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Thai Bride Cost 

Just in 2019, the US granted 855 Fiance(e) visas to Thai people. As you can see, Thai brides are in high demand among American men. Thai women are also popular among Canadian, British, and Australian men. If you are interested in getting a Thai wife for yourself, this article is right for you.

How much does it cost to marry a Thai girl?

Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to marry a Thai woman? How much are Thai brides in general? It is important as Thai mail order brides expect men to cover the expenses related to dating and marriage.

Before you decide to date a Thai girl, take into account that you will have to cover expenses related to:

  1. Mail-order bride services
  2. First offline dates that will include a trip from your country to her, stay at a hotel, dinner at a restaurant, etc
  3. Visa and travel expenses for a Thai bride (if you want to bring your lady to your home country, of course)
  4. Marriage expenses

Let’s look in detail at some expenses and how they vary from country to country.

beautiful thai girl on the beach

Thai mail-order bride site services

It is best to search for a Thai woman for marriage on Asian mail order bride sites. These sites provide the following services:

  1. Search tool and matchmaking to narrow the list of Thai women
  2. Communication with Thai girls (texting, emailing, phone, video calls, CamShare, etc.)
  3. Gifts and flowers delivery (a great way to impress a Thai girl)
  4. Translation services
  5. Romance tours (visiting girls in certain countries in person)
  6. Customer support (technical issues as well as advising on online dating)

Different sites have different pricing. Some offer monthly memberships, others use credit system. Types of membership, depending on the array of services envisaged, vary between 60-600 USD.

The 100 credits, which usually can last for one or a couple of months, will cost you around 400 USD. These are the expenses you need to budget for talking with a Thai girl.

Financial benefits of using online dating

How much does a Thai woman cost? It can vary depending on fixed and flexible expenses. And one of the variable expenses is the price for dating online. On specialized dating platforms, you may pay for subscriptions, communication services, real-life deliveries, and other features that the site may offer. But in most cases, the costs are reasonable and quite affordable. However, the price of a Thai wife for sale strongly depends on the particular platform you join.

These best dating sites are worth your attention:

  1. EasternHoneys
  2. AsiaMe
  3. AsianMelodies
pretty thai woman at the ocean

If you compare, the cost of credits (the virtual currency used on such sites) starts at $2.99 per 20 credits, it wouldn’t even be enough to get to your IRL date. The biggest financial benefits are not spending a dime on going out, buying new clothes to look good, and little things like transportation, flowers, and gifts that tend to add up. Well, you can still organize a surprise for your foreign girl, but it’s usually much cheaper than in your local region.

Free online dating and paid online dating

As online dating has evolved over the years, we can now buy a bride from Thailand through international and specialized dating sites. But even though we have a wide selection of websites to choose from, it is not making the process easier. Variety might be overwhelming, and it’s hard to understand where it is safe to get a Thai girlfriend for sale and where it is not.

In this section, we want to show you the difference between free and paid or partly-paid dating sites and explain why you should opt for a platform where you can find Thailand girls for sale price!

Fee-based dating sites

As the name suggests, fee-based dating sites, also known as paid dating platforms, require payment for the services they provide. Users are typically getting a fee for communication services, advanced features, and also there is an additional cost for Premium membership. 

The cost you pay makes it more expensive to buy wife from Thailand. But it allows such sites to provide exceptional online dating quality and a wide variety of services, as they have money to fund the development and future improvement of the service. 

However, we also should mention that not everything is pay-to-use on fee-based sites. There tend to be a bunch of services, trial periods, and bonuses for new members to test out the website.

Free dating sites

There are many sites that position themselves as free services. They don’t have a Thai bride price list and claim to be absolutely free. But let’s be realistic: online dating is a business, and no one will work for free. 

The only benefit of such sites is that you are not spending on a platform. But there is a higher risk of scammers, as they like freebies as well. And you can also be tricked into thinking that the site is free, but then get a fee of thousands of dollars for the services you use.

So, be aware that choosing to date on free sites comes with many risks, and it’s more reasonable to pay an affordable fee and be sure of high quality and safety.

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What is the Thailand bride price?

Sin sot—this is what a bride price is called in Thailand. But Sin sot is a price in cash, but a husband-to-be is also required to pay ‘Tongmun’, additional payment in gold and jewelry. Most families expect the potential husband of their beloved daughter to compensate for her leave from the family. Usually, in Thailand, the bride price is between 100,000–300,000 Baht, which is equivalent to around 2,900-8,900 USD. Note that since you are a foreigner, the girl's family may demand a higher price from you.

Thai bride price for the USA

How much would a Thai bride cost for an American citizen? Consider these expenses for an offline date. 

  • Travel visa for trips to Thailand less than 30 days, Americans do not need a visa, so here you will not spend even a cent.
  • Flights. A round trip to New York-Bangkok would cost you at least 750-1400 USD.
  • Accommodation. Three nights (this should be enough for a short visit) in a standard hotel in Bangkok will cost you around 30-60 USD.
  • Food. A meal for two in a restaurant in Bangkok will be around 14 USD. It is pretty cheap.

Once you realize that the Thai girl you found is the one, you will need to bring her to the US to get married. Consider such expenses as:

  • Flight Around 370-650 USD one-way trip from Bangkok to New York
  • Fiancé(e) or Spouse of a US citizen visa and related expenses. A K-1 visa will cost you 265 USD, plus do not forget about the fee to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services that is 585 USD.

Thus, in total, including mail-order bride sites services for a couple of months and Thailand bride price, an American man will spend around 6,000-10,000 USD. This is how much it costs to marry a Thai woman.

Thai bride cost Canada

If you are going on a date with a Thai girl in Bangkok, be ready to spend some dollars on:

  • Travel visa. Canadians can receive a 30-day travel visa upon arrival in Thailand. It will cost around 37 USD (50 CAD).
  • Flights. A round trip Toronto-Calgary will cost you 1,100-1,400 USD (1,400-1,800 CAD). 
  • Accommodation and food (check pricing in the US section).

There is no such thing as a fiancé visa to Canada, so your Thai bride will have to file for an immigration visa before coming to Canada and marrying you. For that, you need to save a couple of hundred dollars. Also, consider that a one-way flight from Bangkok to Toronto will be around 450-770 USD.

All in all, a Canadian citizen will spend around 8,500-13,000 USD (10,900-16,000 CAD).

Thai bride cost the UK

What is the Thai bride cost in the UK? For an offline date, you should budget:

  • Flight tickets. Round trip London-Bangkok 490-900 USD (365-670 GBP). 
  • Accommodation and food (see expenses in the USA section).

Note that British passport holders do not need a visa to enter Thailand for 30 days.

Regarding bringing your Thai bride to the UK, budget around 300-400 USD (225-300 GBP) to come to London, and 2,039 USD (1,523 GBP) for the UK finance visa application.

So how much is a Thai bride UK in total? That's around 8,500-10,000 USD (6.350-7.470 GBP).

Thai bride price Australia

If you want to go on an offline date with a Thai girl be ready for such expenses:

  • Flights. A round trip to Sydney-Bangkok is around 600 USD (830 AUD). 
  • Accommodation and outing (check the pricing in the USA section).

You do not need to budget expenses for a tourist visa to Thailand, as Australians are exempt from it for 15/30 days, depending on how they enter the country.

When you decide to bring a Thai woman to Australia, plan for such expenses:

In total, to get a Thai bride for an Australian man will cost around 17,000-20,000 USD (23.500-27,700 AUD)


Depending on the country you come from, a Thai bride will cost is between 6,000-20,000 USD. It may seem a lot, but if you compare your expenses during a traditional dating period, it’s almost the same.

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