

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Thai brides
Thai brides
Sat Aug 17 2019 10:34:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Find Thousands Of Beautiful Thai Mail Order Brides Right Here!

Thousands of men from the West date and marry women from Thailand every year. Thailand is one of the most popular countries for finding asian brides, along with Russia, Ukraine, and Latin America.

And, well, it’s quite common. The brides from all these countries differ from the American and Western European ladies. They are feminine, they are focused on creating a family and on homemaking, they accept traditional gender roles, and they are great mothers and wives.

Pretty Thai woman

But, let’s be honest: we can say the same about all ladies from all popular mail bride countries. When it comes to the women from Thailand, it’s all about the details — these ladies different. We are sure that you have a right to know about these differences and about all these details. You can’t just marry a nice Thai girl without knowing everything about her, right?

Here’s a piece of good news — our experts are ready to help. They’ll describe all the positive features and character traits of real Thai women, and they’ll answer all your questions about these ladies. Oh, and they’ll also debunk the most common myths about woman of Thailand!

Why Thai brides? What to know about them?

There are several questions almost all foreign bride seekers have. Like, why a nice Thai girl starts looking for a husband abroad? Why are the Thailand girls so popular in the USA, in the UK, and in some other Western countries? How to get a girl in Thailand?

>We are sure that you have such questions, too. Here, you’ll find all the answers — so continue reading and find out everything about beautiful Thailand girls! </p

Why Thai women are they looking for partners abroad?

It’s a very, very popular question. Why would a beautiful Thai brides start looking for a foreign husband?

It’s very simple, actually, and there are no pitfalls here. There are two main reasons why beautiful Thai girls start looking for a foreign husband. The first one is economical.

Pretty Thailand girls making massage

We’re talking about the level of life in Thailand. It’s not the poorest country in the world, of course — but the level of life is still quite low here. Especially when compared to the level of life in the USA or in the UK. Of course, the ladies of Thailand want their future kids to live in a first-world country with a high quality of medical care and education. But of course, it’s not the only reason.

Second reason is the western men themselves. We don’t want to say anything bad about Thai men here, of course. But the truth is: western men look better, they have nice hairstyles, they are fit and they know how to look stylish. Not to mention their character traits - like, the guys from the USA do definitely know how to attract women and how to enjoy life. So of course, Thai girls for marriage prefer western men!

Well, because the girls from Thailand are gorgeous. We can safely say that there are 4 reasons why thousands of men prefer women of Thailand — and if you want to know more about these reasons, here they are.


At first, the girls from Thailand are extremely beautiful and hot. It's hard to miss a Thai woman — they have a perfect complexion, nice Asian faces, tanned smooth skin, beautiful dark hair... Even if you don't find Asian women very attractive, Thai ladies are something different.

Traditions and family

"Family-oriented". This word is one of the most popular words when it comes to the girls in Thailand. The thing is, all the Thai mail order brides want to find a husband and to create a strong family. They don't want to find a guy just to date him, and they are not looking for one-night stands. These women believe that family is the most important thing in every woman's life.


Thailand women don't have any problems with the traditional gender roles — she's the wife, the mother, and the housekeeper, while you are the protector and breadwinner. They are not like western women who are focused on career success and gender equality.

Confidence and ambitions

But despite they are feminine, they are also confident, brave and ambitious. They adapt to the western lifestyle easily, and they don't have any problems with both making friends and working in the office. It's all about balance, right? And women of Thailand keep this balance between being humble and confident perfectly.

Myths and stereotypes about Thai girls : let’s debunk them

The only bad thing about mail order brides is the stereotypes. Unfortunately, thousands of men and women in the USA still think that the mail order brides are gold-diggers, that the main reason for them to find an American husband is a Green Card.

Playful Thai bride

Here, you’ll find 7 debunked myths about Thai mail brides — so if you want to know the truth, just continue reading!

Money is the top priority for them

It’s probably the most common stereotype about all mail brides, not just about Thai women. It sounds like this: “they all are gold-diggers, and they only need your money”.

Well, no. An average Thai mail order bride is looking for a man who’ll love and respect her; for a man, who’ll be a good husband and a great father for their future kids. They aren’t looking for rich men who’ll provide them while they’ll sit at home, no. They are looking for lifetime partners and for real love.

They need one-night stands

They are brides, not bar girls. Yes, all those go-go bars are very popular in this country, but the women who work there are not the women who create profiles at international dating websites. Mail order brides are looking for husbands, they want to create families and to raise children, not to find a guy for one night. If you want to get a Thai girlfriend, you’ll have to avoid one-night stands, that’s how it works here.

Thai women for marriage are looking for Green Card only

And again, no. As we’ve said, the level of life is much higher in the USA — but it's just a pleasant addition, not the main reason why Thai singles are looking for husbands abroad.

They are submissive and sheepish

Thai wives are not submissive. They aren't loud and obnoxious, but it doesn't mean that one should call them "sheepish". They are independent, they are strong, and they are confident — so no, the word "submissive" is definitely not the right word here.

You can buy a Thai girl

You don’t buy a Thai woman. You talk to her, you attract her, and if you both fall in love, you marry and create a strong family. But there are no Thai singles for sale, and you can’t just pay and get a Thai girlfriend. Human trafficking is forbidden, remember?

Age gap is inappropriate for Thai women

An age gap, even if it's a large age gap, isn't a problem for Thailand girls. It’s all about their culture. It might be weird if a 30-year-old woman dating a 50-year-old man in the USA, but it isn’t a problem in Thailand.

Cultural and language barriers are too big

Yes, Thai girls are different. But they are not too different! Thai society is a patriarchal society, their culture is different, as well as their language, of course — but there are thousands of success stories from happy Western men, so we can safely say that neither cultural nor language barriers will prevent you from finding your ideal Thailand woman!

Where to find a Thai woman?

Alright, Thai women are gorgeous. But how to get a girl in Thailand?

Visit this country and find a Thailand woman

It’s the most obvious option. You want to find a woman, you go to the country and find her. But of course, it’s not so simple.

There are two main problems here. The first problem is a high cost — because you’ll have to spend at least two weeks in Thailand to meet several women and to choose your future wife. It’s quite expensive — and the problem is that the result isn’t guaranteed.

Like, no one can guarantee that you will travel there and find a Thailand woman. You’ll find a one-night stand, that’s 100%. But if you want to find a wife, it would be much wiser to use the mail order bride website.

Use an online dating website

Such websites have been connecting people for years, and they are the best choice for every man who wants to find a Thai lady. The only problem here is: you’ll have to choose the good website. How to do it?

How to find a good site?

Well, writing a full guide would take ages. The good website must be safe, the ladies must be real at this site, and it must be paid. Price is a filter — cheap or free dating services don’t usually provide a high-quality experience. Safety and anti-scam policies are extremely important, so you’ll have to check everything out twice before you start using a dating site.

How can we help you?

But the good news is: we have already found the best websites with Thai brides for you. Only the safest, the most trustworthy and the best international dating services are already here — so don’t waste your time and find your future wife right now!